Moonlight Vita updated to Alpha 3 – Now with Mouse/L2R2 support!

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  1. AlexxLopaztico02 says:

    Good to see progress in this one, waiting that KODI gets to the vita too.

  2. HappyPanda says:

    I want to donate that project, how to do it?

  3. bernouilli92 says:

    First to write first.

  4. shinkou says:

    second to write first

  5. np3228 says:

    I was going to say first, but since someone already said it, I’m just gonna say that im a ***.
    which is the same thing..

  6. Brandon says:

    Can I do this with a MacBoook pro I don’t understand the chip thing too stream idk if my Mac comes with one or what someone pls help

  7. +TEK says:

    wonderful. i’m 90% complete. when i see the option to remap left and right triggers to physical bumpers, i’ll be 100% complete.

    • joey says:

      you can in some games where you can select different controller layouts. Like in Borderlands 2 you can select between layouts and even swap buttons i believe, Ofcourse it would be great to do it in moonlight itself but you can also buy a triggergrip from ebay or something. that should do the trick as well

  8. grm says:

    Decreasing the lag should be the most important task now, keep up the good work!

  9. talmagal says:

    nice release sux that i am on the amd side of things. Though anyone know how to repackage the remote vita desktop client as a vpk. ITs has .sln files not velf so dont know any easy way to convert it and im not the best when it comes to coding

    • dimy93 says:

      sln is the extension of MS visual studio ‘s project file. IF you have visual studio U can compile it to vpk

      • talmagal says:

        i get errors when trying to open in visual express 2013/ 2015/

        The application which this project type is based on was not found

        Not sure which version of vs i need and mitigation not helping

  10. JK0cr says:

    Is it possible to stream using Gnu/Linux

    • Clyde says:

      Unfortunately no, Moonlight/Limelight needs the ‘Nvidia GeForce Experience’ application to act as a server, which doesn’t exist on Linux yet, and considering how different the drivers are I don’t think they are going to release it any time soon, although I hope I’ll stand corrected.

  11. TheTechDoc says:

    took 3 versions but I finally got it working on my vita! and in Australia too where the internet is as slow as grandma in the morning! with 800kbps I am managing some pretty playable speeds, aside from a small amount of video lag, all is working great at 60fps, games like alice madness returns and cod blackops 2 are entirely playable, however skyforce anniversary weirdly wont detect the vita as a controller, still an amazing effort, thanks XYZ and d3m3vilurr !! and thanks wololo for keeping us up to date!

  12. Pirate guy says:

    Useless work

    • TheTechDoc says:

      look I want piracy as much as the next geek, but homebrew is also quite entertaining and can do a lot of awesome stuff, piracy is inevitable, just enjoy it as it comes

  13. lolakaw says:

    already paired the device and pc and the last entry is
    “stream 960 x 544, 60 fps, 4000 kbps”
    but why steam is not launching ?

    • Obi says:

      had the same problem, restarted my laptop a few times, set my resolution to the same screen configuration as the vita and it worked.

  14. Riku says:

    For me it crashes after some seconds of connection. C2-12828-1 Save Core File Succeeded.
    Even tried to build moonlight myself, same error :/

  15. Polite Timesplitter says:

    Very interesting app! For the time being I’m going to stick on 3.52 to keep using TN-V for my PSP backups, but it’s cool to see all these neat little things being developed. Hopefully a rapidly growing scene can sort PSP CSOs on 3.60 Henkaku and I’d definitely upgrade – unless I re-bought that section of my library digitally first.

  16. martin says:

    if it crashes is because the vita wifi sucks, try to change the channel of your router to one that is clear, this might help. i’m using it with vita tv conected via ethernet and it doesnt crash at all and im using 1280 720 60. the problem is they still need to fix the controller binding so when you use a ds3 or ds4 it actually recognize the r2/l2 and r3/l3

  17. solidsnake says:

    At the end of the day I rest assured that there are people out there much smarter than I am working on projects that will make me happy!

  18. Frank says:

    “At this point all we need is for xyz to go all Sony on us and give some stability to Moonlight to eliminate the occasional crashes… and maybe give the application a proper name and icon.”

    Or give AMD users and way to stream their PC on it…

  19. asdasd says:

    Stupid off-topic question. Can I manually update to 3.60? I was late to update it normal way so I guess my console knows there is 3.61 available. Can I do something?

    • SeanP2500 says:

      you sure can. I just did a playstation tv via usb stick. So I know the update file is available

  20. Miguel Perez Suazo says:

    What could be awesome is to make dualshock compatible with vita, but no idea if its possible with henkaku):

  21. Clyde says:

    Unfortunately no way to use Linux as a server yet…

  22. Moshtaba says:

    Nice work! It works nearly flawless.

    But one question i have is. It is possbile to customize the buttons? Would like to remap the l2/r2 from back touchscreen to the L/R Button.

    Hope it will be possible. Cause Aim and shoot in CoD for example is really difficult via backscreen.