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Release: Bubble Studio (app.db user friendly editor directly in your browser)


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27 Responses

  1. Luis says:

    TN-V Bubble??

  2. john says:

    will this work on 3.01 ?

  3. Ronaldbobo says:

    Can you change official vita apps/games bubbles? If so that would be great

  4. ROD says:

    Awesome work. I did spread the word, people are digging this.
    The only thing it needs to cover is the “live” wallpapers (like the original from sony with the moving wave).
    As a matter of fact, has any other theme maker managed to make a live wallpaper for the PS Vita? I wonder if this is achievable.

  5. Geoff says:

    Can we resize bubbles with this hack? Or resize grid like 5×4 proportions, to have 20 bubbles at one screen, that would be nice 🙂

  6. sn37ip says:

    Good thing I decided not to make bubbles with the old method yesterday. Waking up to these news is awesome!!
    Thank You Sevenanths!

  7. elscrocho says:

    I unable to copy files from my vita, any suggestions?

  8. ccfd says:

    Are you sure work to 3.60? Im trying and not work this… Why?

  9. Lucidio says:

    Very bad post! The readers comes here TO READ not to look at images that doesnt says so much.

  10. Jagunço says:

    How to dowload the processed app.db?
    I am using 3.6 with molecular shell

  11. TheThat says:

    I’m on firmware 3.61, will this work for me?

  12. TheRealSlimShady says:

    Release piracy man, but put on a time limitation like downloaded (pirated) games would only work for 1 hour max then you have to buy the game or delete it permanently

  13. Hei Wiper says:

    Great Work !! thank you !! :DD

  14. IO says:

    When stumbled upon this article I thought you can now edit directly via the Vita’s browser. Still a good tool though.

  15. Jojohnon says:

    Bubble studio has been down for a couple of days. It might be gone.

  16. Ethan Weegee says:

    I tried this but it caused my Vita to tell me that a system error has occurred and boot into safe mode when I clicked an icon. Good thing I backed up my DB. Do I need to do anything else to get this working? (And not crashing?)

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      Nevermind, I wasn’t using the savegame. But after this, the livearea of the app is blank (But the icon isn’t) and it screws up other icons, even the videos icon!

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