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Release: Vita-idu, convert your Vita to Demo mode (adds cool options)


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41 Responses

  1. Danilo says:

    Thanks Xyz!!

  2. Relics'InUrMom says:

    im glad he keeps releasing stuff but this sounds like more trouble than its worth.

  3. ACTTP says:

    So wait, Demo models update while rebooting but vita-idu is only activate while HENkaku is active, which in fact deactivates on reboot? So it should be safe, or am I missing something?

    • Brenza says:

      I guess changes are persistent as they have to occur on vita’s flash memory and not in ram
      You need henkaku only at the time you’re going to convert sexcex

    • neoman4426 says:

      You can only run the utility when Henkaku is activated, but the changes it makes will persist. Think of it like a lock, you can only lock or unlock it when the key is in, but when you take the key out it stays in the position it was in (ignoring things like door locks you can lock from inside or ones that lock automatically when closing for the sake of the metaphor, this is a lock that only works with the key). So you’ll still be in demo mode when you reboot

  4. Neph says:

    So, with this developers can create simple apps without going through psn?
    Sounds awesome!

  5. Wrozen says:

    Can’t wait to try this

  6. anon says:

    it bricked my psvita 🙁

  7. Hyrcanus says:


  8. yayyy says:

    Holy ***, I can finally play Taiko V demo? Thank you Jesus

  9. Jeron says:

    That broke my ps vita, now there’s more to come back behind it is in DEMO MODE and will not appear the Setup icon and not the Internet or even email.

  10. Shikhar says:

    First ? Please !

  11. soulx says:

    how do you open package installer?

  12. vonhoro says:

    I used this entered Demo mode pressed UP+R+L+START, isntalled HENkaku ofline, started playing Rejuvesnake and it crashed, it seems that the Demo Mode is unstable with HENkaku.

  13. nadir says:

    why i can’t install the bigger game form this site ?
    up to 15% for a file 1.5Gb my vita reboot

  14. Dunsparsley says:

    Couldn’t get the Package Installer to appear, so for now I’ll just stay off Demo mode.

  15. Brandon says:

    PKG installer doesnt show up for me : /

  16. juniorpsvita says:

    No bubble * installer pkg my vita,Sorry my inglês.

  17. meysam25 says:

    one more time dude you are rock
    i am glad that i can use pkg installer
    its work for me very well
    tanks wololo

  18. soulx says:

    How do you access package installer on this mode? I can’t find out where it the bubble is or anything…

  19. Adam says:

    Has anyone tried transferring content between a PS3 and a Vita in demo mode? Does it complain about updating? Someone please help?
    I want to download games in my PSN’s download list but can’t on 3.60.

    • Anon says:

      Yes and yes. Use the same QCMA swap trick used on retail Vitas to bypass the firmware update requirement.

      I’d love to see a port of this to Rejuvenate because I have an IDU Vita on 3.18 firmware which I want to keep at 3.18 because of TN-V and TN-X. The demo mode is pretty annoying though and I’d like to get out of it for good.

  20. Charles Fasano says:

    I think I’ll wait until the package installer is available via something other than “Demo Mode”

  21. nakedfaerie says:

    Well, it also soft-bricked for me but I got out of it.
    I went to IDU mode. NO lock screen, no first page with all the standard icons, no PS button menu, nothing worked.
    I held down L+R+UP+START then held down POWER.
    After about 2 mins it jumped out of IDU mode and back to normal mode. (The “demo mode” watermark disappeared)
    I then loaded up IDU-MODE (the app) and pressed O to remove IDU mode.

    Done, rebooted and its all back to normal.
    So, hold down the buttons, and wait for it to jump back to normal mode.
    Mosty likely not a full brick, just a stuck system like I had.

  22. amin says:

    Hey guys.is anyone can help me?
    Since i instaled vita idu when i get back from demo mode with L+R+UP+START my device shuts down after a while automaticaly.plz help me.
    Is there a way to uninstall it?

    • Anon says:

      Use the same way you installed it. Also, IDU won’t auto shutdown if you plug it into a wall charger in a powered off state (it will turn on automatically), exit the Demo Mode with holding L+R+UP+START button combo and then unplug the charger or disconnect the USB cable.

  23. poop says:

    Anyone know if this will convert a kiosk/demo vita to retail? I was thinking about buying one from ebay since they are cheaper. Just curious if I could use this app to permanently be in retail mode.

  24. Cody says:

    Anyone know if this will convert a kiosk/demo vita to retail? I was thinking about buying one from ebay since they are cheaper. Just curious if I could use this app to permanently be in retail mode.

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