PS vita: more pirated games surface


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  1. FlappyJesus says:


  2. Nomed says:


  3. EnglishIsGod says:

    English is the supreme language. Mandarin is trash compared to English in the business world.

  4. Raul says:

    English and the USA? Not UK? I’m pretty sure no one dreamed of America when english was in use in at least 4 countries (Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England).

    • fmj77 says:

      Except that people were speaking a version of Gaelic in Scotland and Ireland way before English became more common.

  5. Rinkawa says:

    English is also not my mother language, though I think Japanese is the most important language, ahehe.
    But here I am, learned English in school instead.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      While I would agree that Japanese is the better language, it is not the more important one. Japanese won’t get you nearly as far in the business world compared to English. It’s just not a useful language, unless you just like to import from Japan a lot, which is something only serious gamers do.

    • meh says:

      I’m happy to have English as my mother language it’s such a complicated thing to get into from another language, and so is Japanese something I’ve been trying to get into more

      • hardin says:

        English is your “mother language”? I’ve only heard you and Wololo refer to it as such because it’s either “mother tongue” or “first language”.

  6. Arky says:

    2nd, and really does it matter to be 1st or 2nd?

  7. Frank says:

    Oh so maybe French is your language 🙂

    In anyway it’s great thing that we have Henkaku but games piracy is not good.

    I hope that remote play could work with any game of my unpirated PS3 on the vita side but it’s only server side on the PS3.

  8. retme says:

    oh come on, they don’t contact with you just because it’s not necessary…no related to language

    I’m sure that even you know Chinese you’ll still read nothing about the detail of their work,because they didn’t say that.

    • Dada says:

      Wololo is try to creat his own value. He think all hackers must go through his web site to proof their work. The game you talk about was released at last night. Tonight I Just Check their forum. They just released hatsune miku project diva x already.

      • ZeroSbr says:

        No, what wololo is saying is that he cannot say for sure whether or not they really do have a method or not, because he does not know them, and they have not gone into depth as to how their tool works.

      • DayVeeBoi says:

        The value of this website is implicit. It has been at the forefront of sony handheld hacking since before China got internet ffs.

    • wololo says:

      It’s fine if they don’t contact me. But then people shouldn’t start complaining to me when I say that I haven’t been given any proof. It’s one or the other, guys, people can’t have both an entitlement attitude of “we won’t explain anything to Wololo, he has to figure out by himself where to find information about our secret process” and then “Wololo said he can’t verify our work, what a ***” . Am I making sense here?

  9. Wall says:

    Well I guess the vita’s pircry is more then a reality now. When team freek release’s their tools, its gonna be more then just few games. Big titles as well. Looking forward.

  10. KingDingaling says:

    Just throw some pots and pans down the stairs then you will have learned the skills of talking Mandarin. To the chinese hackers…*** and keep leaking. Who cares about e-peen fame??? Just be happy that you are able to get out to the internet and upload.

  11. bob says:

    i can confirm they all work 🙂 and may piracy live on arrrr arrr arrr

  12. webjacky says:

    Wololo, I discovered your blog just recently and I want to congratulate with you for all the hard work and the passion you put on this website. Your side note and the decision to not post any piracy link it’s just another proof of how great is what you’re doing. I will keep following your daily update about the Vita scene, thanks again.

  13. Rafa.357 says:

    very good
    time to buy a PS Vita.

  14. DreamG says:


  15. Ki_dnk says:

    Not first

  16. SimpleFlyTrapper says:

    I think they can’t decrypt games larger than 1gb due to the vita’s limited memory,it would take too long.Team freeks should make a pc tool for a faster decryption.If they can’t,prepeare for a few hours of game decryption

  17. SimpleFlyTrapper says:

    No love for Cobra fin,who said game sharing on vita is only possible through their hardware’s monetary gimmicks

  18. 11770 says:

    Some1 claims to have released vitamin on the game backup reddit for the vita is it legit? (16 minutes ago)

  19. Frank says:

    Screw you, bastards, seriously. You should all just die.

  20. 11770 says:

    also b/c of it team freek mr.gas major tom and the flow have quit. a sad day indeed, humanities greed has outshined the hunt for knowledge.

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