Mr Gas showcases decrypted vita game savedata on Vita 3.60


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30 Responses

  1. Maybe the playtime is a hint at a release date. I’ll keep a ear out for September 25th.

  2. Franky says:

    Way to go mrgas!

  3. TheRealSlimShady says:

    mr. gas you sure are throwing the best smelling gas ever! 😀
    decrypt games too man! you’re the best! and if you are reading this, please say something on the comments section of this post! 🙂

  4. Radec says:

    Finally, the Vita scene is taking off. I think its due to the fact Sony has officially killed the Vita, so it’s up to the scene to give it a second life.

  5. ROD says:

    I think it goes without saying that before we even get any closer to decrypting Vita games, so-dumb (aka sony) will have released a hot fix, and then a patch, and then another patch to patch the patched files and the hotfix – everything brought to you by so-dumb and labeled as “stability updates”.
    I mean, seriously, we all know where this leads to and what’s bound to happen – game decryption and then bring all game files together, and finally apply the ISO container treatment. Voilá, there’s your pirated game. I’m glad someone managed to create a homebrew environment for the latest Vita firmware, but I’m *very* sure so-dumb will do something on their end like re-enforcing crypto-algorithm to “protect” digital games from psn.
    Summing it all up, I think it’s time for the Vita hacking scene to catch up before so-dumb makes their next move.

    • Dylan says:

      Never before have we had a usermode exploit like this. This isn’t PSM anymore, this is an actual userland exploit and all it would take is to find ONE, just ONE kernel exploit and BOOM, the Vita is cracked open. We are so close, yet so far. Sony can release all the updates they want, but the second a kernel exploit is found on 3.60, it will be much easier to find exploits for later firmwares. The game of cat and mouse has begun.

  6. Coil_Whine says:

    Aww yea, one step closer to backup loading! I’ve had my Vita since launch and am thrilled to see it’s hacking progress this much this fast!

  7. nCadeRegal says:

    henkaku site is down, any alternatives for self hosting the exploit before sony throws an update our way?

  8. Churraso4 says:

    I actually want to cheat, but for FFX-2, which doesn’t even have online, as I don’t find the combat to be as good as FFX’s, and the enemies are quite tough for me.

  9. Crrzo says:

    We are witnessing how PS Vita’s security is cracking and falling apart piece by piece, day by day and to be honest… it’s amazing!!!

    Truth to be told I enjoyed my 2 PS Vita systems a lot throughout the years, games like Soul Sacrifice (and later Delta), Persona 4 Golden, Killzone Mercenary, Gravity Rush among others gave me hundreds of hours of fun.

    But sadly the vita never became a thing among the overall gaming community, and after the first ( and not even second) batch of AAA games, they became extinct like the dinossaurs, I still played a lot of great indie games, among some PSP and PS1 games, and had fun with VHBL once in a while but the real potential was killed by Sony themselves, even reminding us every 2 months that updates served to kill PSP exploits and remove no longer supported apps only, I ended up selling on of my Vitas and GIFTING the other one to a very good friend after 4 years full of Sony’s deceptions…

    Today ladies and gentleman we become whole again, I will be buying another Vita and I’m EXCITED again, we see a new era reborn with HENkaku and I love it 🙂

    • Coil_Whine says:

      Same! I’ve owned one since launch. *** shame that there haven’t been many worthwhile exclusives since around fall of 2014…
      That being said I never owned a PSP until recently, and yes it’s also hacked. Has a huge selection of games, really enjoying it!

  10. MunchMurphy says:

    Would love to see CFW come out of this someday. I don’t even care about Vita backups, just the ability to normally turn on my Vita, and load up some emulators. That would be cool 🙂

  11. CPUzX says:

    Is there any chance Mr. Gas could provide us with some kind of briefing or tutorial on how he decrypted and reincrypted the save file?
    I assume by blind knowledge that the decryption string is somewhere in the eboot of the actual game files, and by linking it with the save file header, you can decrypt the actual save and reincrypt it through IDA, but I’m totally not sure where to start…

  12. Tony says:

    Lmao henkaku IS a kernel exploit and pirating is actually already possible considering that installed homebrews launch without verifying licenses.

    • A W says:

      And people have been dumping and decrypting Vita games for the last few months now. If it were just a matter of launching the dumps as a homebrew game people would be pirating left and right by now.

  13. Zeke says:

    Ah, now this is where things start to get REALLY interesting. Editing and resigning save data could hopefully lead to the sort of exploits where we can hijack the PSP and PS1 emus using HENkaku, meaning the potential to do everything the older firmwares can but on 3.60. Backup loading would be nice because I have about 12 retail games, the downside being they’re quite large so I’d need one of those horrifically expensive 64GB Vita memory cards to make use of it.

    Still, exploited savedata on retail Vita game cart brings the possibility of an unblockable exploit not bound to a specific firmware version. Unless they, for example, make game updates mandatory before launching all Vita titles. Which would be super dumb, but this IS Sony we’re talking about so you never know… all just guesses but seriously, very impressed with Mr. Gas’s handiwork here.

  14. Stanislav says:

    МР,yesss yesss!!МР,Good luck!

  15. Yi says:

    Now it’s time to finally cheat that “Lightning Dodge” and 0.0.0 Chocobo race. Though not impossible it still needs a lot of patience and I jave none nowadays.

  16. VitaFansMatter says:

    Hoping for a Bruteforce PSP resigner!