HENkaku FAQ – What to expect from HENkaku, the PS Vita 3.60 exploit?


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  1. N says:

    Two questions:
    How do I block newer updates on my Vita?
    Where can I find more info about transfering homebrew through Filezilla?

    • drd7of14 says:

      This is what I’m wondering. I don’t want it to keep bothering me about future system updates. I know VITA Update Blocker used to work, but it hasn’t supported newer firmwares for quite some time.

  2. 173210 says:

    Will HENkaku work on future Vita firmwares (e.g. firmware 3.61, 3.65, or 3.70?)

    No, it is quite guaranteed that Sony will patch the exploit powering HENkaku in their next update. A new exploit would be required to enable homebrew again beyond firmware 3.60

    I and Hackinformer are working on other vulnerabilities, but it’s not certain whether they are valid for later firmwares until HENkaku and Sony’s patches become available.
    If you want HENkaku, you should stay on 3.60.

    # Anyway, it’s amazing if those vulnerabilities lead to native hacks. I’m really excited!

  3. fewfw says:

    so psp iso loader? or are we too afraid to talk about it?

    • Rolenzo says:

      Give it a week or so.

      It’s probably very similar to setting up custom bubbles.

    • Dylan says:

      Do we even need a kernel exploit for the PSPemu for it to run unsigned games? What are the limits of Henkaku when it comes to file system permissions? Can we write to the games folder? So many questions 🙁

  4. Asamidare says:

    I’m staying on 3.18 with TNV,
    hoping for a port to a later date, or
    I’ll buy a game with 3.60 firmware
    in the cart an update to a later date
    (if carts with the 3.60 firmware
    will ever be released…)

    In the end, a porting to all the nice old firmwares would be ideal,
    with a way for firmware spoofing too. Can’t update to 3.60 since
    I still have two kiseki games to play and another jrpg.
    If this had come a year from now, I would’ve jumped on it for sure.
    Too bad.

    Also, the irony: I stop following on twitter that yufi guy since he never
    releases anything but just makes unrelated scene tweets…and then it does this.

    • Tony says:

      You can always manually update to 3.60, you don’t actually need a cart with 3.60 on it to install 3.60 on your vita.

      • Asamidare says:

        But if Sony releases 3.61, or 3.65 and so on, I won’t.
        You can’t choose the firmware you want to update to…
        Unless you can put it on your pc and transfer it to your Vita…(you can?)
        or unless you make some kind of redirect to tell Vita to go download
        3.60 from the server (provided the firmware is still there…and what if they patch it and screw us all?)
        instead of 3.61

        • Jomann says:

          You can choose the firmware you want to update to. You just need the update file and put your vita into safe mode and boot the file from your content manager. (I think) probably best to turn airplane mode on so that it doesnt connect to the net and try to download the new update

          • Charles Fasano says:

            I use a proxy app like Charles to switch what Vita update I want to install.

    • BenoitRen says:

      I garnered from another comment that Odin Sphere comes with firmware 3.60.

  5. Jayx3 says:

    Have two vitas: One on 3.60 for Remote Play, Trophies and Online
    Second on 3.18 with TNV-11&X.
    Gonna Try out Henkaku on my 3.60 Vita, if TNV-11&X gets Ported, i’ll update my second vita.

    Not gonna update my 3.18 now since once you update you can’t go back. No point in updating and losing PSP and PS1 access and never getting it back.
    Probably wont update my 3.60 for quite a while though so im downloading all my content from PSN and saving them on my PC.

  6. Jefphar says:

    I am on 3.18 and still enjoying my TN-V exploits and PSP games. I will wait until HENkaku supports 3.18 or 3.60 HENkaku supports PSP Games installation on the Vita. Either way I am happy to know that PS Vita was revived again.Who knows it may surpass PSP’s Greatness in the Future.

  7. BenoitRen says:

    I’m glad I can finally update my PS Vita and access the PSN Store, at least for a while. Downloading to PS3 and then using the QCMA trick to transfer them to my PS Vita is a pain. It didn’t even seem any faster than downloading directly through wireless from the store.

    Never used Rejuvenate because it was such a pain to activate, though I did download the PSM Assistant at the time, and stayed on the lower firmware just in case a better exploit was found that only worked there.

  8. CPUzX says:

    Please allow me to clarify, but is HENkaku superior to the 3.50 Rejuvenate?
    Is updating from 3.50 to 3.60 in order to obtain HENkaku worth it?

    • makak1984 says:

      I also have this question, I’ve ashed YiFan by Twitter if HENkaku also have limitations as Rejuvenate did. Wololo on one of articles stated that HENkaku will “open” the full potential of Vita – I did not get answer. So to the point my question was if HENkaku will use all cpu cores and more mHz for homebrew. Rejuvenate was limited to only of around 400 mHz of total 1 gHz of Vitas CPU (the limitation for PS Mobile Platform). So waiting for answers, but still I am on 6.60 because I get some games form PS Store to Play, but as far I know HENkaku will have potential of all mail tricks that was revelead some time ago. It is in my opinion good playground for reverse engineering and hackers to play with.

    • akian_aray says:

      It’s same, apparently, but you don’t have to sacrifice a cat every time you want to run Rejuvenate homebrew – they will be installed as bubbles and run untethered.

  9. notme says:

    can’t get it to work, keep getting cw-12828-1 error

    • enigma85 says:

      power off your vita and turn it back on, try again. worked for me after a reboot. it says that in the FAQ…..

    • digitalkid56 says:

      Yes, a restart to the Vita resolved my issue.
      But my PSTV is stuck on a C2-12828-1 error, on/off does not resolve 🙁
      Awaiting update, since they mentioned it may not run upon launch?

