Release: VitaCID (get your PS Vita Console ID)


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27 Responses

  1. Roshuou says:

    Wonderful news! Keep it up, scene!

  2. Manuel says:

    So we can create a community account and share it

  3. Salar says:

    WOooooooW 😀

  4. Berion says:

    Great job! I hope one day we will not only automatically generate act.dat but also inject our NP Account ID into registry (and every other place where is present). I really want bind my VitaTV with existing SEN account but without connecting to their network (BTW: I have already read it on PS3) and accepting new license… Why? Because it’s important to me to be a one and the same owner for all content. I believe I am not the one who dream about such stuff. 😉

  5. Elo says:

    Please someone should work on the mobile network unlocker for the 3G versions

  6. Vitamon Go says:

    good news, everyday

  7. Petrus says:

    Interesting, so this activation still requires internet connection thus still is using up an activation slot. It’s just a way to activate through Sony’s servers without using the official method.

  8. Does this mean we could use our PS Vita CID on a banned PS3 console? 🙂

    • giinova says:

      Bad idea for now, since we have no knowledge of how to replace cid on ps vita if it gets banned. It’s hard enough as it is on ps3 to permanently change cids( you need eid root key to write to EID 0 on ps3)

      • Fidelia says:

        That’s a genuinely imsipesrve answer.

      • Det lyder sÃ¥ lækkert. Jeg et ogsÃ¥ stor fan af din blog. Lige pt. Er jeg nedlagt Rigshospitalet, og maden her er ikke for spændende. SÃ¥ nÃ¥r jeg kommer hjem, vil jeg prøve denne lækre ret. Kan man bruge andet svinekød?KÃ¥lsalaten, er det den med hvidløg?Mange tak fordi du deler med os

  9. Brandonheat8 says:

    Doesn’t this mean that the cobra fin is useless now because people could just do what they do to ps4 consoles and add a bunch of games onto the memory card and trick the system into being activated under that person’s profile but as far as the PSN knows that system is not activated for that account?

    • CelesteBlue says:

      Yes, but it was already done since we can get the IDPS from the PSP emulator (ARK or TN-V)…
      And since we can write to the entire memorycard from the mailFail trick…
      Ahah ! This was hidden by some famous devs that doesn’t want piracy !

  10. the one who has the deactivated psvita says:

    f**********k i ended up with deactivated psvita and i dont have ps3
    now iam playing only nes games on that ***
    finley some light i see coming from this dark cave
    i dont want to use it in any hack things, but to only use it with my f****k 120$ psn account games

  11. Bernouilli92 says:

    From what I understand the act file is still provided by sony’s servers. I doubt they’ll keep providing these data without making ajustements to block unlegitimate requests.

  12. Gaze says:

    Is that all it does? You could find your console ID through ePSP homebrew iirc. Which means even VHBL should be able to.

    • TheRealSlimShady says:

      name’s gaza, picture looks like an eye of an intelligent eagle, but sounds like a highly unintelligent, useless, brainless, without thinking, blurted out bull5h1t 🙂
      Use that brain which god gave you and you will soon find out the meaning! 😀

    • Zeroba says:

      You’re missing the point. This is to help people who don’t have an activated Vita so they can actually get the homebrews you mention ONTO the system to begin with.

  13. gbro says:

    yep we could identify someone with that

  14. rjshooter says:

    GOOD NEWS for the ones who used ACCOUNTSWITCHER, this will be a very useful one if the devs can make console activator app keep up the good work!

  15. Siddharth Chhabra says:

    so I have a banned Ps vita ( System banned not account banned) on fw 3.60. Could I use this to activate the Vita?

    • Anon says:

      Don’t think so, because its IDPS is banned and the script queries PSN servers to generate act.dat for a given IDPS.

      This is only needed to avoid the requirement to use a PS3 in order to activate a Vita or PS TV which doesn’t have an act.dat file (anymore). Registry settings can be fixed by entering PSN account credentials on first time setup screen after doing a system format (restore).

    • CelesteBlue says:

      No, that you need is the Vita-activator vpk…

  16. Alvion says:

    for what? I need this i don’t understand please can someone explain?

  17. Xyber says:

    Wrong “IDPS”