(not a release) Hackers have now confirmed PS Vita piracy


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  1. Steve Job Last word says:


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  3. Aru says:

    No, not Indonesia this time

  4. Niklas says:

    Wololo, have you personally been able to replicate the techniques described to you? As in, use the information you’ve been given to dump a game off a console, then play it on a console that doesn’t have a license for it (or check whether the eboot’s decrypted), not just run a dump given to you?

    • wololo says:

      I have been provided with software to dump games, but I haven’t tested it yet. Also, I trust some of these sources enough that I haven’t had the need to replicate their findings at this point.

  5. Dirk says:


  6. Franky says:

    This is why I hope the Vita will be opened up soon. This will just be Gateway all over again with a company coming forward and selling a product or service to allow for pirated games to be ran. At least if the Vita’s open to allow anyone with a USB cable and Vita to drag and drop pirated games, a company’s not milking money off of it.

  7. sowhat says:

    This is so disrepectful to not make ways of thinking available to other people.
    These *** wouldn’t have been able to do any of that without the thoughts and methods of other people for free.
    Its either money or having no real life that leads to these pseudo intellectual decisions.


    • wololo says:

      If you’re referring to the fact that these groups aren’t planning to release, maybe you should consider for just a second that it is illegal to release DRM-breaking software in most places of the world. Read the recent message from hykem, and how his work on the IOSU exploit for Wii U practically ruined his career and shattered some of his dreams after some legal action was taken against him.

      • BlackBrain says:

        There’s many way to release stuff anonymously….

        • tjhooker73 says:

          No one will release a method anonymously. That would be stupid. Just a waste of time and resources as someone else takes credit for your work.

          • hmm says:

            You shouldn’t waste ur breath replying to idiots like this they just want everything when they want without caring about anyone else or their consequences.

          • andoryuu3 says:

            Actually it would be pretty smart. If they achieve true anonymity in the release and someone else takes the credit, that “someone else” stupid enough to claim credit might also get the legal battles that come with it.

            It’s not “internet fame” when Sony is involved.

          • Jesse says:

            The Three Musketeers were anonymous.

      • MooMooMan says:

        Not Dark_Alex, but I still have something to say. The people who break DRM can easily release the software anonymously in a way that does not reveal who made it. But nobody would do that, because we all like to be in the spotlight huh? We all like to put our names on the stuff we make.
        At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. If several people have already broken DRM, it’s only a matter of time that a more generous soul does the same and actually releases it.

        And honestly, piracy on the Vita is a bad idea anyway. Memory cards are so expensive, you’d be better off just buying the damn thing. But whatever, my point is still valid. If these guys don’t release it, someone else will.

    • Corey Trevor says:

      First off… are you trying to pass off that your Dark_Alex? Just stop. Do you know these groups or know how the scene truly works? Being that one of these are a legit group of hackers, the games will come out. There was nothing about money in Wololo’s article. Nothing’s been released so nothing to credit. What is wrong with you interwebz asshats lately. Just *** and watch the scene. Enjoy the fruition of these hacks and calm your SJW keyboard mentality.
      P.S. Bet you are one of jerkoff regulars that has to open your mouth at GBATemp. SMDH

  8. Gazra says:

    It was only a matter of time after all.

    Piracy is generally always a outcome of a hack or modification to allow home brew.

    It’s not like anyone will care anymore Sony stopped supporting the console and there is not really any games being released anymore besides indie games.

    • Anyone says:

      Excuse me? They’re some AAA Japanese games like God eater world of final fantasy, attack on titan trails of cold steel 2 hatsune miku project diva x and lots more are coming to vita. People like you are why the vita failed in the west only care about stupid western AAA games lol!

  9. z2 says:

    Nooooooooo!!! Piracy will kill the vita….oh wait.

  10. lol says:

    *Waits for all the stupid comments about how it will doom the vita* lol

  11. holofonoro says:

    Time to buy a 32GB Memory Card.

  12. pulmoes says:


  13. bovinebuddy says:

    Truly an amazing scene at this moment

  14. slashmegaman says:

    An iso loader realeas would for sure dominate the scene (^_^)

  15. Dirk says:

    Piracy definitely is a matter of choice, like wololo said. However, if suddenly thousands of people jump onto the piracy train, there will be grave consequences for Vita development. It’s not dead after all… until now.

  16. ZeroX504 says:

    These people thinking that piracy will kill any video game console are just crazy.(Xbox360, PS3, PSP, 3DS) Is it the right thing to do? That’s a different story.

    • TheWhiteTyger says:

      Is it right for the same company to run pirated software for a different branch of the company? $ony has already been caught several times pirating other companies software to further their own profits. Why is it so important for end users to not pirate their software when they themselves pirate software? SonyBMG is brought to mind when they pirated software to finish and publish music. I guess it’s ok for them to pirate because they have the money to buy out the company in which they pirated, but since many end-users can’t buy out $ony to shut them up, we get blamed.

