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HENkaku-webserver updated (host HENkaku locally on your own server)


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24 Responses

  1. dbzgts says:

    good news

  2. Robert says:

    Great exelent

  3. Franky says:

    Is it illegal for you to link the required programs to run the server? I can’t figure out where to download IIS + asp.net 4.0, because I’ve never used these programs before and going onto the website I think hosts them just has a large list of programs I know nothing about. I’m also not sure if the thing I downloaded and installed is IIS + asp.net 4.0 or not.

    I have little to no real experience with networking and networking software.

  4. lol says:

    lol, nothing changed. Usage.odt still bad screenshots, half descriptions and on windows 10 it is too hard for most to follow the instructions.
    Like user IIS AppPool, a lot of people can not even find the user. 😛

  5. 5ham5h33r says:

    Still damn difficult for me to set up on my win10 After an hour of finally figuring out how to enable IIS I still wasn’t able to set it up’

  6. Dan says:

    I failed aswell, managed to kinda set it up , but all it does on vita is browse to the henkaku folder on my pc.

  7. Franky says:

    Based off fellow commenters, this still seems like it’s for advanced or experienced users only. Could someone make a “explain it to me like I’m 2 years old” guide, please?

  8. Trunk208 says:

    Be great if someone made a video on how to do this. Since I don’t understand webserver setup and such

  9. f4 says:

    Windows 10 sucks. I can’t wait for the inevitable HENdroid.

  10. BlaBa says:

    Would it be possible to port this to a node mcu (a really cheap wifi-enabled arduino compatible board)?
    This would make it potrable ;P

  11. Megasxlr01 says:

    I have everything setup, I was getting an authentication error but i got it fix, now i get a white page, i tried to update the payload by deleting it but it does not load a new payload

  12. edmike says:

    its still difficult please make a step by step tutorial please thankyou very much

  13. Josh says:

    What about .NET Core?

  14. Vegito says:

    How is this easy? And whats more we don’t even know how this will affect our internet it self. I think reinstalling the hack through vita is much easier for now. I’m gonna wait for a permanent patch when ever they release.

  15. Beren says:

    Hi. I have account with many games but i Want to use Henkaku.
    It is possible to create a new account but save ability to play my old games?

  16. Scoosie says:

    @Megasxlr01: if 4 files are not in Henkaku folder, make sure fiddler is running now with rule enabled.
    Now start molecularShell on your vita and choose install.
    After you press OK, fiddler should redirect go.henkaku.xyz/x?…. to your IP
    4 news files should be in folder now.

    After this, it is possible to use your own IP-address in vita browser with fiddler and rule still on.
    It should now use the 4 files in Henkaku folder.

    I hope it helps a little.

  17. Rainman671 says:

    Will asp.net 4.0 work on Windows 8?

  18. DronicX says:

    The browser crashes after I click OK in the “Welcome to HENkaku” alert. I think it has something to dowith WIndows 10 not letting me add ASP .NET v4 in IIS. It only lets me use v4.5

  19. Hating4am says:

    The instructions are sort of clear and you do only need rudimentary knowledge of Windows and web hosting but this is still nowhere even remotely close to user friendly. The first article about hosting a local version of the exploit was interesting but difficult. This article is no different tbh, still difficult. When some all encompassing executable is released, or at least an automated .bat file, then announce that. That is news worthy.

  20. MrDude says:

    Thanks, I have installed this on a raspberry Pi 2 and it’s working fine. it first I couldn’t get the molecule bubble to install – but when I moved the pkg folder to the root folder of the website it worked fine.