Release: Vita-activator. Activate your 3.60 PS Vita without a PS3


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52 Responses

  1. Vanessa Lohmann says:

    Can i remote play with this?

    • cracker says:

      This is just to (re)activate a Vita so you can connect it to a PC or PS3 to transfer files (as the article states). Without being activated you would be stuck with only homebrew on firmware less than 3.61.

      • Casey Smith says:

        I have a Vita that I mistakenly de-activated because of a warning you get when resetting your vita. It is currently on 3.60 and was previously activated and I have the files:
        but I did not have ux0:act.dat…

        with this information is there a way for me to re-activate my PS Vita on 3.60 w/o updating?

  2. piratelover123 says:

    can i play pirated psp games(iso files) that i have on my pc

  3. bigred says:

    Yes but you’ll have to downgrade first

  4. Frank says:

    So basically when I try to transfer from Sony cma and my Ps vita, the console ask to update my firmware. Will it skip this or no because open cma do not work for me.

    • yattoz says:

      Try uninstaling OpenCMA and using QCMA instead. It works for everyone. (and it looks better.) Hope this helps !

      • Frank says:

        This is wierd, I have Qcma and it still do this message. I downloaded the update by mistake but it’s not installed yet.

    • 11770 says:

      also, try turning airplane mode on and rebooting the vita since i think it checks for updates when it boots up for that check prompt.

      • Frank says:

        Well my Vita have already downloaded the new update by mistake but it’s not installed yet. Is this the cause?

        • Clyde says:

          Kind of, it’s already ‘seen’ the update, so it won’t let you do much until you update, luckily there’s a workaround, you can make the Vita forget it’s seen the update by rebuilding its database, turn on ‘Flight Mode’ (or disconnect from the internet), then power off your Vita (Hold down the power button for a few seconds and press Power Off), afterwards, hold down the PS button, Power button and Right Shoulder button simultaneously until you see the ‘Safe Mode’ menu pop up, select Option 2 (Rebuild Database) and wait for it to rebuild the database (May take a few minutes to hours, depending on how many files you have), when it boots into the main screen, you should be able to use QCMA to transfer files again

  5. chan says:

    Plis, make diablo ii port on playstation vita

  6. Engineer says:

    I am waiting for a proper how-to video or something usefull for very beginners (like me).

  7. Xtremegamer says:

    Is there any way todo this on a vita with firmware 1.80 ?

    or how i can access psn again to download games without upgrading , due to the latest developments.


  8. vita activator says:

    @ZombieWizzard I am getting activation data failed to download.

  9. Franz Rogar says:

    So, turning the page over, if I backup tm0:npdrm/act.dat from an already activated PSV (via the *normal* way), I *should* be able to reactive 3.60 in case I have to buy a new one (if this breaks), or reformat (database issues), etc.


    • Anon says:

      Wrong. act.dat is console-bound, so if you back it up you will only be able to reactivate the PSV you’ve got it from.
      You should still back it up though, in case you lose it after an accident or a system format.

  10. thedarkone says:

    How would I activate it with a PS3?

  11. 5400 says:

    It fails and I have a PS3. could anyone tell me how to activate with PS3?

  12. Aben says:

    I’ve run the activator but it fails every time.
    I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, the vita tv is wiped with no activation but I have henkaku installed , are any additional files required?

  13. neoark says:

    i have this error “activation data failed to donwload ” not works for me

  14. YouRik says:

    I’m looking for some clarification on this and would appreciate if someone could help.

    So I’ve got a few downloaded games on my Vita that were purchased through my main account. I can still play them now, even on 3.60.
    I also have some PSM titles that, when I now try to play, prompt me to activate my system.

    If I now were to create a secondary PSN account and activate my system with this one through this tool, would I still be able to play my downloaded games (and PSM?).

    (Thinking as the downloaded games might be registered to my main account and will only play with this one, and using this tool to activate with my main account could put it at risk.)


    • Anon says:

      No. Activation means binding your system to a given PSN account, with that account’s identifier stored in act.dat file. Every digital Vita game comes with a rif license file generated for the account it was bought on. When you try to launch a game, the system checks whether account ids stored in the game’s rif and the console’s act.dat match. Since act.dat files generated for different PSN account will have different ids, games with rifs for the old account won’t work under the new account.

  15. Meler says:

    Woot About Activation for PSTV ?

  16. bernouilli92 says:

    I managed to activate my pstv, but I first had to desactivate all my devices on PSN because I already had two psvita activated.
    Then I ran vita-activator version 0.2 and it ran successfully and I choose to replace the system act by pressing cross. But it didn’t work. There was nothing under tm0:npdrm and nothing either under ux0:temp. According to the src, it should be under ux0:temp
    But I found a act.dat under ux0: but it was empty.
    I then retried using version 0.1 of vita-activator and it worked. I found a non empty act.dat under ux0: that I copied in tm0:npdrm, I had to create npdrm first.
    After rebooting my pstv, it was activated and I can now launch PSN games.
    There seems to be a problem with version 0.2

  17. Aben says:

    I only have a vita and ps4 currently active, I’m trying to activate another vita tv but keep getting the failed error when trying the app

  18. cy33hc says:

    I look at the source code and there is a URL to activate. Is there a corresponding URL to deactivate?

  19. lmgj says:

    Has anyone encountered the Invalid IDPS error, I was trying to activate my vita, but it’s popping up. I never had this vita associated with my account, but I bought it from someone on ebay, so maybe its associated with theirs, just guessing. Would restoring the system via safe mode work?

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  23. oliwek says:

    Hi. I just wanted to tell you that it is still possible to reset a vita (I bought a second hand vita that still was connected to the PSN account of its old owner, and a parental protection was ON so I could not even start a web browser). I had to start in SAFE mode (turn OFF, then LEFT trigger + PS button + ON during 5 seconds when turning ON the device), chhose 4th option (reset the device), then when it restarted after reset, I had the opportunity (after choosing a language) to connect to my PSN account. This activated the device (I forgot to say that before all this I manually updated the firmware to 3.60). Then I had finally access to the web browser, and I could install TaiHEN.
    So you can unerase your sentence ‘Note that, as far as I know, you can also activate a 3.60 Vita by resetting it to factory settings and doing the activation as one of the very first steps when rebooting it. A less straightforward, but probably “more legit” way of doing it while following Sony’s rules’.

  24. oliwek says:

    I wanted to write ‘still possible to reset and so activate a vita’

  25. Carlos says:

    Is this method still available?

    i tried with this but i have the error of idps … (you must be scared)

  26. Paulo Xavier says:

    Wololo, is it working ?

  27. rsn8887 says:

    I don’t think it works anymore. It worked for me two weeks ago, but now trying to activate a new system I am getting the “idps error … (you must be scared).

  28. TechTomas says:

    Read this post before you even think about resetting your activated vita, and formatting and re activating your vita

  29. Marcelo de Assis says:

    I’ve had the same problem. My solution was:
    Create a new account at PSN (I used PC);
    Sign into it in my Vita, then Activate it!

  30. Super Article ! Vraiment très instructif… 🙂