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PS4 Slims rumors confirmed real (video)


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25 Responses

  1. Fallenleader says:


  2. Jamx says:

    I can see some great looking custom stickers/decals coming up for that console, and possibly the limited edition with cool looking artwork print and design.

  3. Talha_Yilmaz says:

    That it realy slim. But the standart one is way more beautiful. The Sony Original consoles look allway better than their slim models imo.
    I like big consoles and i cannot lie

  4. Salar says:

    And many people called it ugly to be true so fake ! 😀

    lets hope they dont go like this design with NEO

  5. Charles Fasano says:

    I hate the parallelogram design of the original PS4. Several of my USB devices don’t fit because of it unless I use a USB extension cable. I do LOVE matte finishes as they don’t show fingerprints. I also hate the touch sensitive *** of the launch models. My cats are constantly turning my system on an ejecting discs when they brush against it. Also you can’t put anything on top of the launch models due to video issues if you do. I love the PS4 but the original design was not so good.

    I prefer smaller consoles as they don’t take up much space in my entertainment center.

    I like the design of the slim PS4 but I’ll won’t pass judgement until I see if the issue with my USB devices not fitting is fixed.

  6. Sylar says:

    I find it highly suspicious that a device like this would have a box made for the Middle East (Arabic for “Best Selling” thing).
    I would take this with a hefty amount of salt.

  7. Slim? says:

    Look like a big router , also look like electric scale(top part can put item, bottom is base)

  8. Rolenzo says:

    So, this is a totally cosmetic upgrade, right? No gaming advantage to upgrading. Money would be better spent on upgrading Hard Disk to SSD ?

  9. SimpleFlyTrapper says:

    I’m still buying the original one

  10. AAKASH says:

    Waiting for Neo leak as well.

  11. Emad says:

    video removed 🙁

  12. kingraa777 says:

    whAT happend to the video of it booting ??

  13. DongsMBM says:

    so ugly….

  14. LMAO says:

    None of your prediction were right. Stupid article.

  15. Ivan says:

    So freaking ugly

  16. hackahocka says:

    off topic but the PSone is still my favorite console.
    isn’t it just so adorable?

  17. Bigscrotem says:

    The original ps1 console was my favorite plus the first of its kind and generation. You youngins dont know what you’re talking about!

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