A farewell note from Hykem (PSP, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U hacker)


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  1. mr0 says:

    This is sad …
    I never heard about you, because I just started looking for the already famous HENkaku for the vita, and found this.
    Your letter explains everything I need to know.
    Good luck in your new life. And know that this one here, dreams of some day have the knowledge you have.

  2. trashdinner says:

    Farewell Hykem <3 I always had your back on GBATemp and I'm really sad to see how all of this affected your life. I don't know you personally but I know you're a good person. You'll truly be missed in the scene and I wish you the best!! Take it easy.

  3. lololol says:

    IOSU? no thank you, i don’t care about nintendon’t stuff

  4. pissed says:

    Wrong country of living…

  5. seras says:

    I take my hat wherever you are “Hykem” make you happy.

  6. Dragng8 says:

    -dropped the mic-

  7. Zeke says:

    Well ain’t that a shame.

    I’ve only been following homebrew scene stuff on Wololo and GBAtemp for 18 months to a year, but I’ve been interested in it since 2008 when I was given an original Xbox and saw some clever devs had made XBMC, a streaming-capable media centre which turned a £40 console into something awesome. I learnt a lot about the hows and whys of security and how hard it is to circumvent device cryptography, so even though I can’t do it myself I respect and (mostly) understand the work of those that do.

    I have bought or been given four consoles since on the strength of their homebrew first, and everything else second; PSP, PS Vita, 3DS and most recently the Wii U. Sure, unmodified they can do fun stuff, but it’s pushing the hardware in other directions and going beyond the programming it ships with that fascinates me. Getting RetroArch working under Rejuvenate on the Vita was a hard challenge -nowhere near as hard as finding the exploits in the first place, sure – but being able to play some old favourites on the SNES/Genesis emulators was like a revelation. Finally, a small device with physical controls that allowed me to have Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country and Street Fighter II Turbo running near-flawlessly at 60fps with sound and save states. And this was all on the back of hard work by the likes of Hykem, Yifan Lu, TheFloW and dozens of other talented coders.

    The Wii U is now my favourite console in the world, and again, the stock unmodded unit out of the box is okay, but it’s the power to crack the vWii so it plays Wii and GameCube titles/RetroArch emulators plus the WebKit exploits to enable Loadiine, Saviine to backup the hard hours put in to make good game saves, FTPiiU for easy access to the SD card – this is the stuff that’s genuinely exciting and pushes it over the edge. Thanks in huge part to Hykem, I can now run a Loadiine nightly which allows me to play favourites like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Shovel Knight with the WaveBird, a wireless GameCube controller, rigged up to the formerly useless Sm4sh USB breakout box with no lag and no issue as if the games were designed with this in mind in the first place. Incredible.

    So losing a leading light of the scene is a blow, but it’s nice that he’s taken the time to politely run the scene through the hows and whys. I respect that. I think anyone who has been following the homebrew scene would join me in wishing him well with whatever he does with the rest of his creativity and talent from now on. He will be missed.

    Thanks Hykem.

  8. Viriato says:

    I’m only a reader of this fantastic blog who has never written in there, but they are so sad news that I’d like to write today.
    I’m also a master’s degree student, in my case in embedded systems, and I admire big sceners work, as your’s Hykem. I wish one day I could become a little scener as well.
    Good luck in your life!

    PD: Sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker.

    • Hi Mike, so the time has come and next week i will be in the US and will most likley buy an ultrabook (unless you change my mind!). Given your feedback i am set on the AsusUX31a (altho the samsung looks way cooler, but who cares about looks right). Do you have any last minute recomendations or are there any things i should be aware of? What is the lastest model of the asus? Is it worth waiting for ultrabooks with touchscreens for windows 8? or for the haliwell next year (will take a bit too long before they are out i think – may 2013!?) thanks for these last recommendations! My best, Lorenzo

    • useless to say that my high expectations were deceived when realizing that, as a german user, no way to watch taxi driver on youtube..but thanks for making it legally accessible to my friends overseas ; )wildwelle heidelberg

    • If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kowabunga, dude!”

  9. cheapguy says:

    so , does this enable piracy ?

  10. Salar says:

    I really dont know what to say , we ve seen before that hackers leave or got sued by sony or other company , but hykem problem is that much big that impacted his life , his work carear , and his university.
    all i can say , is just a simple thank you , to his big work for the scene , words truly cant describe my feeling , but when some one that have a problem like me that have to choose between what he love to do mostly and his future or people around him or her , really hurt me , because i was in the same shoes some years ago , and i got kicked out of university and banned for entering or in anyother way continue it…
    well i truly always wanted that PS VIta scene was like WiiU and i always hoped that someday for fun or for more challenges you would switch course , i guess that dream is lost now
    all i can say is just thank you for all you ve done to make gaming feel better
    i hope you cant decide whats best for you.

  11. k says:

    you are still kid
    breaking piracy is for poor and needy
    we are open source we will fight for our rights .
    if you are not around with poor kids someother will .

  12. Rhodderz says:

    Goodbye Hykem, Even though you have left the scene you will always be remembered and in a odd way a legend to the homebrew scene.
    Good luck on your future ventures.

  13. nebu_187 says:

    so, no iosu hack you son of a b***h 😀 hahaha

  14. Killjoy says:

    *** but the letter. F*ckin’ capitalism. Intellectual Piracy is the most idiotic thing invented by anglo-saxons. There was not patent law in the USSR and nobody died. US, Japan and other countries stole piles of Russian inventions for billions of dollars. Then who are the thieves?

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Yeah, nobody died in the USSR from the lack of a patent law. However, a lot of people died in the USSR because of Communism in general.

  15. Shikhar says:

    Yes yes. Fw spoofed and downgrader incoming!

  16. Whovian9369 says:


    Best of luck to ya man. If you do ever come back to the scene as a normal person and normal user (like because of a C&D or something, I’m not sure how those works so *Shrug*) – I’m sure many of us would be happy. And even though we may call you “A Lying Clown” – Your hard work for the Wii U scene won’t be forgotten for a while. Especially with all of us calling you a lying clown.

    Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, man.

  17. Fashi says:

    He’s gone to the great kernel exploit in the sky. Farewell my love.

  18. Darkenvy says:

    I am so very curious as to the whole story that he cannot speak about. Coukd someone share a link to an article of what happened? I feel bad for hykem.

  19. Ronopotomus says:

    Wishing you only the best in your future Hykem. I’ve watched you over the years in awe of your abilities and insight. My few dealings with you over the years have only been a pleasure and I would truly like for you to know how much I have have appreciated your work and how it has enhanced my life along with my families lives. Thank you and you have my e-mail. So long for now.

  20. Oh no. says:

    What does this mean for the scene?

  21. copperbullet says:

    this was great to read im not a fan of piracy as im on content creation side but this was a create read big thumbs to the homebrew community and all the best to hykem ….touching anything close to illegal is never worth

  1. November 8, 2017

    […] So, the webkit exploit is very real. Turning it into a full fledged hack for the PS3 however remains to be confirmed: as always with this kind of claim, the credibility of the announce needs to be taken into account. Esc0rtd3w has released significant modding tools for the PS3 in the past, but not full fledged exploit yet, which he openly admitted on gbatemp. Depending on who’s also involved under the hood, this could be one of the biggest releases of the PS3 scene, or it could be a new disappointment. […]