  17. TheWhiteTyger says:

    What is the difference between game piracy and OS hacks/internal software piracy? If you even slightly modify any part of a gaming console’s software to run any type of homebrew, according to the gaming console company that produces these systems, you are already pirating by modifying existing software. There is no gray area to try to take a stance on against piracy in any way, shape, form or fashion if one uses existing code (Console OS) to enable homebrew, then you are automatically pirating and already violating any copyright the company holds. Can someone explain the difference between software that enables homebrews via modifying code to run so-called “malicious code” and the copying of a commercial “dump” of a game? I don’t see a difference at all.

    • FreePlay says:


      Anything you can say to justify pirating games, huh.

      • TheWhiteTyger says:

        Anything that can be said to allot yourself to paying a company that steals just as much as you do. Throw your money away and make sure that it goes to some company that doesn’t give a *** about your rights as a end user, which has been deemed that you should be able to make backup of your own games, but they throw encryption your way to try to discourage this practice. Whatever it takes for you to be able to get sleep at night, thinking you are doing the “right thing” while they rape you behind your back. People like you allow companies like $ony to continue their unethical practices while money is thrown their way.

      • Dillweed says:

        Piracy is piracy after all.

  18. Cant waittt, please release i will try to donate 500 bucks….:)

  19. Mabizle says:

    all i want is to dump all my ps2 discs into files compatible with the vita.

    • Gamr13 says:

      I highly doubt this will ever happen for the Vita. Unless by some miracle they do it. Other than that I really doubt it’s gonna happen..

  20. meysam25 says:

    i need more information wololo 🙁

  21. DoniStunts says:

    What do we have to lose at this point, the only games being released are some japanese games that I personally dont like but some people do, I’m not much into PSvita games, I would be happy for PSX and PSP emu, thats it, but big thanks to anyone who has worked with hacking the vita at this point, true heros and we cant thank them enough, beacuse they did all this for us and free.

  22. Marcelo says:


  23. Jack Attack says:

    I always welcome piracy. ESPECIALLY for digital only games. Without it, consumers have ABSOLUTELY NO RECOURSE when the companies shut down. Imagine having a Sega account in the 90s and them folding and not being able to secure licensing for all the digital games they sold…

    Nope. Until Digital Rights becomes a TWO WAY STREET, piracy is absolutely necessary. Either companies stop using terms like “buy and purchase” on storefronts and replace them with lease or rent, consumers have ownership over what they buy and that ownership entitles perpetual usage, regardless of what illegal terms and EULAs companies try to shove down our throats.

    I mean, it’s not like having fair rights for consumers would make us stop buying the same game over and over again when a new platform comes out.

    So yay for piracy on an abandoned platform. Preservation is a must. We already lost too many Arcade games forever due to hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

  24. jedediah says:

    off topic
    is there any other way to transfer vpk files to vita besides fdtp?

  25. quo says:

    I’d be happy if I can just buy cheap 3rd party vita cards. Their prices are ridiculous.

  26. Brunolab says:

    This will make babys starve in germany

  27. Smoker1 says:

    I am just hoping that someone might be able to do a HBMAME for Vita, 3DS or Android

  28. pat says:

    show us!

  29. god bless hackers arrr arrr

  30. TheWhiteTyger says:

    Really? there were over 60+ comments on this article alone, and suddenly was reduced to 4 comments, that is censorship and wololo.net no longer deserves support from the end-users. I advise people to move to another source which doesn’t censor like big corporations ($ony maybe?). People should be free to share their thoughts and when those comments are simply deleted, that is unfair and averse to those that wish to have their thoughts commented on or shared. Shame on those that “delete” peoples thoughts and simply ignore true conversations. This is no longer a place to have ideas being shared, but only when those thoughts adhere to a specific group. (or company) My respect has been lost and i encourage those that read this to move away from a place that censors free thoughts and ideas in lieu of trying to appeal to the gaming companies that try to censor said web sites. Eurasia(dot)net at least doesn’t withhold information from anyone regardless of what it is.

    • TheWhiteTyger says:

      My fault, this somehow was an oversight on my part. i kept refreshing the page only to have only 4 comments, and suddenly after this post was made and posted, more than 90+ comments were shown afterwards, I do apologize and i take full responsibility for my comments, please forgive me and please delete my previous statement. This was not my intention if the comments were not deleted.

    • asf says:

      It’s just a poorly implemented caching policy that sometimes displays an older version of the page with little comments.

  31. releasehax says:

    cmon wololo show us the method! 🙂

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  33. andoryuu3 says:

    Oh great, watch those 64GB cards skyrocket in price… Glad I got mine ahead of time.

  34. Ken Arromdee says:

    What I don’t get is that the people who oppose piracy almost always support emulation. We all know that 95% of the time, emulation is being used to run pirated ROMs. (And sometimes the piracy is even for an obsolete system just like the emulation is, for instance, people who want a PSP loader on Vita.)

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  36. Alvion says:

    this make me remember that my 32 gb memory car is dead and if this get realease i be like rolandito in Puerto Rico never to be found trying to find a cheap memory card~

  37. jamski says:

    …hmm so I guess 64gb memory cards would soon become saleable 🙂

  38. Alvion says:

    btw were is TN-V or ARK for henkaku is should be easy by now to find a kernel exploit and make a bubble if not what are the chance of this to happend?

  39. Migg1 says:

    Wow, so much progress and it’s not even a month since HENkaku, but I just want TN-V back…