HENkaku offline support is incoming (Video)


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  1. Saya says:

    First? Please

  2. Tohno says:


  3. StepS says:

    According to xyz on the IRC, this will be installable as a .vpk after installing for the first time. It indeed triggers javascript in an html email. The .vpk will add an account to the email application that already has the email in its inbox. He also says that you can’t make this mail work by just sending it to someone’s vita as it relies on some data from the filesystem that the .vpk installs. That’s what we know for now.

    • Koku says:

      If that’s true, then that is a very cool way to handle the process.
      Stuff like this makes me want to go back to school and learn how to handle stuff like this

  4. crait says:

    This is great! 😀 Can’t wait to play around with it!

  5. Narko says:

    CFW 3, 2, 1 … september 9

  6. Alvion says:

    can the same hack be install in the PS3 4.80 like they did on the ps4?

    • hans says:

      i wish but nobody cares about the PS3. Even if its possible no one will port it

    • Seth says:

      Probably not because the ps4 and vita are more closely “related” than the vita is to the ps3. Also I’m pretty sure a newer method isn’t being developed for it since it’s easy enough to do already. (E3 Falsher)

      • eldosmiljoven says:

        Yeah, so easy that you only have to solder that *** and risk damaging your hardware and internal memory in the process LOL.

        All those hardware mods are useless expensive risky *** just for enabling homebrew. Cobra sucks donkey ***, nothing worse that hackers and pirates trying to make a profit from other pirates. *** that *** really, along with anyone else that comes with a new dongle.

  7. Predator0808 says:

    Great! Now when I’ll be during the travel, I could use my homebrews without being afraid of battery discharging or turning off Vita. Another great achievement of team Molecule! Excellent work guys! 🙂

  8. Rolenzo says:

    I’m really impressed with the nightlies of retroarch.

    SNES9x – The only game that isn’t quite right is ff6 (the speed is fine but the sound modulation is f*@#ed and it is very noticeable. But star ocean, tales of phantasia, super mario rpg, work perfectly.

    Unfortunately, the .srm internal saves aren’t working yet so make sure you save with the emulator before you quit!

  9. ModChipGuy says:

    this scene is getting better everyday I check in!

  10. Dont praise me, praise the sun says:

    So… Should we update now to 3.61 in order to get the stability that our PSVita systems need?

  11. bigJOHN says:

    How about some Sony “Vita support” ?
    Could we get some of that ??

  12. solidsnake says:

    Finally that stupid email app is going to be useful…he he

  13. Alice715 says:

    Wait, does this mean it will work on 3.61 as well or the exploit is still dependent on the main webkit from the web browser?

    • StepS says:

      The email app uses the same WebKit as the browser, so no, it won’t work on 3.61.

    • zzzz says:

      Also from the context of it, henkaku is required to install this “offline standalone henkaku” as the installer will come in “.vpk” format.
      i.e. vita needs to connect to internet at least once to activate henkaku. (or any other local way to activate henkaku)

    • hans says:

      no its just another way to trigger the exploit. The native exploit is the same

  14. Soul says:

    Read people READ: “Of course this is strictly for people running a PS Vita 3.60, and will not be of help to the poor souls who upgraded to PS Vita firmware 3.61.”

  15. Azlanhtc says:

    i wonder why Sony still waste their resources to focus on Vita security.. Does this happen to PSP too nowadays?

    Anyway great work u guys~ Finally my Vita rock!

  16. Seth says:

    Yo what happened to the comment asking about Sony regarding ther position on supporting the PSP still. I wanted to remind them that Sony pushed an update for that almost a decade or something after the previous one was released to patch i think it was davees infinity thing or something. Idk that was over a year ago.

  17. Fourst says:


  18. Hey Wololo, you mispelled “Follow” in the homepage (follolow). Unless this is meant to be like that ,lol.

  19. Seth says:

    I wonder how long it will be until this has cfw similar to the ps3 then a psninja and psnpatch like port

    • N says:

      Keep dreaming. That’s a long way away. User mode exploit does not mean kernel exploit follows.

      • hans says:

        Henkaku is kernel but kernel is not kernel. Its not like if you have kernel you can do everything. The Ps Vita have so much security checks that its a real pain to locolice and patch it without any kind of debugger. Same thing on PS4. You have full kernel access on 1.76 but you can do not very much with it NOW. It need much more time to get things working.

      • BlackBrain says:

        Well, seems like it’s already a kernel exploit : http://wololo.net/2016/08/07/henkaku-steps-exploit-reverse-engineered/

        “This seems to confirm, for those who still doubted it, that HENkaku indeed ships with a Kernel exploit. The Kernel vulnerability apparently lies in some APIs of the Vita’s Network library (SceNet).”

      • Scribbler says:

        Henkaku uses a kernel exploit.

  20. Dbzgts says:

    I think sony patch the henkaku because they afraid we can mess around with the trophy. So they relaese new update to prevent that happen

  21. ivo2376 says:

    what about henkaku.offline that has vitablocker360-offline?

  22. Rikku says:

    Yeah it easy, I manage it too, just create an email with html format, and embed the payload.js and it’s done
    put manually in /temp/ is do the work

  23. BlackBrain says:

    Offline Installer released 🙂 https://twitter.com/yifanlu

  24. Erich says:

    Just like in Jason Bourne, they “hacked it with SQL”.

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