(not a release) Hackers have now confirmed PS Vita piracy


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  1. WongHoe says:

    Raise the psvita prize and pay for game developers,
    Allow open source. 50% income from psvita sell and 50% from those who bought the games = 100% income for game developers. Happy customers happy seller happy wololo.

  2. percy says:

    vita is already dead so now is the perfect time to pirate games. go go hackers! 🙂

  3. Gauban says:

    From what I read. The eboot.bin becomes decrypted when the psvita runs the game. Wonder if there is some kind of software to read the cartridge as the vita plays it. Or maybe an app that runs in the background on psvita that can capture the eboot.bin as it is being played.

  4. aramaru says:

    Hmm, interesting.
    Though I don’t think this will damage Vita scene/system as some people fear, I’d rather see more progress in porting not available games or allow some mixing of multi region games with multi region dlc’s as currently it’s faultry and it’s very annoying to have U.S region game on JP region store with no dlc’s working. As for impact, i think it may boost Vita sales and revitalize Vita enviroment. Piracy occurs commonly in PC gaming community yet it still thrives. Game companies like CD Projekt Red can even sell their games with no DRM (witcher on GOG) yet they still sell… If by any miracle all these indie companies and all that’s left of Vita software support gets damaged by this beyond repair… then it would not be just piracy’s fault but also, and mostly, something else.

    • steven says:

      1: while it is very easy to play emulators on my android phone and tab , playing emulators on my Vita is so much nicer because of the screen and controls. If emulators, homebrews, hacks (such as fan translations) are on the vita, I thick it would boost the sales like it did the PSP.

      2: yes that whole region locking and 1 user per vita is a load of bull! I wish the vita was like the ps3 or 4 with multiple accounts. I live in Hong kong and the shops sell US, Asia and Japan games, every time I buy a Vita game I have to make sure i get the correct version to access the play store.

    • BenoitRen says:

      It may boost PS Vita console sales, but software sales will receive a heavy hit. Just look at the PSP.

      Piracy on the PC is not a big problem because stores like Steam have created an environment where it is easy to buy and download games at minimal cost. Just look at all the sales. The result is that PC games are barely worth anything anymore. If PC games were as expensive as console games, you bet there’d be more piracy.

      • Jack Attack says:

        Software sales were very strong on the PSP, so strong they made Sony extend support twice. Piracy never really hurt the PSP. Shoddy console ports and console-geared games did. After the initial slump the PSP broke software records and did better than anyone imagined, because lets not forget how no one ever, EVER, broke into the handheld market as well as the PSP did. Nintendo dominated that area.

        Sony’s inept handling of the PSP is what caused sales slumps and one could argue that homebrew and “piracy” is actually what saved the PSP during the early years.

        I also don’t understand where you’re coming up with the idea that PC games are somehow worth less, either. AAA games are not dirt cheap. Certainly not the first year. They see pretty much the same cuts that console games do.

        The only place that AAA PC games may be cheaper than console games, consistently, would be places like Brasil and Russia. Otherwise, nope. Just about the same… It’s just easier to find PC games at their sale prices more consistently.

      • Ding says:

        Note 3DS is pirateable too, but somehow is not affected.

        • wazzaby says:

          because mostly of the pirates buy original games too (i pirated all mi portable consoles DSi and PSP, because is far more easy taking a micro SD full with games than a extra bag with all the original games) plus i can collect and play the original game without open it…

  5. ProCyoN_MH says:

    Meh… I don’t support the piracy but if its to play “legacy” games not available by any means on my country, I don’t care. I own a 3DS and a New3DS and even if I have used pirated games on the first one, I have bought tons of original games when I become fond of any game I played this way. I don’t support piracy but I believe it is the answer to the lack of support and merchandising on some countries.

  6. Tio says:

    we want a custom firmware!

  7. Ban.hana says:

    I want custom banana theme

  8. Tail870 says:

    Kept you waiting, huh? (c)

  9. Nabooh says:

    If I CAN, I WILL do piracy. The Vita is dead, and not because this is a bad console, but because Sony let it sink while the PS4 was a success, instead of trying to make it better. So, I’ll have no regrets, it might be a bad things to do, but honestly I just don’t care.

    Sony made me spend two hundred bucks for a console they don’t even care about, so why should I? As always, it was a lot of promise, but none of them were executed. So, I REALLY DON’T feel guilty if I’ll play pirated games on it. I already bought a bunch of Vita games I liked, but I’ll not bother spending any more money for a console without any future, on the official side.

    To me, the Vita has a brighter future in hacking. So, sorry Sony. And sorry for all the dev who believed Sony’s *** and spent a *** tons of dollars making games on a console they don’t care about. And I still think the Vita is the most enjoyable portable console.

  10. Charles Fasano says:

    I just want to play my paid PSP/PSOne games that the Vita can’t normally run due to Sony or something not allowing them to run even though they can.

  11. soneco says:

    ´´PS Vita games, and I’m sure piracy on the PS Vita is now just a matter of time.´´ yeeeeeees! yessss!!!!

  12. Thetechdoc says:

    FINALLY gahh I cant wait for a release, psp iso loading would also be amazing, right now im loving moonlight and Hexen 2 on vita but this would blow it out of the water

  13. Dillweed says:

    Drink up, lads, for the gods have blessed us!

