Release: molecularShell mod by Smoke. Access to all partitions. More to come?


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  1. Adam says:

    if the Game Cards are worthless unless encrypted, it would be interesting to see if there is a way to encrypt them again after they are dumped and then users could do like the Wii U where they extract the file, use a Title Key to copy it over to the real hardware. So if you ripped your own game (or borrowed one….or downloaded one…), got a title key then copied it to your personal devices memory card, allow you to play the game. However, would the Vita piracy scene even be that big? I doubt it b/c you will still have to buy those insanely overpriced memory cards….i’m shocked no one has made some sort of mod to use MicroSD cards on the Vita. I know the PSP had a MicroSD Memory Stick adapter, but they were a lot bigger. I wouldn’t mind using an adapter with a cable that came out the bottom of the Vita and you put a MicroSD card into it. Or maybe even make a modified Vita cartridge where you can put a MicroSD card into it like with the 3DS

    • Uziel says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking theoretically speaking it can be done because of that example the DS hacks had a flash xard, PSP had magic memory sticks, I wouldn’t doubt rather I’d say it’s a matter of time because it may be done if someone could takes interest in it to develop a Vita game card we adapter.

    • Zeke says:

      My best guess would be a two part adapter taking the form of a game cart sized adapter with a microSD slot and a read-only Vita memory card with an exploit. You put both parts in and the fake Vita memory card just acts as a redirect to the microSD card which is partitioned etc exactly like a Vita memory card itself.

      Total uneducated case but knowing how annoying the Vita security level is, wouldn’t be surprised. Still way better than the Blackfin…

  2. 11770 says:

    so is ud0 where a custom firmware would go if there was one? XD

  3. Franky says:

    I made a useless to me backup of my only Vita game; Tearaway! I wonder if save data is drag and drop or is it encrypted too?

  4. TheRealSlimShady says:

    Man this *** progressing super fast!
    i can’t wait for a kernel exploit, so I can test the lousy games, which i shouldn’t have bought (ex: call of duty), before actually buying it, and then buy the original ones like i want to test kill zone mercenary, which i hope it doesn’t turn out like call of duty (again which sucked ***) 🙁

    Release piracy man, but put on a time limitation like downloaded (pirated) games would only work for 1 hour max then you have to buy the game or delete it permanently 😀

  5. gost says:

    Can’t override eboot.bin…

    • Trunk208 says:

      If you download the file and read the readme.txt
      “Install & launch FTPVita (you can’t use FTP built into molecularShell for this)”

      you need “FTPVita” to launch on your vita in order for this to work.
      Not FTP in molecularshell

      • Trunk208 says:

        Basically as said if you read this part of this article “Note to anyone you can enable full read and write access by simply editing the files.c in the source code of MolecularShell (VitaShell fork) and then compile to have full access. And carts can be dumped for cart sharing by simply opening PC FTP client then downloading gro0:/ directory but you will have to manually input the location into FTP client as it is not enabled in this build but again can be added by simply editing the files.c then compiling it. Or by using this URL in FTP client to access without modifying the code.”

        And at the end of the sentence ” Or by using this URL in FTP client to access without modifying the code.”
        You dont rly need the mod since you can just access it even though the folder are hidden when FTP. Just type the url as shown in the highlight area in the filezilla picture. example – /gro0: , /tm0: , /pd0: etc so on

  6. EarthwormJim says:

    Thanks for this article Wololo , I think that they just don’t want to see ” HELP ME I’VE BRICKED MY VITA , PLEASSSSSE ! ”
    Btw , I want to thank all people who made this possible, it’s really cool to see more progress on my favourite device, and @Smoke nice job man , do yo think that this could lead to a real vita cfw or something like this on the futur ?

    • Seth says:

      Obviously I’m not Smoke lol however i personally think that this absolutely has very much potential to turn things around for the vita. A full-fledged cfw is relatively still far away probably but this exploit probably is gonna make it a lot easier.

  7. Sohel says:

    molecularShell run on 3.50 ?

    • APRON-MAN says:

      nope only 3.60 just update not really any reason to stay on a lower firmware anymore except psp isos but that will probably happen sometime soon

  8. asdf says:

    could this lead to cfw and downgrading?

  9. しら says:

    I can’t replace this file
    In molecularShell, it cannot be copied and pasted.

    • Trunk208 says:

      if u use molecularShell to ftp it doesnt work. You got to use FTPVita to get the mod.


      You dont rly need the mod since you can just access it even though the folder are hidden when FTP. Just type the url as shown in the highlight area in the filezilla picture. example – /gro0: , /tm0: , /pd0: etc so on

    • CymraegAce says:

      Your trying to replace an actively running file.. 😉

  10. the bigkuhuna says:

    were is /save0:

  11. ThatGuy says:

    Can we get custom firmware by downloading a update to a vita. Then copying a custom update to the ud0 partition. And then rebooting into that partition?

  12. slashmegaman says:

    link is down…

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