Moonlight for Vita Alpha 2 Released – Now with sound!

27 Responses

  1. SeanP2500 says:

    frigging incredible. Scene is exploding. Long live xyz!

  2. SamGreen says:

    Hail zyz!!!

  3. zx says:

    Cool!! Thanks XYZ
    can i play DOTA2 using this?

  4. Is it? says:

    Is it possible to use streaming platform other than Nvidia?

  5. Franky says:

    Too bad it’s restricted to Nvidia. I wonder if an open source equivalent can be made.

    • Leonardo says:

      i hope so. i was so excited with the news, i was making plans to play stardew valley and need for speed on it, and now, its just nah, only on nvidia. Its like a very hard punch in the stomach.

    • Dumbahss says:

      KinoConsole is a good alternative that’s not restricted to nvidia. I’d like to see that instead. Negatively, it’s not seemingly open source.

  6. NakedFaerie says:

    Its not working for me. I have the correct files in the right spots. Run it, it loads up steam on the PC then the vita app crashes.

    • Dryon1196 says:

      Same here, did you find a fix ?

      • TheTechDoc says:

        Same here, loads up steam BPM then throws a (C2-12828 ) save core file succeeded error , anyone have any ideas?

        • TheTechDoc says:

          the only idea I had is that it could be my nividia surround setup with 3 monitors…maybe its too much for the vita to handle? are you guys running surround?

  7. TheRealSlimShady says:

    “also only comes with one vpk files”
    File (singular) or files (plural)? :p

  8. Vanessa Lohmann says:

    it would be nice when the developer make a way to start that with the Steam Streaming software Or a Program on PC :/
    i didnt want buy a Nvidia for this fun q.q

  9. MashuuMash says:

    shiiiiiz, and i’ve just updated my 1000 to 3.61
    waiting for a downgrade option, or I will buy another vita just for this

  10. Altus says:

    Now all thats left is to leverage the touchpad and screen for the missing buttons.

  11. Shad0w136 says:

    I almost had this completely set up, but then I realized my Nvidia is too old to be compatible (GeForce GT 335M) 😐

    • Rolenzo says:

      Yeah, same here. It’s not like it’s going away, though. Just wait until you find a used compatible gfx card 😛

  12. PPT says:

    great work xyz! thank you

  13. Reiji Akaba says:

    All according to keikaku

  14. Jefphar says:

    There is a rumor that Playstation Now is coming to PC and Mac according to Hackinformer website. No wonder Sony will develop same technology for streaming PC to PS Vita. Not long ago PC streaming was made by one of the developers before Sony for a price then Sony made their own. Isn’t it obvious that Sony is adapting or getting ideas from Hackers and developing from Hackers original ideas?

  15. rzous says:

    rocket league is complete playable with a good conection and re-mapping the controls

  16. Koku says:

    after spending forever trying to get this working i finally got passed my original issue and now im stuck at a new one.
    i have my vita paired and everything but when i press “O” to start steam i get a bunch of text like GET HTTPS:// IP ADDRESS/ launch.
    then at the botton it says Stream 960×544 60fps 4000kbps but it refuses to launch steam

  17. ihavenick says:

    Need to remap r2 and l2 :/

  18. troll says:

    looked interesting until the nvidia only part…

  19. grm says:

    Dunno if you people are handicapped or just trying to convince yourself the reality is brighter than it really is but the lag on this app is very noticable and makes most games unplayable. Too bad because I was really hyped about moonlight port ever since I’ve heard about native vita hack.