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Major Retroarch Update – Now with pretty XMB support.

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  1. mattsouce says:

    can’t believe how fast they keep updating this.going an test it now thanks guys.

  2. livepixel says:

    Sweet. All we need now is for all cores to be in the one RetroArch VPK!

    • I like having 1 bubble says:

      THIS! I can’t get used to having 1000 bubbles for emulators when we can have a single app/bubble

      • Yes I can says:

        except psvita only allows 100bubbles in the livearea. That being said, I challenge all devs/hackers to tweak psvita system to allow for more than 100 bubbles, or 1000 bubbles, so that the post of this guy will be validated. Thank you.

  3. RiotDX says:

    I’ve still been unable to get this to work. Attempting to load any actual games with any of the VPKs just unceremoniously dumps me back at the main RetroArch menu with no explanation as to why.

    • SRKautroGP says:

      What Retroarch emu are you using? if its NeoGeo you should use MAME Roms, also many people dont recommend using some of the emulators provided with Retroarch, because of of them ont work properly

      • SRKautroGP says:

        Oh i almost forgot, some emulators need a BIOS to be able to run Roms, just put the bios in the same folder as your Roms and you will be good to go!

  4. sagex85 says:

    Actually, i prefer rgui. Its a lot simpler to use than the fancier xmb

  5. Koku says:

    great news
    how just gotta wait for the core switch feature to have use RetroArch bubble haha

  6. NoName says:

    “At the rate that RetroArch nightlies get released[…]”

    You mean nightly?

  7. Chris.beanz says:

    Very nice, love the xmb menu 🙂

  8. krokettenhorst says:

    Great to see the fast development of the Vita scene. And thanks for your great news site. =D

  9. umbreal says:

    primero jajaja..maybe

  10. Garret says:


  11. paodowz says:

    it didnt work on me i follow these steps and i download the latest 8/24 🙁

  12. Kay says:

    In the menu driver part, I only have null and rgui as options.

  13. bernouilli92 says:

    In this new version, does the keys X ans O work correctly. In the previous version, theses keys were mapped as japanese vitas (X to quit ans O to validate) ans there was no way to change that.

    • bernouilli92 says:

      Found how to swap the buttons, just edit the retroarch.cfg file :
      menu_ok_btn = “0”
      menu_cancel_btn = “8”

  14. RPRezo says:

    >>At the rate that RetroArch nightlies get released it’s hard to write articles about every single change, every single day, even when there are none. With that said, it feels good to be able to write and remind people that this exists whenever a major update gets released, which is the case for today’s nightly.

    I just hope you’ll write one when the emulation gets really good and comfortable to play. You know, full speed, no freezes, quick saves, etc.

    I hope I’m not sounding ungrateful because I really don’t mean that – all the work going on around Vita hack is amazing. But I don’t want to experience games worse than what they are supposed to be, so for now I’m just reading about all the Vita scene without actually using anything.

  15. Miguel Perez Suazo says:

    What should be awesome is to have every core in one vpk<3

  16. Toby Ha says:

    LOVE IT.
    Thank you everyone for all of your hardwork!