  14. lxTopDogxl says:

    Call me when I can play my Metal Gear and Crash on it. It’s garbage that a legal issue prevents them from being played on my Vita.

  15. paodowz says:

    GUYS UPDATE ur Vita to 3.61 we can play now iso for free go now

    • Luis says:

      Thanks now i can play PSP ISOs

      • Jesse says:

        3.61 made my Vita waterproof too!

        • TheRealSlimShady says:

          3.61 increased vita ram to 8gb and memory card to 128gb, i took out my card and i saw that instead of old 32gb it said 128gb with small sign of increased above it!!……update your vita and see the miracles…friend got ps4 emulator running on vita (not remote play)

          • Vitamon GO says:

            3.61 game my Vita powerful ability and every time i press L1 and R1 together and scream any Vita game name my Game Cartridge turns into that game.

    • Dheezk says:

      Jesus podowz is a troll, noone update to 3.61 or you lose all chances at a current hack… dont listen to poadowz….. friendly reminder to noobs

    • Yo ho ho! says:

      This is insane…. i updated to 3.61 and let me install Android and iOS.
      And can make me a sandwish too.

    • TheRealSlimShady says:

      Sony undercover agent paodowz!!

  16. NeonAera says:

    Woo yeah! It’s about time!

    Damn it’s been a while since I’ve posted here and been on forums but AWESOME MAN, great to see good news on the PSVita hacking scene. Finally the days of running our PSVita backups is getting closer. No more inserting and carrying carts around! Cheers. Can’t wait to see more homebrews, utilities, emulators, etc.

    Thanks for the good read, wololo. You converted me back to your side again hahahahaa jk, jk, I’m being silly. Anyway the scene looks lively again like it used to be! Glad it’s going well.

    • BenoitRen says:

      > No more inserting and carrying carts around!

      You could have bought digital copies of your games, you know. No need for piracy.

      • Anon says:

        Doesn’t help with already purchased carts though. I hope you aren’t suggesting him to buy his games one more time.

  17. Vitamon Go says:

    nice.. thanks to all contributing to this.. cheers

  18. PikaPikaGo says:

    would be nice if they will be able develop an adapter to stick a 128gb microsd in the vita

  19. thousandyoung says:

    Japanese don’t pirate *** anyway. They believe too much in their capitalistic ways. It won’t matter.

  20. Jai Ho says:

    i am glad that i follow vita scene to this far. is a long way. I always hope I have skill to help the scene. all i can do is keep following, even though might be a long more way to go 🙂

  21. SoilderBoy says:

    whaaaat come on wololo since they told you why not tell us how its done so that we can figure it out easier.

  22. its time says:

    i guess its time to buy a vita and 64gb card.

  23. Justin14p says:

    Looks like LumaVita is comming xD

  24. Reaver goyscript says:

    thanks indonesia or brazil hack teams for this humanity legacy

  25. TheRealSlimShady says:

    @wololo #wololo
    please fix older comments button, it never works, i get back on this page or shows 0 comments after clicking older comments 🙁

  26. dbzgts says:

    you stated store from brazil and Indonesia will have charge for this modding. Is that mean the hacker contacted you are from that country?

  27. pat says:

    odin sphere released

    • aunty maria says:

      what? really ?
      Unbelievable. Time to get a vita with 64gig card.

      Now this is real *** -wowie.

      where is odin sphere released?

  28. kupomogli says:

    The Vita already gets few games, if this happens it will kill Vita game sales and the Vita truly will be as dead as people are already calling it. On the PSP fewer and fewer devs supported the console the easier piracy became. With already an unbelievably few supporting the console new to begin with, that number is going to disappear in an instant.

  29. pat says:

    bla bla bla

  30. Reminon says:

    I had an offer to trade my n3ds xl for a vita, and I’m torn.

  31. fmj77 says:

    Odin Sphere, the Japanese version is showing up on warez sites now and being confirmed to work on Henkaku. Someone has definitely figured out something on how to get Vita backups to play.

  32. DJPlace says:

    dang… if only this could help me get unbanned on this one game…

  33. Leslie says:

    I hope, this is not hoax.. Also, if one of the hackers is reading this comment of mine.. Please make “Android Games Emulation” possible le on PS Vita, it if you can convert Android Games to VPK, that would be super great :’]|

  34. Frank says:

    I hate you all, freaking degenerates, you are killing the last great thing had: support of the japanese developers and localizers. I hope you will all burn in heck for what you do.

  35. Nyan says:

    I will dump all my vita cartridge and share to you all. For free.

  36. Anonimo says:

    You know I’m glad the Psvita got hacked, after I weigh the pros and cons there’s no doubt that the Vita is officially dead and $ony wasn’t able to provide high or at least good quality software or games, personally I made a enormous effort to pay my psvita console and never felt satisfied with it, with the piracy stuff I will continue supporting the developers and buying original games, but I think I’ll unlock my console to run emulators and homebrew in general.

  37. sven says:

    I was coming here to see if there is a iso loader so I can Buy a secondhand Vita, cause Sony doesn’ t even sell them in our country … (most of europe I guess) I guess Ill have to wait a bit longer and play my PSP.

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