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HENkaku-webserver ported to Node.js, now supports Linux/OSX servers (Host HENkaku locally, launch without internet access)


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8 Responses

  1. jogdan says:

    No me funciona :c

  2. Wololo is happier than a pig in schitte for this news.

  3. Franky says:

    Isn’t wanting people to use their servers for the payload kinda pro DRM?

  4. Greenwater says:

    The challenge is great news for the Vita. Leads to bigger better things. But could a hacked Vita be used to jailbreak a ps3?

  5. lollypop says:

    on ubuntu :
    1) sudo apt-get install npm nodejs
    2) git clone https://github.com/dj-hedgehog/henkaku-local.git
    … not cd to dir … but stay one folder down where u are and type
    3) npm install henkaku-local
    4) nodejs henkaku-local greets u with serverip and port to use

    for win

    1) install nodejs
    2) git clone https://github.com/dj-hedgehog/henkaku-local.git (msys2 or pacman clone)
    3) dont cd to dir but stay where u did thez checkout in msys if npm to path or in npm cmd
    type npm install henkakau-local
    4) npm run henkakau-local or nodejs henkaku-local or henakkau-local depends on path

    5) Profit.

    cheers XD

    where is that psp2link Now ? lol

  6. zvita says:

    This is great! got it up and working in freebsd 10 as well with packaged node and npm. Thanks.

  7. Alexey says:

    Would be good to open it somehow as a file://.. in vita browser.
    Or as an attachment from e-mail??

  8. gaaara says:

    on android is possible to use nodejs ??