Release: PS Vita 3.60 Homebrew Enabler HENkaku


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78 Responses

  1. BS says:

    Tried it. It’s awesome! I really hope eCFW comes out after this.

    • Tony says:

      Me too, thought i don’t really play PSP iso’s much i still kinda miss it, i had to update 2 days ago so i could play gal gun 🙁

  2. jacds says:

    One thing that makes me wait a bit is if this can actually make Sony ban your psn account… Any reports on that?

    • CPUzX says:

      That’s something that has been explained in great detail.
      As with Rejuvenate in the past, no banning ever occured; but that doesn’t mean the risk of being banned is totally eliminated. Install HENkaku at your own risk, but generally I believe you have nothing to worry about based on the community statistics.

      • jacds says:

        Yeah, I know that there’s no info on previous bans, but better not be careless, anyway :p

        • Tony says:

          Think about it though, why would sony ban you for hacking a console they pretty much stopped supporting especially considering that most people who own a vita also have a ps4 so that would make no sense for them to ban people this late in it’s lifecycle.

          • jacds says:

            That makes sense, yeah!

          • BenoitRen says:

            That Sony stopped supporting the console is not a good reason, because to some extent, they still do. Exploits are fixed within days with a firmware update.

          • DrRetro says:

            Yeah, the next “stability” Update will come soon. 😉

          • lol says:

            You forget…..this is Sony we are talking about remember lol, alot of their actions never make sense.

          • Tony says:

            Well if they do decide to ban people it’s their loss in profits as people still buy stuff on ps4 via digital so it would be a stupid decision on their part especially since they have yet to ban a single person for hacking on the vita.

  3. BiggieSmalls says:

    A rather stupid question, but does HENkaku replace any system OS files or does it *just* install the shell app? What I mean by that is, if I want to uninstall HENkaku, all I need to do is delete the shell app, right?

    • ViRGE says:

      It does not replace any OS files. It’s a temporary homebrew enabler (HEN), so what it does is inject the exploit into running memory, and then install molecularShell if it’s not present. (you need molecularShell to serve as the FTP host for uploading VPKs).

      So yes, if you want to uninstall HENkaku, all you have to do is reboot and remove the shell, along with any other VPKs you’ve installed.

  4. Caligo says:

    How do i get emulators to work now?

  5. ViRGE says:

    I just have to say, this is amazing.

    Getting Rejuvenate to work in the first place was a major breakthrough on Yifanlu’s part, but HENkaku is so much nicer, so much more clever. A browser based exploit that allows for what amounts to a lightweight jailbreak, complete with Vita app bubbles? I can’t even begin to imagine how much polish it took Team molecule to put this all together. And that doesn’t even factor in the effort required to debug and test it without the infamous Vita scene leaking it well in advance.

    Now, where exactly am I supposed to send the beer? =)

  6. Worldsocold12 says:

    It worked for me! Had to exit out of my browser and reset my Vita the first time but it installed correctly the second time. I couldn’t try any home brew as I had to go to work but it launched without any fuss. Can’t wait to see what home brew comes from this!

  7. Sky Yuki says:

    I hate to say this but let countdown how long would it take for Sony to get new patch out

    • DrRetro says:

      I’m sure Sony overwatch Wololo, so they know about this from the beginning and already looking how HENkaku works to fix this exploit. 😉

      But no problem for me, i have two Vitas, my OLED at 3.60 and my LCD at 3.18. When HENkaku is really as good as it sounds than I will update my 3.18 to 3.60.

  8. Nanako says:

    Can’t access, vd0:, still can’t implement registry hacks, shame 🙁

    But still, I’ve bubbled-up the Package Installer, and had installed VHBL xD.

  9. Rodpin says:

    Congratulations once again for YifanLu Davee, Proxima and xyz – the Molecule Team!!!
    Now is time to take the dust from my Vita!

  10. Veggav says:

    Now someone please port MAME for it!

  11. z2 says:

    Hello there! Should I update from 3.15/3.18?

    Many thanks!

    • Mud says:

      I am if it installs a permanent hack on the vita. 🙂

      • hans says:

        im on 3.20 too and im waiting for support on lower firmware.
        3.20 i Have PKG installer, ARK, TNV, VHBL, PSM bubbble with working Rejuvenate And full write/read acess with the Email app
        on 3.60 We have VHBL and Henkaku (Whats like Rejuvenate is)

  12. Monokuma says:

    Not working for me. The welcome to Henkaku message appears, but the browser error appears everytime after that. I rebooted my Bita 5 times already, but no luck.

  13. Eduardo says:

    Works fine on slim 3.60?

  14. makak1984 says:

    Wololo, I’ve spoken to Xperi and XYZ but I did not get info fro YiFan. But as far I know this is probably for sure a kernel exploit. HENkaku have same limitations as Rejuvenate was in reference to used CPU speed so it is limited to 444 mHz so it could be based on PSM platform as “Rejuvnate”. I know that they will not write and tell to normal user as me about technical ref. of exploit but they probably wait till $ony patches it. But I wanna know if you will talk with him ask him if this exploit will or have privileges to “touching” OS shell. I think that having full CPU speed control (as far i know vita have 1 gHz per core) and having more juice will be great for homebrew development. I think it will be good to know what this exploit can to do or where it will fail.

  15. Vitavitavita says:

    I installed it. Worked perfectly but I do not have any homebrew thus unable to test the real power if it. Is PSP ISO consider homebrew? Just asking please do not hate. Tks!!! And great work henkaku!

