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Release: memcardswap. Swap Vita memory cards without having to format


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46 Responses

  1. SERAS says:


    • Crazy trilingual says:

      Translation (Traduccion):
      WOLOLO could you or anyone else please help? I have an error on my 32GB memory card (C4-10278-8).

      Asi es mas facil que te ayuden.

      • Ali says:

        Did u got any solution for C4-10278-8 error because I am facing the same problem with my 32gb card

    • nope says:

      Well Durka Durka Durka to you too

    • Tail870 says:

      When this error occurs?
      If it occurs on trying to write some stuff (random one – media, games, saves, etc.) – memory card damaged. If formatting doesn’t help – damage is physical.

      According to data on Internet and my own experience – better to get a new one.
      I had a 64 GB but because of damage I was able to use only 16 GB of it.

  2. go says:

    I got excited for a minute thinking this would let me move the contents of my 4gb to a larger card 🙁

  3. TAK says:

    Doesnt this allow you to download dlc from other regions then?

    • hans says:

      yes the problem is you will have no licens to play it on other acc’s
      and you can already istall DLC’s with PKG installer but its useless because DRM protection

  4. Crazy trilingual follower says:

    No puedes copier las carpetas por ftp a el ordenador y despues mover las de vuelta a la tarjeta mas grande?

    Kan du ikke bare flytte mappa gjennom ftp til pcn og etter flytte de tilbake til det større kortet?

    Can’t you just move the folders through ftp to your computer and then move them back to the bigger card?

    • MyLegGuy says:

      I don’t think that’s what this tool is for. I think this is for people who want to use the same memory card on multiple accounts.

  5. Crazy trilingual follower says:

    oops copiar*

  6. mattsouce says:

    great job going an try it out

  7. Shikhar says:

    YES YES YES ! FIRST ! Now I can finally download my asian dlc as well as play all my us psn account games. Long live the Henkaku hackers. Bow bow bow 🙂

    • Shikhar says:


    • Protomanez says:

      Do not do this unless you want to lose all your data on your American account. The licenses still exist so it will show you are trying to use another accounts’ data.

    • hans says:

      You dident get it….
      “Of course, this does not magically transfer the licenses! If you have a game owned by User1, and try to run it from User2’s account after swapping the card to user2, this will not work”
      DLC’s are DRM protected…

  8. Protomanez says:

    This does not mean you can use any other accounts content with another accounts’ you do not have the licenses for it. Until someone finds a way to bypass license checks, you will be greeted with the message to format your sd card and you will be forced to format as you will not be able to load your sd card.

  9. Kok3995 says:

    So I can switch to my JP account and download all those sweet a** demo without having to format the card?

  10. andoryuu3 says:

    This is good. But one big question: Can we swap to a memory card on higher FW?

    (At the time of posting, no newer FW exists. However, it is inevitable that current HENkaku compatible FW will be patched by Sony with a new update.)

  11. truesord24 says:

    Is it really required when all you need to do is delete ” id.dat ” using modularShell? How is that difficult?

    A much more useful app would be allowing users to switch PSN account without formatting the Vita. The formatting process get tedious after doing it so many times -_-

    • andoryuu3 says:

      “I’d prefer a hand crank to a push-button.”

      That’s how I interpret your comment, at the very least. That, and maybe a slight desire to prove to the internet that you know how to do things.

      To each their own I guess. But obviously SMOKE finds it useful. Otherwise I sincerely doubt he would bother releasing anything.

    • BenoitRen says:

      Holy ***, you’re right. Got excited for nothing. I thought this would let me switch accounts without formatting my PS Vita. Not only is it tedious, but I can’t do it because I’d lose my PS Mobile licenses.

  12. Angerl says:

    could use this to use my 3.18 mem card to my 3.60 ps vita?

  13. Zeke says:

    Good question about moving between firmware versions. Can you have two Vitas on the same account but with different firmware and swap between them this way? If so, super useful.

  14. Beren says:

    But isnt useless?
    You change account to avoid ban, but then you launch app system save it and you will get main account ban anyway

  15. Winter says:

    how to switch account without restoring PS Vita?

  16. DJPlace says:

    could there be a way for this to work?

    Of course, this does not magically transfer the licenses! If you have a game owned by User1, and try to run it from User2’s account after swapping the card to user2, this will not work. Except for unsigned stuff such as homebrew, of course

    sony’s a bunch of *** ***** cause i cheated on a cross play game and i don’t have a PS3 anymore… so those idiot’s banned me from playing on there vita severs even through the vita i did not cheat on.

  17. GodLIkeC says:

    tried this method to get pso2 sadly didnt work but with this method https://gbatemp.net/threads/v3-6-how-to-swap-ps-vita-memory-card-of-different-psn-accounts-without-formatting-using-henkaku.436414/
    i can easily switch between my jp account and my U.S account to play pso2 on my vita i have if someone could make a bubble now that allow u to switch between those 2 accounts that would be nice it woulld be similar to the memcardswap buble except it switches the system.dreg .ireg and act that dat for your accounts. You obviously would have to get those yourself however

    • truesord24 says:

      Yes, I agree. A homebrew app that automate those file transferring process would be great!

  18. Zebastyan says:

    Hm, does this mean I can have one ps vita and 2 mem cards with different accounts? As in, use 1 mem card for one account and another memcard with a different account. Please respond asap.

    • GodLikeC says:

      The answer is no as u would need to reformat the ps vita itself to change account wat memcardswap allow u to do is use one memory for 2 vitas or tv’s with different accounts for example vita one have jap account while vita 2 have N.A account memcard swap allow you to use your card on both system and have games from NA and japan on 1 card by removing the id.dat you can insert it into a ps vita without having to reformat the card. However while card is on your Japanese ps vita u wont be able to open any games that were downloaded on your NA ps vita hopefully this makes sense. But there is a way that allow u to switch accounts on your vita without formating here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/v3-6-how-to-swap-ps-vita-memory-card-of-different-psn-accounts-without-formatting-using-henkaku.436414/

      • Zebastyan says:

        Thanks for the quick answer! Quick other question, if I were to use a different account on the one memcard and that account got lets say, banned for homebrew usage, the other account and other stuff is completely safe, right? I would prefer to have both cards but just in case something were to happen, I would like to know beforehand, thanks!

        • GodLikeC says:

          Yeah if u only use one account for homebrew the other should be safe but there is a way to disguise your homebrew and stuff in the forums

          • Zebastyan says:

            I just want to be 100% safe from bans on my main account since it has a LOT of stuff that I would really hate to lose, so i’ll be sticking to using another account for homebrew and emulating so, yeah and thanks a lot for the quick replies, you guys are awesome!

  19. Sonic Away says:

    I really don’t get the point, when you still can’t play games owned by another account.

    Can anyone give an example on how this would be useful?

  20. pejman says:

    hello all
    sorry ,im eng not good
    i can the change my memory ps vita (4gb )to new memory exap 32gb (not used & active acount)?
    im vita on 3.60 and run psp by adrnaline

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