Playstation Vita Cartridge Dump explained


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  1. bedruu says:


  2. first says:


  3. Kuroko says:

    such a complex work, i love these guys! cheers!!

    (sorry for my english, not naturally)

  4. wrath says:

    First 🙂

  5. 11770 says:

    what does this do?

  6. supergun says:

    great job getting a step closer

  7. Potter says:

    Eagle file

  8. LHairstonX says:

    If we are lucky we may find a way to boost our memory space using cartridges. Henkaku + The right software (after making a homebrew capable of gaining access to the cart reader), and voila 64GB MicroSD cards. (Hopeful Wishing) plus if the games can be properly decrypted then we can make own (not use others) backups XD I’ll start constructing it tonite!

  9. Aelurio says:


  10. Dbzgts says:

    Maybe in future we will have pstv with external usb support to load the game

  11. Mike says:

    Cartridge dump it mean to dump hacked ps vita game file into ur ps vita, a way to get free ps vita games!!!

  12. neoman4426 says:

    This is one of those situations where although I have no clue about anything I just read I still found it fascinating

  13. ANONYMOUS says:

    dumped…………thats old news (aug 10, 2015)
    dump explained……..thats current news (aug 25, 2016)
    decrypted………………………….thats future news (sept 1, 2016) 😉

  14. Koku says:

    HOLY ***, That is A LOOOOOT of work just to dump XD

  15. Chan says:

    Monster Hunter Vita? MH Frontier?

  16. Bum says:

    Oh, my dog! These gys are freaking geouses. How can a person possibly figure this sh– out? I just jizzed my pants reading this stuff. Holy man!!!

  17. IloveThisNew says:

    heck Yes I’d love to see backups made soon my Game Cart slot is damaged so all my Physical Games are useless ATM, and I can’t bother spending the money to fix it because I don’t have the money I barely had the money to buy my PS Vita on a extremely great deal of $98 sooo yeah

  18. Yifan Lu says:

    Very cool project!

  19. Bernouilli92 says:

    If you dump a cartridge this way, do you get the same files contents and the same files as if you dump the content using ftp/henkaku ?

  20. Vitamon GO says:

    Goof to see the progress and works of everyone involved.. cheers.. hoping for a complete Vita game dump playable by this year end. 🙂

  21. dmitry_work says:

    nice, cool, great! 1-st with henkaku now it possible to dump ram, as i understand 😉 now it possible to write to hiden location of memory… So is it possible dump cartridge by psvita!?

  22. csaraiva says:


    Thanks for show us this work. 🙂

  23. hmm says:

    Until they can decrypt the files then the only dump im nterested in involves a toilet

  24. Salar says:


  25. m6mb3rtx says:

    Motoharu’s work is impressive a thorough research on dumping Vita cartrige. I hope it helps to a better understanding of the Vita internals.


  26. Brunolab says:

    So I drilled that hole in the display and farted into it. How do I insert iOS now?

  27. Ticotico says:


  28. FreeMyVita says:

    lol *** they raped that poor Vita and you all just watched it happen. Digital perverts! lol

  29. Reaver goyscript says:

    Excellent graphical electronic samples

  30. Carlos says:

    I believe it’s easier to use molecular shell and any ftp client, look fot the gro0 directory and copy the contents your pc.

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  32. MrSushi says:

    Pfff yeah kill the Vita if you have only this to do in the life; good, bravo…