    • Camxpspx123 says:

      I think you can only launch vita-sdk built homebrew, not psp iso or something else … sorry :\

  16. percy says:

    there are no tutorial on how to install homebrew. how to install .vdk file

  17. CosmicTacoCat says:

    Some people on reddit managed to get VHBL running through henkaku

  18. fabius says:

    can someone help i cant get it to work i keep getting the error, and i rebooted like 8 times and it still doesn’t

    • ViRGE says:

      Keep at it. The exploit is a bit fussy and doesn’t inject correctly 100% of the time (probably due to ASLR) so you may have to reboot and do it several times to get it to take hold. The good news is that once it does work, you shouldn’t need to reboot your Vita again any time soon.

  19. Chris.beanz says:

    Got mine working after needing to reset once, works like a charm now. Thanks Yifan Lu Davee, Proxima and xyz for all your hard work coming up with this great exploit! Can’t wait to see what comes from this.

  20. fabius says:

    never mind now it wants to work, thanks if you where going to help me

  21. F figuring g says:

    Where to go for homebrew aid that’s works for this. I can’t find

  22. Mud says:

    So its a install and you keep it after you turn the vita off? Or do you need to go to the web page every time to run the hack?

    • ViRGE says:

      This is a temporary homebrew enabler (HEN), so what it does is inject the exploit into running memory. That means that as long as the Vita stays powered up (or sleeping), the exploit stays in memory. But once it’s rebooted you lose the exploit and need to HEN it again.

      There’s next to no reason to ever reboot the Vita since it sleeps so well, so you should be able to HEN it and then go for months without a reboot.

  23. NakedFaerie says:

    I get nothing but errors. I get a popup saying “Welcome to HENkaku” then another popup saying “an error has occurred” then repeat over and over.
    Rebooted twice already and still same error loop.

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      When you get the an error has occured message dont press okay just hold the power button and turn it off, turn it back on and go back to the browser and it should work

  24. Meler says:

    I get an Error straight away then it goes to 100 % it says Error C2-12828-1 Internet Browser ,,
    Any Thoughts ?ideas ? I use to use that memory card on ps vita and ther was ark installed now its in my pstv could that couse the error? did on and off few times not worked.

  25. NakedFaerie says:

    Finally got it working after the 4th reboot.
    Now to find something to put on it. 🙂

  26. Reza says:

    Can we instaall on a lower fw if not why?

    • ViRGE says:

      No. The exploit has to be customized for each firmware version. While it’s possible to port the exploit to a lower firmware, it’s a massive amount of work, and there’s little benefit since the farther back you go, the fewer Vita retail games that work.

  27. DrRetro says:

    Wow, it works pretty easy and instant FTP access over WLAN. Awesome work! 🙂

  28. Meler says:

    ok sort it,rebuild either format mem card ,will fix error C2-12828-1 ,easy way insert card in and out even two times,cool stuff now wait for more ,it has potential to do more 😀

  29. Plato says:

    If you get C2-12828-1, rebuild the database and try again.. If you get the same error again just try it again, it works then… I installed on my Vita after rebuilding DB, on VitaTV a rebuild and two times installation required to complete molecular install..

  30. marios92 says:

    Can i download fw 3.60 without installing immediately? In case i change my mind in future and i want to update to 3.60 but in the meantime it is already out a new fw…

    • 11770 says:

      u might be able to dll it from sony’s website and update using cma at a later date.

  31. Handy vita works as well as doom vita others are through vhbl of course.

  32. MunchMurphy says:

    So what happens if Sony tries and gets the website taken down?

    Henkaku to be the shortest lived hack ever?

  33. 11770 says:

    if i’m using the psmunity hack on 3.52 should i upgrde to 3.60 for HENhaku?

  34. Akabane87 says:

    For those interrested, I just made some batch scripts to generate vpk files from velf and directly build the source code into a vpk file.

    You MUST install the toolchain to have this working correctly !

  35. slashmegaman says:

    But I can’t install tn-v or ark??

    • Tony says:

      You can but they won’t load until a new epsp kernel exploit is released.

      • 11770 says:

        that and tn-v hasnt been updated to work with even 3.52. I don’t think tn is being worked on anymore?

        • Tony says:

          TN-V has been updated for 3.52 as i used it before updating but it comes with limitations so it’s not really worth updating anyway.

  36. isabel says:

    hello! please someone tell me what to do
    should i update my 3.18 vita to 3.60?

    • Tony says:

      What are you running atm? if you have any PSP or PS1 loaders installed and don’t want to lose them wait until they become available on 3.60, you can always manually update later even if 3.61 is released.

      • isabel says:

        all i have is the ps exploit game (gladiator begins) since i just wanted the psp hack to play final fantasy Crisis Core (and since i had the exploit tried other psp games but none are important, just crisis core)
        can i connect to internet being on 3.60 while the firmware is for example 3.70?

        • Tony says:

          If a new update comes out you can connect to the internet and get game updates or browse around in the built in web browser but connecting to psn and playing online won’t work without updating.

          • isabel says:

            ohh i see, so even if ne updtes come out that patch henkaku i can manually update to 3.60 and “install” the hack?

          • Tony says:

            Yup but you need to do a little trick to manually update, you will have to install qcma on your computer and download the 3.60 update file and have the vita connect via usb and update.

          • isabel says:

            ohh i see, so even if new updtes come out (and patch henkaku) i can manually update to 3.60 and “install” the hack?

          • Tony says:

            Yep of course, without too much trouble you can update to 3.60 i did the same thing from 3.52 > 3.55 when 3.60 was the latest.

          • isabel says:

            thank you Tony 🙂 i’m a bit of a noob here hahaha
            (btw for you what is better 3.60 or 3.18?)

  37. Nintendo says:

    WebSite is DOWWWN 🙁

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