VitaHexenII – Play Hexen II on your Vita!

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  1. Rolenzo says:

    This is insane! Hexen 2 is an amazing game! Excellent work!

  2. Marcelo says:

    droga queria ser o infinito negativo no comentarios

  3. hamed says:

    full game or demo?

  4. unixbeat says:

    already tested using the full version and it works great (both game and expansion), only some occasional lag.
    i prefer this over Quake and im looking forward for more ports like this one!!

  5. Salar says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AWSOME 😀

  6. supergun says:

    I would love to see a half life 1 port

  7. Francescoc89 says:

    I interviewed Rinnegatamante an year ago for gopsp! Is one of the best developer in the vita scene right now! Keep up with the good work!

  8. demian says:

    I hope someday see port POWERSLAVE game to vita

  9. drd7of14 says:

    I wonder if it’s possible to port dark forces 2: Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith.

    That would be quite an accomplishment. Great games those two.

  10. ABYESSAL says:

    If anyone needs the pak1.pak,look up hexenII ultimate pack,install then transfer over the data1 folder to your vita and BAM retro goodness.

  11. HE1NZ says:

    I think the game is a bit too hardcore to be played on a portable. The pace of Hexen 2 is mad. Still great though.

  12. paodowz says:

    PLS release Quake 2 and Half life would be better

  13. Artur says:

    We want CS 1.6

  14. Eastonator12 says:

    I did as you said, and when I load it up and start a new game i’m in a box with bricks, do u know how to get out?

  15. animekai says:

    i’ve downloaded the music ogg version ,but it comes like casa1.ogg casa2.ogg…. etc, do i have to rename them to track01.ogg track02.ogg…etc? or i can use their names

    • Razzy says:

      I may be late, but yes, you need to rename them according to the scheme provided in the post.

      As a side note, did you get the ost to work? I tried it in mp3, ogg and midi and neither work for me. The game is looking for the files in the proper location, but there’s no music in game, just sounds.

      • animekai says:

        yeah, i managed to get the ogg ost, but nothing works, i rename them as thist post said, the game plays normally but no music, and neither a log.txt is generated.

  16. animekai says:

    i can’t start the vpk on my pstv, i tried to open but it closes, on my psvita idon’t have any problem, it plays normally, but on pstv it closes the game

    • vin says:

      Did you fix it? I’m having the same problem…

      • animekai says:

        yes i did, i erased the hexen II folder, and copy over all the files, i think the problem was the data1 or portals folder didn’t copy all the files or someting, but copying them again it fix the problem.

  17. random says:

    Any chance of seeing Blood or Blood 2?

  18. Sanaki says:

    Hi. Works well but no music. Do I put it in cdtracks or cdtracks/hexenII. Neither works, need help.

  19. Q13E5 says:

    for me, it autocrashes out the game once i tap open the bubble. any ideas? i tried installing here , didn’t work. i tried using “VPK Mirror” to install it, didn’t work. any ideas?

  20. siudym says:

    music in the game does not work, I have versions 1.1. everything is done as described. Apparently, some important detail has not been mentioned, maybe the names of the catalogs are incorrectly given? How do I get midi (.mid) files? must be in the cdtracks directory? unfortunately midi does not work either.

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