Playstation Plus subscription price increasing in September


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29 Responses

  1. pokomon says:

    First 🙁

  2. Ayyy Lmao says:

    Eh… calculating for inflation (between 2010 to 2016) this is only a 5$ increase and, while i doubt they spend all PS+ fees on maintaining and improving the service, this essentially puts it in line with Xbox memberships (Live being 60$ since 2010). I’d rather they actually put in valuable features to the actual gaming component of the service but for some reason console manufacturers are trying to forcibly diversify their brands by adding in unrelated services (TV shows) presumably because people believe the console market is dying.

    • RandomGuy says:

      You’re not counting for the decreasing cost of server equipments.

      • Ayyy Lmao says:

        That assumes they have used the same servers without failure and have no plans to upgrade/increase infrastructure that they’ve had since 2010. Also doesn’t account for growing costs due to more concurrent players, any features introduced that increase costs, not to mention that the psn digital distribution is actually rather new (on a large scale) and hosts more and more content daily. Not to mention they need more people to actually staff those servers and have to pay them more because money is worth slightly less. You can’t assume all costs just go down over time.

  3. doctorwho05 says:

    “current market conditions” oh that means we think we can charge more because everyone else is charging more and we think you can handle the increase, BS Damn Sony right to heck.

    • WoWSCE says:

      No, Current Market Conditions is referring to the fact people are beginning to stop renewing their subscription monthly, tri-monthly, annually, etc because it’s slowly getting to be more, and more worthless as time goes on I’m a perfect example of a person who’s been a Subscriber since 2012, and I finally refused to re-sub a month ago, and I’ve seen other people each month before I left PS+ on PlayStation’s Blog say the same thing to Sony they aren’t having the *** anymore, but unfortunately with this news Sony has put the nail in the coffin for me, and if I ever was thinking about going back it’s all over now because clearly they aren’t listening to our complaints their just going to milk whoever is stupid enough to stay loyal to a company who is sc*** them over worse then Microsoft a company who made Windows 10 which literally is an OS based on Spyware

  4. shinkou says:


  5. nope says:

    While I understand they need to charge to maintain their servers the prices are shocking, at least Xbox live is worth the cash but the crappy psn servers im not paying more for, bye bye ps+ im sure i wont miss ur indies lol

  6. WoWSCE says:

    As if the Plus subscription was useless enough since PS4 hit now they’ll charge us an extra 10 just to Play online, or get more $15 indie games majority of the subscribers complain over each month I’ve ended my subscription, and I’m not looking back I hope they know why if not then they’ll have to find that out in heck for all I care

  7. Rolenzo says:

    What brings my *** to a boil is when I look on the playstation youtube channel and see their: playstation music stuff.

    Locking online play behind a paywall was a stupid idea to begin with. Way to flush your competitive advantage down the toilet, Sony.

  8. Franky says:

    Glad I’m a PC gamer.

    • Ricky D says:

      Ain’t that the truth. If it wasn’t for the occasional awesome exclusive I wouldn’t have anything to do with Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo

    • BenoitRen says:

      What kind of dumb reaction is that?

      • MaximusVX says:

        One that makes a lot of sense considering our games are a heck of a lot cheaper than you guys’, we don’t pay for online services, we don’t have to worry about “backwards compatibility”, we have higher frame rates and resolutions and many more graphics options to play with. If you claim that consoles are a lot more expensive than a PC, look at the enormous number of console killer cheap build logs on YouTube, as well as the fact that after a while, if you keep spending full $59.99 retail price on every game you buy, as well as keep paying for online, you’re going to very very quickly surpass the cost of a PC.

  9. Shikhar says:

    It’s because of the popularity and market share of the ps4 too. Personally, I would be happy with free online gaming without the ps plus games and other ***. But it’s a business opportunity and Sony will exploit.

  10. meysam25 says:

    bad news
    it is already too expencie for me

  11. Salar says:

    Well i guess my friend at World of Warcraft is calling me 😀 no more money for PSN left XD

  12. Frank says:

    Ok, I just bought another year so it will expire on november 2017 instead of november 2016. You should do this for now and decide later if you want to continue.

  13. LoverAli says:

    If you compare Xbox ‘s free games to Sony’s, it’s already to expensive.$ony really deserves to be left alone…
    I was once a fan…now I’m really disappointed.maybe I should move to Xbox

  14. Dee8282 says:

    Ps2 games and ps1 games should definitely make the free download list,I don’t see no reason not to bring ps2 and ps1 since u can get these games on the store for download on to the ps4!

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