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Guide: How to Get Moonlight working on your Vita

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  1. ShekoMadkor says:


  2. bmlzootown says:

    Are you sure it’s necessary to even activate GameStream? I have yet to login and it works just fine for me:

  3. KingOfpaçoca says:

    I can use Moonlight with Intel Graphics?

  4. craze says:

    They should DEFINITELY add a config file to redefine the controls, because on some games it requires a LT/RT and LB/RB to be present in order to play them properly. It can have a simple fix by letting me rebind the controls to the D-pad, BUT most PC games only allow to rebind keyboard controls and not gamepad controls for whatever reason.

    Please add this feature later on, we need that 60fps first. (If possible)

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      You mean this?


      • craze says:

        I’m failing to understand your point, I’m talking about games like MGSV: TPP, or Fallout 3, Fallout NV.

        In MGSV: TPP you cannot rebind the controls at all for your controller, in Fallout 3, and Fallout NV, you cannot rebind the D-Pad to anything else for whatever reason. So you cannot go through the pip boy properly.

  5. WolfRamiO says:

    all GTX cards since GTX650 support nVidia Stream (note: GTX cards, not ANY nVidia cards)

  6. Handy Fox says:

    I hope rejuvenate is still up and running. I don’t want to risk updating.

  7. DongsMBM says:

    so…the app crashes on me every 20 seconds. i did all the steps and connected to my pc fine. the but vita will go in blackscreen when steam is launched in big picture mode. i could control my pc abit with the vita, until it crashes which lasts about 20 seconds. anyone got ideas on this?

  8. Derf says:

    Someone had asked me in the past, so I might as well ask here; since Moonlight is Java based, could it be run through BD-J on other systems (PS3, PS4, XB1)?

  9. rocket says:

    Why must be geforce experience’s gamestream? No other program works with this? Like the ones support our gpu?

    • Zork says:

      Possilbities because of the fact that geforce is Stream’s perferences and that nvidia made it so you can stream to other devices?

  10. zagvot says:

    Sorry for AMD user 🙁

  11. rocket says:

    got it to work on my 750m but now c2-12828-1 error and connection lost constantly any idea?

  12. poec says:

    didnt work for me, just doesnt open steam nor stream, but it’s paired with nvidia shield

    • rocket says:

      open the port whatever moonlight trying to connect. my steam app started to work after that. and open steam from pc before connecting with moonlight

      • poec says:

        Soooo. finally worked, changed my pc screen resolution to 1280 x 720, opened nvidia geforce experience. started moonlight on vita.

  13. Gambikules says:

    I have Can’t connect to server (null)
    Windows 10

  14. Aranor says:

    No Linux or OSX Support 😀 Stem OS is out for this 😀

  15. G says:

    Ugh. I have to install that piece of *** GeForce Experience? No open source alternatives at all?

  16. Lestat says:

    aucun interet.
    ce n’est pas du hack mais du stream

    • mopi1402 says:

      Je pense que c’est TOI qui n’a pas compris l’intérêt.

      Ca te permet de jouer sur ta PS Vita à des jeux qui n’existent pas sur cette console ou qui ne pourrait pas tourner dessus ! (selon ton ordi, tu peux profiter de sa puissance de calcul pour jouer sur ta PS Vita a des jeux qui nécessiterait la configuration d’une PS4 par exemple).

  17. Reiji Akaba says:

    Thank you. This is working all according to the keikaku as well.

  18. 11770 says:

    i have mine paired but am getting the c2-12828-1 error that you get when henkaku fails to install. will rebooting the vita fix this issue?

    • 11770 says:

      rebooting has not fixed my issue, and i have disabled the avast firewall and dont use windows firewall but still not working?

      • REDcharry says:

        Do you have rin cheat installed? I had the same issue, I uninstalled the plugin and it worked perfectly.

  19. Scoosie says:

    i had the same error message c2-12828-1.
    did you upload ‘settings.txt’ to ux0:data/moonlight

    that fixed it for me.

    • 11770 says:

      ah, i was following the old guide which is for alpha 1, which doesn’t use such a file, it at least isn’t crashing now. But it isn’t doing anything else other than displaying the info i typed into the settings txt

      • 11770 says:

        just crashing with no ability to control it now, i suppose its my internet connection now lol

  20. DrFunkenstein2k says:

    IT WORKS! 😉

  21. TheTechDoc says:

    Im having a weird issue, I get the pairing code but after I input it on the pc and click go, it brings a couple of http lines up on the vita, but then nothing… when I exit and go back in, I click circle to launch steam and it makes a connection, displays my settings etc, but doesnt launch steam or do anything on my pc…any ideas?

  22. giggik says:

    works only with direct x builded games

  23. KillerTuxedo says:

    Seems to work at first… it pairs, opens steam on my PC and Vita, and then as soon as I press any input, it crashes on the VIta. Super bizarre. Anyone know how to fix this?

  24. Saawal Khan says:

    I haev sucsecully paired it but now when i click o to launch steam, it says an error has occured… (C2-12828-1) please help!!#

  25. djcoolsingh says:

    I can’t get mine to pair with Nvidia Shield. I pressed X, entered the code displayed on my Vita into the prompt that appears on the PC, and wait while Moonlight does its thing. It displays a few lines of code, and after waiting for quite some time, it gave me the following message: “Error pairing: 0xffffffff Pairing failed”. How do I resolve this problem?

    • djcoolsingh says:

      Never mind I finally got it to work. All I did was press the PS button, swiped the Moonlight page down, re-entered Moonlight and retried the pairing procedure. Somehow it finally worked.

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  27. kratoz29 says:

    I’ve a Nvidia GT 750m can I do this tutorial?

  28. dave says:

    I enter IP address, then press enter. moonlight exits and i am unable to connect. running the latest version. any ideas ????

  29. ErayA says:

    My Internet Provider offers me no IPv4, i only have IPv6 would it still work?

  30. kneecap says:

    This worked beautifully, thank you so much!

    Some points of clarification for those who might need it (because I wasn’t entirely certain myself):
    For installing Moonlight onto my Vita, I dumped the .vpk (found on github) in ux0/data/ as well and installed from there.
    For server.txt, I just put the IP address XXX.XXX.X.X in the file
    When opening Moonlight, I got prompted with a “Connect to…” and reconfirmed my PC’s IP address. There wasn’t any apparent “loading” dialogue but eventually I got prompted with the PIN.

    I feel incredibly enabled to game shamelessly while lying around. Bless all that worked on this.