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Persona 4 undubbed: PS Vita mod lets you play Persona 4 Golden with Japanese audio (HENkaku)


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37 Responses

  1. CPUzX says:

    This is why PS Vita Savedata decryption is more awesome than piracy, (personally)

  2. untoldzero says:

    ok that’s REALLY *** GOOD.
    Can’t wait to have maybe a fan-engsub of tales of innocence R *_*

  3. Blue says:

    As a fan of Atlus games, WHOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Now do Persona Dancin’ All Night!

  4. LetGalaxy says:

    That is awesome, I just bought P4G last week and was sad to see it was dubbed. This release come at the exact right time!

    • BenoitRen says:

      Atlus releases are pretty much always dubbed. You didn’t know? It’s an exception when the Japanese voices are used.

    • Moaz Nasr says:

      Atlus games are always better dubbed anyway. Persona, Catherine, all those games sound 10x better in English, it’s perfect.

      • Dude says:

        I´m playing P4G right now and its my first Persona Game, so I cant say anything about the others.. and I don´t now how the Japanese dub is.. but the English dub is just abysmal! Especially when Chie is talking, I cant help but turn the volume down to save my ears from bleeding. She sounds like Stans sister from Southpark..

        People have different tastes, but I wish they just had included the Japanese Audio as an option. I cant really imagine its any worse than the English one.. apart from that, the game seems great.

  5. Charlie says:

    Maybe this way we can have some translations in place, for example “Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana” 😀

  6. Rolenzo says:

    Excellent. Although the JP persona VAs are too loud and screamy to me. My poor ears cant take all that high pitched screaming anymore like when I was young 🙁

  7. Zebastyan says:

    Now to do it with all the other ported games! Like God Eater Resurrection, I would say Soul Sacrifice but it already has the japanese dub, for 10$ at least

  8. Rinkawa says:

    Trails of Cold Steel undub PLEAASSSSSE~!!

  9. Thedarkone says:

    Why the heck would I want to remove the English dub and not just buy the Japanese version. I’m trying to make sure we even get english dubs which seems to be a dying thing…

    • Miguel Perez says:

      Because they ruin the game

      • BenoitRen says:

        They only ruin the game for people who have concinved themselves that English dubbing always sucks and Japanese voice actors are god(desse)s.

        • Miguel Perez says:

          Why play a game in way that wasn’t intended to be, this game is set in japan, the game itself was written in japanese and original voice actors are japanese so why ruin the experience by US quirks. Learn to read subtitles.

        • Sam says:

          Or people that dont have English like motherlanguage and dont understand it anyway.

    • Hamlock says:

      Some people hate english dubs for some reason. I’d hate to call them weeaboos, but when a company provides an english dub for a game you might as well appreciate it, especially since the P4’s dub is pretty.

      • BenoitRen says:

        They pretty much are weeaboos. Most of them revere Japanese voice actors. Of course, they don’t know Japanese, so they can’t even tell when a Japanese dub is bad!

        • Blue says:

          I don’t know why you think you need to understand a language in order to tell if a dub is good or not. Studies have shown much of communication is done non-verbally, including through things like the tone of voice, etc. Babies and animals don’t need to understand what you said, but if you yell it at them, they will be convinced you are angry.

          That being said, I DO understand Japanese. So if I were to tell you that Japanese VAs are superior on average, does that mean I am correct? Not necessarily, but I do have a personal theory as to why.

          In Japan, anime (and by extension) voice acting is SERIOUS business. They go to schools and everything for it. In the US, cartoons are still mostly geared towards kids and the level of the voice actors reflects it. The only times you would see quality voice acting is when ACTUAL actors did it (think Disney movies), or when the show is geared towards adults (think Family Guy) so the actors are less acting and more being themselves with a cartoon face.

          That being said, I think most people could agree that US dubs have come a long way since the days of Xenogears. And as the group of voice actors frequently used grows, they’re becoming more experienced and better at it. (That being said, it also helps that games are becoming more realistic with facial expressions. And sometimes, game producers even make the effort to redo lip motions for characters. That helps a lot too, instead of US dubs being forced to write scripts that match the motions.)

      • Jorge says:

        Atlus dubs are ***!

    • TheInfidelBear says:

      Because I found japanese voice in japanese games more immersive :/
      I don’t hate english dubs, I don’t like overwatch/skyrim/and other english voiced games japenese dubs like I hate japanese games with english dubs I found that not immersive
      I don’t care if anyone called me weeaboos even I don’t even watch anime 😛

  10. Zeroba says:

    I can see the appreciation of this, but I honestly don’t get all the hate on the English dub. I thought it was one of the better English dubs since FMA. Yes, it has its cringe moments, but that’s high school kids for you…
    Both styles are fine. Don’t *** on one or the other.

  11. James says:

    will this work on an asian english version? i read the whole wiki and there’s only guides for the us and eu versions.

  12. Dimon says:

    Is it possible (at least in theory) to mod a game on a card? I have jap version of Hatsune Miku project diva f (a physical copy), and it would be nice to have a translation.

  13. Zeke says:

    What I quite like is I read about these efforts on the Wololo and GBAtemp forums and then within a day or two they’re blogged about here. Never thought I’d see the day where about 18 of the last 20 blog news entries are about the Vita. Keeps the interest in HENkaku – and by extension the Vita homebrew scene – as high as possible.

  14. Tony says:

    Not that i dislike the english dub or anything but i really appreciate this tutorial i just tried it out myself and it worked perfectly, thanks so much! also thanks to wololo too for posting a blog about it, i hope we see more similar mods/undubs in the future.

  15. meysam25 says:

    i was able to remove 500 mb extra movie from this game and know i have more free space in my vita tanx to you guys

  16. VitaFansMatter says:

    Now for Dragon’s Crown~~~~

  17. Mabdia says:

    Is it possible do that with a digital copy of the game or just with game cartridge? Finaly i will finish the game. The funny part is that i would love to pay for a DLC with original VA. And damn i just hate DLCs.