PS Vita Piracy: New warez game release originating in China


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  1. Jesse says:

    Keep em coming


    • Yuppers says:

      Buy your games you stingy cheap ***

      • WhoCares says:

        lol why when titles are region locked, and I want a Japan import that’ll never come if Devs don’t want Pirates they should remove Region lock, or give us the choice to buy it in our respective country’s until then I’ll choose to not support the Devs who choose to not support their players

        • Letsnotbearrogant says:

          Sony consoles haven’t been region locked since the first playstation 3/PSP generation. I’m guessing you have other, much less philosophical reasons to do that, don’t you?

        • WeGotAPirateHereAboveMe says:

          So basically your argument is since developers don’t let you play the games you want you’re just going to steal them? Lol, nice logic. You sound like a baby.

  2. Zeroba says:

    Buy the game though. It’s awesome, and you’ll enjoy if much more in English and knowing you paid for it.
    Not many vita games get physical releases anymore I plan on getting this and shovel Knight physical

    • Migg1 says:

      It’s true, the art of vanillaware is always gorgeous and there’s a lot of history, that’s why (even though in my country we are very poor) please buy the game.

  3. drasglaf says:

    News drop little by little, things are really interesting at this point.

  4. Anon says:

    Couldn’t have been a translation company for Odinsphere. I used to work at Atlus, and they do pretty much everything in-house.

    Also, as someone who currently works at a “games services” company, I can tell you the translation department very rarely gets builds of a console game. Worked on over 100 titles, and only ever got 1 console build, which was buggy to the point of being almost unplayable. Translation often happens at the same time as development, too, so the build would be unfinished at best.
    Of course, builds for QA testing are obviously a different story…

    Anyway, I’d be surprised if Odinsphere was a dev build, at least one obtained from the localization side of things. Atlus almost never outsources (and they def. wouldn’t outsource Odinsphere), the people are trustworthy and most, if not all, are long-time employees. Could’ve been an issue on Vanillaware’s end, or a build from a show or something.

    • guisadop says:

      Though I’ve never worked in translating Jap-Eng, I’ve worked translating Eng-Port. and we would never receive builds, too. This sometimes made it difficult to translate because you had no context.

  5. Aurizen says:

    Wonderful. Now we need a CFW and the fun will begin… Hoping the Google Play store gets on the Vita that could be fun.

  6. GoVitaGo says:

    omg.. it’s round the corner .. hold on to ur 3.60 vitas

  7. JR says:

    I have a new God… Its name is HENKAKUUU!! 😉

  8. 01000001011110010111100101001100011011010110000101101111 says:

    I realize this was probably thought of but could it not be possible that the packages stripped of DRM appear similar to debug/devkit headers because that is the only time the vita would actually have them in an unencrypted form that has been seen before?

  9. K says:

    Apparently the guy who’s releasing these “warez” is getting a bit salty because everyone keeps thinking these are dev leaks instead of his work alone, especially Wololo’s writers.

    I hope you don’t make him mad enough to stop him.

    • /u/BlossomNeko says:

      They he should show evidence of his method/tools.

    • wololo says:

      I’m surfacing the opinion from trusted hackers on the scene, based on their analysis on the released files. I’m not implying anything, but I’m working with what I’m given. I’m stating the current status, which is that this is vastly unknown. Other groups have provided me with enough proof that I know they can dump and decrypt games. This specific person hasn’t contacted me so I can’t tell.

      • YukiKaze says:

        You think every hacker should under you management?

      • Anon says:

        Well, then it’s simple to verify his claims. Ask those people who “can dump and decrypt games” to do their magic on the same game as that dude, then compare decrypted eboots to find out whether they are the same (in which case he did decrypt the legit game) or not (in which case it’s a dev build).

  10. Gauban says:

    I did buy this game, almost beat it until I lost it and like 15 other games. Blow it out the water please. Looking forward to more game dumps

  11. Thetechdoc says:

    Ahhh just please someone make an Iso loader or release a decryption tool! This is so good, but english games would be nice haha

  12. Odin says:

    leaked releases point to some debug/devkit compatible build. I want game in english one please..

    • CynicalLlama says:

      Or that the warez releaser only has Japanese games, which I’d believe.

      • Fallenleader says:

        precisely. I would raise a red flag quickly if he suddenly popped out an english release instead of this one. The fact these are Asian releases does further imply that the releaser might actually be telling the truth, or knows a way to decrypt retail using a devkit.

  13. MunchMiller says:

    How about some English / Multi releases?

  14. AH_c says:

    Chineses good.

  15. Mike says:

    So can anyone link a tutorial on how to run this or examples

    • WhoCares says:

      You download both vpk’s provided by the leaker send them both too your PS Vita via FTP, and click “Install VPK” on the (Name)0.vpk then the (Name).vpk in HENkaku, Done.

  16. RiotDX says:

    Now we just need a homebrew solution that can write-protect the trophy data and app history to help protect people using Henkaku!

  17. The X says:

    It is a great time to know japanese, hehehehehehehe.
    Thus, I take this release and enjoy it. Chinese are doing a great job at starting piracy on Vita THE RIGHT WAY!

    • The X says:

      That is despite me having bought the game and taken the platinum trophy on PS3.
      Piracy is just my way of life, so I will never say NO.

  18. meysam25 says:


  19. Josse says:

    I would like to release Soul Sacrifice Delta *o*

  20. Stephens says:

    Someone with more knowledge than me, could you tell me what would be aquivo caption or text of this game ? If anyone knows .

  21. retme says:

    That guy who released the DRM-free game said that he work for a vita game localization company in China. So it’s definitely possible that these two games are all debug version. Anyway the guy still announced that he can decrypt any game….

  22. 11770 says:

    can anyone validate this? its a partial english patch from a youtuber name zsydor

    • froid_san says:

      no need to validate since the release of henkaku we could do games mods from the start like the persona 4 undub. I also tried modding a Japanese demo game and used part of the guide of making an undub of persona 4.

      so you can just extract the cpk of the ps3 game and cpk of this one and grab the English text. but if the vita is broken wide open, you’ll see an English version of this and no need for partial translation of actual localized games and will leave the partial english patch for actual Japanese games

  23. 11770 says:

    also, bindings of isaac Rebirth has also been released and is installable through henkaku search youtube

  24. zer0x says:

    English patch works fine. Play it right now.

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