Team FreeK’s Vitamin leaked, opening the valves of piracy on the PS Vita


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  1. RemiXound says:

    Link gone, no fun allowed.

    • someone says:

      The link is not gone, visit reddit and the common vita places and you will find it. i wont post it.

    • Jack Attack says:

      Fun? This just cost us a properly finished tool because some idiot couldn’t hold their gob and wanted notoriety no one is giving or cares about.

      This hurts us in the long run. I’d love to dump my carts to keep my collection all together digitally but now all we have is an incomplete tool that doesn’t get the job done like it could have.

      Congrats to the loser that leaked it and those that spread it. You cost us dearly.

  2. Breaku says:

    I have no idea how people can pick such terrible testers. Regardless, it isn’t enough to get me off TN-V. Hopefully Flow re-assesses his friendships instead of punishing everyone in the scene, but we’ve seen how this goes before many times. Oh well…

  3. -.- says:

    “Vitamin is clearly to bypass DRM protections” and the psp cfw’s you currently host don’t? you may as well remove them too.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks, this is a good point, and I think I need to answer that.

      There two major differences here which is where I draw the line:
      1) PSP CFWs do not have for only goal to bypass DRMs. As a matter of fact, one of theeir main goals is to enable homebrews, just like HENkaku
      2) Piracy was available on the PSP way before my site existed. Although this is no excuse, there is clearly a difference in impact when we published CFWs on the PSP in 2010, 5 years after piracy had been made available on the device, versus here, a mere day after the release. In 5 years, I might feel it will ok to share links to Vitamin, who knows.

  4. SimpleFlyTrapper says:

    Now you have to learn Mandarin to get an updated version

  5. 4c1d3uRn says:

    found the path “ux0:plugins/game.txt” in vitamine.
    plugins are real !!!

    • FreePlay says:

      Don’t think so. It looks like it hooks into the PSPEMU for some stuff, and then loads a plugin in the PSPEMU that does some decryption work.

  6. Thetechdoc says:

    Our day has finally come! Sad that it was leaked but holy *** I called it that major tom was working on vitamin ! I freaking called it yesterday, hopefully we will see an update or at very least another tool will be released once they figure out how this one works

    • need2burn says:

      Are you from TiZ?

      • TheTechDoc says:

        sure am, sup man! haha

        • need2burn says:

          Lol, enjoying the release, albeit not happy how it went down.

          • TheTechDoc says:

            Same here man, Im annoyed that people couldnt wait a little while longer and get a full release, ive been all over the Reddit pages and it looks like some people are getting corrupted memory cards and like 12 games are confirmed working, I would have happily waited a while longer and got a proper release, ah well, maybe other tools will spawn cus of this one

  7. Danny says:

    I sure hope the China dumpers had their own tools for dumping and weren’t part of the Vitamin testing group. At least then we can get a proper release from them.

  8. Elratauru says:

    Sigh… Leaks. Why is it that people leak stuff before proper releases. It sucks, because now because of this *** we arent gonna get proper dumping tools for months until some random chinese guy decides to release their tool probably. We dont even know if those dumps out there are correct/verified or not.

    I love the work that these guys put on the scene, and its amazing how people can be this selffish. Nothing was gonna change after all, playing a game you dont own before or a few days after.

  9. zoob says:

    “TheFloW has stated he will not be working on Vitamin anymore given the circumstances of the leak, and will not make a proper release.”
    How pathetic. The scene is full of drama babies, it’s almost embarrassing. He’s throwing the work in the toilet because he didn’t get the glorious release he’d hoped for?

    “Join us now and share the software;
    You’ll be free, hackers, you’ll be free.”

  10. T Dawg says:

    I am actually quite surprised no one here or anywhere on the forums asked for the source. I understand it is a leak and a proper release would’ve contain source code, but I’m kinda curious in how it is done. It’d be real awesome if venerable team would do at least a partial (in whatever state it was at the time of leak) source release instead of just leaving the scene.

  11. cyberangel22k says:

    Now it makes sense why Major_Tom suddenly left the scene…

  12. dyay-em says:

    Hmmm so is this the reason major tom left the scene?

  13. Jim Carrey says:

    Leakers ruin everything

  14. Almeric says:

    This is very interesting from Wololo, I follow this blog from a long time and it is funny that Wololo says that he do not condone with “illegal backups” whilst he has access to the tool that can dump the games and confirmed also that is the real thing. My question is why not allowing people to share the tool and use it the same way that someone shared with you? I do not want to be critical just thinking why I cannot use the tool also.

    • f4 says:

      Wololo won’t host Vitamin because he doesn’t want his website taken down. It’s still available (and easy to find.) A big site like Reddit can afford an army of lawyers, and I’m guessing Wololo can’t.

  15. vitabavkfromrip says:


  16. paodowz says:

    Its kinda sad i was full of excitement for the past few days and now he abandoned us T_T

  17. El cagon says:

    What’s the best way to get a vita on 3.60? Or is it possible to get one below 3.60 and update it to 3.60?

  18. soneco says:

    aaaaaa : < delay

  19. Frank says:

    I had chance to test the dumper from somewhere else. I backuped my Need For Speed Most Wanted cartridge with success and resinstalled it with success. I intend to use this only for my personnal backups so I don’t have to keep my cartridges with me everytime. The programmers did a very good job. It’s sad that it must have ended like this.

  20. Crayoticgames says:

    This is depressing. Why is it that someone always has to mess things up and the people that respect, wait, and don’t complain about things always end up suffering for it? Now because of you (the leaker) we have lost one of the best devs the vita scene has ever seen. Yeah, vitamin is a big deal, but it’s not the “bigger picture here” be patient and wait like everyone else or make your own damn programs. The flow, Tom , my gas, thank you guys. For everything. I respect your work and your choices, but I hope you guys don’t let this *** discourage you from your interests and passions of exploring the unknown. There are people that appreciate what you do and I hope you guys will finish this thing and make a proper release as I won’t be using it otherwise. Thank you guys.

  21. Crayoticgames says:

    Dude did I just post with your account?*** happened?

  22. solidsnake says:

    Meh, the psvita games were not that great anyway.

  23. solidsnake says:

    You can also buy psvita games for a fraction of their original price because no one wants them ha ha

  24. Name says:


  25. Charles Fasano says:

    I just want to be able to dump my purchased PSP and PSOne Games so I can play them on the Vita. The ones that Sony for some reason won’t let you play.

    This tool would kill Cobra Blackfin’s profits.

    Is there any way to take my purchased PSP/PSOne games from TN-V and have them load from the PS Vita Menu?

  26. GoVitaGo says:

    who’s that idiot who leaked this.. curse him

  27. Datright says:

    I guess know we know the “real” reason why Major_Tom left the scene. Thank you for your and Team Freek’s hard work.

  28. love free game says:

    finally free ps vita games naw gotta fined website where the share pirate games

  29. skyler says:

    i just wanna play some psp backups

  30. GG says:


  31. intmax says:

    The Chinese hacker was a little bit unhappy about the leak of the game “htoL#NiQ”. Initially, the game was only supposed to share with a bunch of people in a chat room. The hacker himself/herself stated very clearly “no release please”. Well you all know that this game was made public again by someone. Of course the hacker shouldn’t have released it to a chat room in the first place. Now it is unclear whether he/she would continue the work given the crazy situation after vitamin release.

  32. gunblade says:

    Cool. Thks for the work devs.

  33. need2burn says:

    TheFlow announces he will make an official release!

  34. NakedFaerie says:

    Good to hear they will release a good copy. They dont want to leave us with a beta release. Might as well release it like they would’ve anyway.

  35. dyay-em says:

    Eventually it is bound to happen.

    You can’t open the door expecting only the sunshine to come in, dust and rain will to

  36. dyay-em says:

    Looks like we arw going to see an official release

  37. Guilhas says:

    It sems theflow changed his mind:

    Luckly just got my hands on a 3.60 yesterday. These are gonna be great times.

  38. Fevzi says:

    The FloW postet hour ago on twitter that he will release officilay Vitamin tonight … ( i see a new page on torrent sites )

  1. August 30, 2016

    […] Developer TheFloW, one of the hackers behind the Vita game dumper codenamed Vitamin, announced a few hours ago that he is considering making a proper release of the tool in the hours to come. This announce comes after someone leaked an unfinished version of the tool earlier today. […]