HENkaku: how to fix error C2-12828-1


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  1. KimoMaka says:

    Well, I had this issue and tried the “Restart your vita” solution but it’s not 100% guarantee…
    BUT one solution for sure is to go to Settings -> Format -> Restore Settings
    Then after the reset you should be installing HENkaku without any errors 🙂

  2. np3228 says:

    I restarted my vita 3 times before it finally worked.

  3. Koku says:

    i was having the issue and almost gave up, but with this error you literally have to keep trying with hard resets
    formatting isnt necessary

  4. Andy says:

    I had to try about 15 times, turned of my vita twice yet in the end it worked. So try, try and try again. It’s worth it in the end.

  5. jogdan says:

    I changed to the predetermined theme and then restart

    (my english is bad)

  6. DarkJP says:

    I am very interested! and would like to help!

  7. Fallenleader says:

    OK guys. Shot a tweet to Wololo informing him of a simple trick I found.
    If it crashes on initial launch of the site (Before the HENtaku message) close and retry. 3 fails, reboot.
    The Major error I have is AFTER the HENtaku message. Simple solution: Delete your cookies. I kid not. 100% success rate for me after I do this. each and every time.
    FINALLY, if you ran rejuvenate, or have buggy or glitchy apps, games, etc. just back things up, deactivate your PSN, reformat, and start clean. then you simply delete your cookies if you get errors later.

  8. Rylai says:

    I called sony on this before this tutorial was even made and they adviced me on rebuilding the database and it worked. They have no idea what henkaku is yet they thought it was a game.

  9. Longbow says:

    I was having this problem and rebooted/ reset/ restored a coupe of times with the same error result. I know it can have nothing to do with this but I realised I was connect to psn during the process and my battery was also low. Every picture I see with this error the battery is also in a low state. So I disconnected PSN and connect the power cord and voilá! Hope it helps someone. Cheers

  10. wezlypipz says:

    I restarted and it did not work. Then I decided to clear my browser history and my cookies, then disconnect my wi-fi and reconnect and that seemed to do the trick

  11. DC959 says:

    For me I had to rebuild the database to get it to work although I did only try restarting the console once or twice but after rebuilding the database it all went smoothly. And for the live of god please no more posts about piracy, it will ruin the chances of getting games from the remaining developers, I feel that’s one thing that will just completely destroy the vita.

  12. iHaveKirby'sFace says:

    Some people fixed theirs by turning the system off, taking out the memory card, putting it back in, powering back on and trying the hack again. It worked for me

  13. c0d3m4st4 says:

    It worked for me right after i disabled bluetooth…. tried a thousand times with bluetooth enabled, and kept getting the error until disabled. Give that a try too.

  14. Jgr9 says:

    Keep trying and it hopefully will be more likely to get past this error now (website has been updated). Reformatting is a pretty drastic measure.

  15. J.R says:

    Yup. I had to restart my Vita once.

  16. Tnutbutter says:

    I just stopped javascript and it ran for me.

  17. One morning when i wakeup is there henkaku for android xor ipad iphoney ?
    is there a useragent switch so i dont have to update ?
    is there more of my psvitatv’s found ? lol
    or my android tv witch has plex but no yelo since the vendor dont comply :p
    and my android phone and tablet and my android laptop (x86 iso installed) :p
    maybe something like qemu x86_droid henkaku would find the timetraveller :p

  18. Galeon says:

    I set the THEME to default and it work on first try.

  19. macsmister says:

    Several reboots never worked for me. What did the trick was removing my game card.

  20. cracker says:

    I had this the first 2 or 3 times I tried to load the exploit page but after trying again it started going into a loop with the popup for disabling JavaScript and then it installed. I think persistence is key.

  21. VitaNoob says:

    A reset is what worked for me. Though, I bothered to RFTM! Plus, since a lot of people are new to this sort of thing, it would be nice to have links to what does work with it! Instead of searching around for stuff!

  22. Matt says:

    For some reason when it says welcome it shuts down my system….
    Then says ‘A problem occurred the last time this system was used, and it did not power off correctly’…

  23. Hanzyusuf says:

    No reboot need…….just trying over and over again fixed my problem 😀

  24. murek says:

    restart system just;

  25. A says:

    What if this error happens to other applications after henkaku has been installed? I receive this error booting Wipeout 2048

  26. BADUMTSS says:

    The way i fixed this error was switching the language of my console to English (USA) and then everything worked.

    Hope this helps anyone ^^

  27. Franz Rogar says:

    When I tried VitaDOOM, I kept having this error using a WAD. After reformatting, redatabasing, etc. I decided to download another WAD and it worked. Meaning the error is not triggered by something as obvious as the solutions indicated and, hence, they ain’t solutions at all but workarounds.

  28. MrPunk2u says:

    Got this error repeatedly then turned it off, pulled my card out, turned it back on and reinserted the card. Worked after that

  29. しら says:

    Unplug your cassette and restart

  30. Pirate Cat says:

    I got the error with my VTV on the first try. Turning off and clearing cookies fixed it for me.

    I got the error again, let it unfreeze, hit okay, and the install started a couple seconds later on my VTV :3.

  31. frankzero says:

    logout from psn in setting
    its work for me

  32. Dylan says:

    I was one of the most unfortunate users dealing with this. I have rebuilt the database over 10 times, rebooted over 20 times and I kid you not, I attempted the exploit well over 50+ times. It always ended with the error 128.

    So how did I finally get it running? I followed the advice to delete my cookies…. And it worked the first attempt after that.
    Thanks Wololo!

  33. ok man says:

    just keep pressing ok

  34. Lawthugg says:

    try cycling your wifi on and off, did the trick after 6 hrs

  35. Ricardo Hernandez Avila says:

    I appeared this error.
    The solution was to close multiple tabs that were open.

  36. gunblade says:

    Cool. Did not try exploit yet trying g to get a new. 3g vita.

  37. shinchan says:

    Piracy is almost here.
    I can already taste it!

  38. olivier says:

    I had a C2-12828-1 on my pstv so i restore system and format card… Now i have c2-14921-7 error !!!!!

  39. Lastgengamer says:

    I found a way, first add the site to a vita bookmark and then close out the window, finally reopen the bookmark then it worked!

  40. MAk says:

    when my vita is off …. then henkaku is error