HENkaku updated, brings PSN Access – Now’s the time to install VHBL if you haven’t already


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  1. elveda says:

    i have one question wololo
    when i go to your page with my surface pro then i cant see this news until some hours
    but with my computer i can see this news

  2. xfullmetal17 says:

    From experience… If you transfer a PSPlus game from one PSVita/TV to another with the same account, the license info transfers as well (mainly: the new expiration date). Good for if you have both and only one has the capacity to get that new date.

  3. simbin says:

    I’m conflicted… “download and install a PSP game or Demo from the PSN”… “Yifanlu recommends to not access the PSN on a Henkaku-enabled PS Vita”

  4. 11770 says:

    just a ? why can’t VHBL be installed like everything else on henkaku?

    • 11770 says:

      and also what can we do with vhbl that we cant do with henkaku?

      • Crzo says:

        There are lots of emulators that exist on the PSP that they aren’t acailable on HENkaku, a prominent one is Daedalus64

      • wololo says:

        VHBL runs psp homebrews, so it gives you a bigger library of homebrews, in general

        • VitaNoob says:

          11770 isn’t asking why to install VHBL, but why can’t VHBL be installed through Henkaku – instead of risking it and getting a PSP game.

          • anon says:

            From what I understand we only have the ability to install vita homebrew through vitashell. VHBL is not a vita homebrew, and as such cannot be installed the same way as yet.

            With time, we will be able to install it through Henkaku, but just like how we can’t install psp iso’s and regular psp homebrew through henkaku yet, we can’t install VHBL.

          • hans says:

            because the Vhbl needs a bootable PSP Game and with henkaku we can only create bootable vita games.

  5. demianx says:

    Link to some demo PSP?
    PSN STORE US server.?

  6. abdul85pl says:

    so Henkaku 3 can give you access to psn but we recommend nor to accessing psn with Henkaku enabled psv… the what?
    I’ll stick to qmca & ps3 method.

  7. MonPiniones says:

    How about the offline henkaku thru email. How do we update it? Thanks

  8. dyay-em says:

    I just hope that there be a homebrew where we can just copy and paste to vita.

    Now that will be awesome

  9. ArkBlitz says:

    I’ll have to buy a replacement Vita, as mine broke recently. How do I update it specifically to 3.60, and how do I register it to my account when 3.60 is installed? (I also plan to get me a PSP for ISO support and whatnot)

  10. Ricky D says:

    Does Henkaku work on lower firmwares? I don’t want to lose my TN-V

  11. paodowz says:

    OMG this is so good now hackers wont be able to access anymore on another vita and format memory stick hahaha Good job guys now im feel more safe using this ty

  12. HtheB says:

    Any recommendations for a PSP game (for the EU Store)?
    Cheapest (or a demo)/Low File Size?

  13. Damimav says:

    It’s there a way to unstall Henkaku on 3.61?

  14. melee! says:

    Please, if I update will my exploit game still let me use the vpsp?

  15. test says:

    Are we getting closer to vita CFW?

  16. makak1984 says:

    Let the Ban wave begin…

  17. Alvion says:

    if henkaku use vita shell so why I need vita shell app for i like having to vita shells…

  18. Pottsork21 says:

    I can confirm that the PSN is working for now. just enterd the store and begun downloading all my favorite games and then I will stay away from it

  19. HyperKidd29 says:

    Am I the only person who made an alt account the moment Henkaku was released.

  20. edmike says:

    i dont need this but its good idea people you have to buy another pstv i have 3 pstvs and 1 psvita 1 in the box another one for vhbl on 3.32 and the 3rd one is for henkaku and psvita for henkaku too every thing that come out on 3.60 first i use my psvita after that i use the psvita is cool people you must do like this, this is my advice

    • edmike says:

      i dont need this but its good idea people you have to buy another pstv i have 3 pstvs and 1 psvita 1 in the box another one for vhbl on 3.32 and the 3rd one is for henkaku and psvita for henkaku too every thing that come out on 3.60 first i use my psvita after that i use the pstv is cool people you must do like this, this is my advice

  21. Gino says:

    2 Noob Question:
    1) There is any real PSVITA emulator for PC? coz i find more than 200 website but is all scam\fake for now.
    2) PSVITA games work on PSP ?

    p.s. OT: before you buy\go live in a home,please check if it is anti-hearquake 🙁 no place,no confort or beautiful or price is important than your life 🙁

    • Cypherous says:

      1) No there isn’t a PC emulator for the vita
      2) Not sure what you mean exactly, the PSP itself cannot run Vita games and the ePSP inside the vita also won’t run vita games

    • BenoitRen says:


    • wurstpeter says:

      just buy a vita…

    • Mazzini18 says:

      I feel ya Gino. I’m Italian too. Spero che laggiù la situazione stia migliorando. Per il momento mi trovo negli Stati Uniti. Lontano da casa : /. Proprio il Lazio poi. La mia regione. Interi paesi antichi rasi al suolo : (

  22. bernouilli92 says:

    Waiting for the offline installer to be updated

  23. shikhar says:

    What’s the main purpose of downloading these demos ? Previously i had purchased uno and that sparta game . Which would be useful and for what purpose ? For running psp isos later with tnv using vhbl ?

  24. Kay says:

    What exactly can we do with VHBL, other than custom bubbles? Also, what about the offline installer/email trick for when you restart the vita? Will that be updated too?

  25. wailam says:

    Finally installed VHBL today. I don’t understand the long speech in the video given so I search another one ->http://hackinformer.com/2016/07/29/psvita-pstv-how-to-install-vhbl-bubble-on-fw3-60-with-henkaku-%E5%A4%89%E9%9D%A9/<-
    This one is noob friendly (I really meant noob friendly cause its easy to understand for me.)

  26. VitaNoob says:

    Well need a new video. When trying to connect to my PC, it demands that I update. I of course don’t want to do this, and I’ve updated to the latest version of Henkaku.

    So, even if I did have a PSP game, I can’t get past that part to do the VBHL stuff on the PC.

    The VBHL video says it would be redundant withing week. That doesn’t seem to be true?!

  27. James says:

    If we can access the pkg installer via henkaku, why do we need to access psn/ps store to download a psp demo when we can just download a demo as pkg file and install it thru pkg installer. but then again, i love the new psn access feature.

  28. xelasar says:

    FINALLY I can watch twitch.tv on PS Vita 😀
    YAY <3

  29. Rez says:

    Great! Thanks

  30. Stevenson says:

    can i use now remote play`?

  31. Mustapha says:

    Download wave is comming

  32. Hakan47 says:

    Hi can i play the “modded” psp game after the vhbl process?

  33. Sortiascus says:

    Is it possible to play psp isos with vhbl?

  34. Neph says:

    Well, I’ll be using this for enabling content manager. Maybe there was other way to do so already, but it doesn’t get easier than this.

  35. NNNRT says:

    I got VHBL on 3.61 D:

  36. Ashure says:

    just bought god eater 2 hope i’ll be able to play it and get resurection on psn without updating, thank you xyz and all the team for your efforts <3

  37. eltibusolo says:

    Liberation The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for Henkaku 3.60.

  38. exodus says:

    not looking good ,one of MVP contributor Major_Tom just announced he is leaving the Vita scene D: