Stream games from your PC to your PS Vita – Moonlight Vita released (Proof of Concept release)

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  1. Maike says:

    Can be possible play Pokemon Uranium?

  2. Muzzle says:

    Is there a brew to do this the other way around?
    Streaming your Vita screen to your pc?

    • Yamagushi says:

      The vita doesn’t have the hardware needed for such. It would require using the same processor as the game which would lead to the game running poorly.

  3. soliel says:

    does it only stream steam games? or can it stream my regular pc games? thanks for anyone who answers 🙂

  4. Didier says:

    HENKAKU may be serve to enable PS Vita 3g?

    • Didier says:

      edit my question, there will be people working on some software to use any sim card in a psvita 3g at&t? Thanks

  5. KOku says:

    im having an issue trying to run this.
    its still giving me the error to put my IP address in app/moonlight/server.txt when it is in that location.
    maybe im missing something. i have a 970

  6. Niceneasy92 says:

    So…. what’s the other thing that’s been on your mind?

  7. muzz says:

    It’d be a stick in Sony’s eye if you were remotely streaming the PS4 flavor of Remote Play to your outdated Vita.

  8. Jefphar says:

    Is it possibe to stream Android Games from your Phone to your PS Vita with this?

  9. scythe says:

    Omg ive wanted this since i bought my vita.
    Little excited

  10. Altus says:

    Yesss! ive been asking for this for about 2 years.

  11. Debo says:

    now u should be able to do what every1 has been asking…. psp iso thru ppsspp……

  12. Hardin says:

    I assume one needs an nVidia GPU to run this since apparently it works through its “GeForce Experience”?

  13. AnB says:

    Just got Cemu running with this and there is something rather satisfying about playing MK8 on my Vita.

  14. Cameron says:

    Is there any intention to make it able to directly connect to the PC without having to connect to the router?

    • Tony says:

      You mean via bluetooth? i don’t think it’s possible.

      • Cameron says:

        Any way possible, just direct connection

        • Tony says:

          So you expect it to perform magic next? it’s not like the vita has an ethernet port or anything so anyone in their right mind would know something like that isn’t even feasible plus who wouldn’t even own a router anyway? the fact that you’re asking that tells me you don’t even meet the requirements to use nvidia shield you need to be running a gtx 600 series or later for it to work.

          • gamr13 says:

            Something tells me you’re missing out that the Vita has USB. So, much like the PSP could, someone could try working on a way to stream to it via USB.

          • Tony says:

            But what’s the point of a USB connection if you’re just gonna be sitting right in front of the computer anyway? in that case you’re better off just using the PS vita as a controller instead.

          • bob says:

            If you have a wireless card in your PC you can create a hotspot and connect the vitA directly to that. Thus negating the router. Much faster as it is direct connection so no other traffic to interfere 🙂

          • Tony says:

            Not all wireless cards are supported but yeah that would pretty much be the closest you would get to a direct connection.

          • Me says:

            The Vita doesn’t have an Ethernet port, but you know what does? The Vita TV!
            You know where a Vita TV is likely to be inside a household? In a different room to where the pc is! Possibly connected to the biggest TV in the household too!
            You know how much a decent secondary Lan card costs (presuming your PC doesn’t already have more than one to begin with)? Peanuts!
            Can you see where this is going and why being able to connect directly to the pc would be a huge benefit? Especially through something like an ethernet cable or Wi Fi direct?

          • Tony says:

            Yeah but that is up to someone else to sort out as xyz is too busy to keep working on it but i agree that a PSTV would definitely benefit greatly.

        • Ivan Quiles says:

          Create an adhoc network from your pc that way you can bypass using a router

  15. Reinhardt says:

    I hate to be pessimistic, but no one is ever going to take up this homebrew. The vita scene is severely lacking in willing hackers and developers, it stands as the antithesis of the overly saturated 3DS scene.

    Also nice article Wololo. You never fail to entertain me with them.

  16. LoverAli says:

    does it use internet connection or it just needs the router?!
    ’cause my internet is limited…!

  17. Reinhardt says:

    Why do you censor my comments, even when they aren’t about piracy, wololo? I’ve been reading your blog for four years, and I read it regularly and recognize that you can do whatever you want in regards to moderation, but what gives?

  18. Martin says:

    Thanks! This was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw henkaku. Awesome!

  19. tym2liv3 says:

    I am really pleased about this being made a big thank you to xyz.

  20. Gambikules says:

    Before you launch the bubble, create ux0:data/moonlight/server.txt using FTP and type in your server IP address (e.g.

    type IP adress of my PC in server.txt? or IP of vita in FTP?

  21. 0bthrice says:

    hope it continues to be supported, so much potential, cant wait to try it out

  22. lincruste says:

    “there are only two things that have been on my mind”
    The other one beeing… ?

  23. Striker says:

    It does nothing after it shows “Stream 1280 x 720 , 30 fps , 2000 kbps”

  24. Vanessa Lohmann says:

    you need an Nvidia GPU for this :/

  25. Alexander says:

    Can’t connect to server (null) Whyyyyyy?

  26. DongsMBM says:

    app crashes every 20 seconds. there’s only a black screen on my vita, but for the 20 seconds before crashing, I could use it to control the steam big picture mode on my monitor, but nothing shows up on the vita. then, it crashes :s

  27. rocket says:

    pls add guide for this. do u need a nvidia card supports gamestream for this? i have 750m sli and says doesnt support even requirement is 700m and above.

  28. coldhell says:

    “make sure you have a very good 3G connection”
    I’m not really sure if it will work, since I don’t use the hack to test it on my own, but usually connecting my Vita to my phone’s WiFi hotspot powered by 4G connection gives me much faster connection and the latency is pretty much the same. IDK what is wrong with Vita, but both the 3G and the WiFi have quite low speed (cheap hw or security bottleneck?) and Vita’s 3G is just a joke. +50$ on day 1 for nothing.

  29. Maike says:

    Can I use a Nvidia 550ti with it?

  30. Q13E5 says:

    i keep getting error 1 handshake errors when i select a game to stream on my vita after pairing.
    i’m useing a gtx980 api v7

  31. Nico says:

    does anyone know if there is that kind of software for amd graphiccards? 😀 xD

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