PS Vita: Piracy getting closer, or just another dev leak?


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118 Responses

  1. Sky Yuki says:

    Here’s my theory
    Someone in the dev leak the full game
    And of course the other dev knew it and decided to not release tokyo xanadu eX+ on vita ever again

    Kinda simple lol

  2. mixedfish says:

    No idea how to install this, just gets an error when I install the VPK. I heard theres a separate smaller VPK along with the full game, is that true?

  3. lincruste says:

    I have no use of pirated games on PS Vita. I’d even pay double pruce for a decent game. PS Vita needs no pirated games, it just needs *** games.


    Never heard about this game thanks for info
    Oh I see its not available in Europe and probably never will be so $ony and or falcom f*ck you hope its got translated patch by scene
    Yes I know i can import the game also but why? its too expensive and I dont understand the game in japanese anyways so Im happy with this release HENKAKU READY so i can fully test the game yeah jackpot not like adventure time not many peoples need the game its cheap and available everywhere THANKS scene this are the games we need released by scene for ps vita

    • Mr Fwibbles says:

      The game actually has a demo on Japanese PSN, and is getting an official English release in early 2017 via Aksys Games.

  5. Dillweed says:

    Better fackin’ be getting closer.

  6. dbzgts says:

    If really this was dumped from the cart, I think they had released another game. Its been 3 days after the release and there is no other decrypted game

  7. Bob says:

    Turns out that it was just another DRM free copy.
    Need to wait for yifanlu to release the source code or no 変革whats so ever on vita will occour

  8. lee says:

    Its working for my vita. Tnks for the upload dud

  9. BlackBrain says:

    Decrypted patch v1.04 can be founded for this game now…

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