    • YenKsiD says:

      It seems its problem with the load, it was givin me the same error. I’ve just turn my vita off and turn it on again, tried and it work like a charm.

    • YenKsiD says:

      It seems its problem with the load, it was givin me the same error. I’ve just turn my vita off and turn it on again, tried and it worked like a charm.

  10. digitalkid56 says:

    Unable to connect thru FTP, client does not see server, even tho both are on the same network, same subnet.

  11. brokenx17 says:

    how to install the mgba emulator? it is not on .vpk file extension it is .velf and vita is not recognizing it please help

  12. makak1984 says:

    For me it works good, but reactivating it will be pain to custom, but if some of you have wii u it will be as norm for browser hacking

  13. spritefun says:

    This is so fun, I can totally tell how excited you guys are with all these articles, looks like you’ll be playing emus all day too haha!

    Happy hacking everyone!!!!

  14. DrRetro says:

    My question is if it also works on the old OLED Vita, because I tried it (3.60 of course) and the Browser crashes after the Welcome Popup, even after I restart my Vita.

    • brokenx17 says:

      it works! im using the oled vita. just keep on trying and restarting if it gives an error. if i can only figure out how to install the mgba emulator. can someone help me pls!

  15. spritefun says:

    URGH the emulators are few and far between. cant install retroarch yet cause molecule shell only accepts vpk not velf like retroarch and the snes9x. Anyone know how to install or run the velf files?

  16. u4113057 says:

    if i want to stay at 3.18 for now can i update to 3.60 later incase that 3.61 or later is release by sony ?

  17. mr m b mayatt says:

    Not working

    • makak1984 says:

      state what model do you have and try always restart vita after getting errors

  18. spritefun says:

    Guys dont bother yet. None of the homebrew available works. Most of them are in velf format and the ones in vpk (of which there is 2 gameboy and mega drive) the gameboy one has an error on launch and the mega drive one shows no roms so this hack at the moment is simply and ftp server…

    • Jack Attack says:

      I wouldn’t say don’t bother. But if you’re in a situation where you have no homebrew or don’t care, you should DEFINITELY get it NOW. Sure, the homebrew software is rough because it hasn’t been updated to take advantage of this, but in time it may be the only native hack and waiting because the first week is rough could be a terrible decision.

      • RubenWolfe says:

        Well, it isnt hard to port a brew it has an open source. (which I believe snes and mgba do)
        I can probably do it once Im all setup.

    • Bikini Sports Punchin says:

      Huh? It works fine. Just make sure you download the dev build, I’ve been playing gba and snes for hours now hahaha

  19. Fadi5555 says:

    Can we port ppsspp on vita through this exploit? (I know vita already has psp support natively but it so pixelated) ppsspp could be run psp games in higher resolution. It could fantastic to have ppsspp on vita.

    • You probably won’t be able to run ppsspp smoothly at a higher resolution/with effects, if at all. Remember it’s an emulator, it takes so much more to actually run than something built natively, like the default psp one. Probably better to hope for some mod that lets you modify the resolution in the native app, but that’s also far-fetched. Eventually it might show up, though 🙂

  20. Outrunner says:

    Well i tried giving this a shot since you know its free and all.
    Installation of Henkaku worked with no problems, FTP worked with no problems.
    The only problem is the emulator that i tried GenesisPlusGXVITA and even though the emulator loads, it doesn’t actually play any games, all i get when trying to load any game is “Error loading cartrige”. That plus the inability to see any files other than .bin is annoying as heck since some games are in .smd and .md .
    Guess all we need is better software for it now.

    • makak1984 says:

      yeap… maybe it will reborn the scene and some devs may port emulators for many platforms…

  21. Charles Fasano says:

    I am going to wait to update my Vita with TN-V on it as I don’t want to loose the ability to run my purchased PSP games that Sony for whatever reason won’t allow on the Vita but work perfectly fine.

    Maybe this will allow us to finally bypass the stupid Vita/PS TV whitelist that Sony has so we can play Vita games that don’t require the touchpads yet can’t be played on the PS TV for whatever reason or PSP/PSOne games for that same reason. I’d love to play some Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank or Sly Cooper on my PS TV.

    I really don’t care about playing ISOs or whatever yet. I have plenty of PSP digital purchases that I’d love to play on the Vita but can’t due to the whitelist.

  22. meysam25 says:

    at this point it is no offering any new thing for end users so update to last fw is not good ida at all , stay where you are.
    behind of this hack is some webkit exploid that should be intresting . so end users should still w8

  23. slashmegaman says:

    I’m really considering updating my 1.81 psvita

  24. Pedro says:

    Work in 3.50??? Thanks

  25. sj33 says:

    Wow, I feel quite warm and fussy thatr my tweet was included in this guide.

  26. Startropic1 says:

    With Henkaku will we be able to unlock the 3G mode to use a service that’s NOT AT&T? Also, can we circumvent the single PSN account limit? (Y’know, be able to access stuff on multiple accounts without having to factory reset the system every fricken time you change memory cards?)

  27. joe somebody says:

    if i run this can I still use my vita the same way as I do i.e. the games I’ve downloaded or remote play with my ps4?

  28. lelestarz says:

    i’ve been trying to install it but keep having the error after Welcome to henkaku… i’ve done everything but nothing :/… what should i do at this point????

  29. Natty says:

    Will this finally allow cheats on PS Vita games?

  30. ChickenWing0005 says:

    Tried to run VitaDoom, said no WADS found.
    What do I do?

  31. Kotomine Kirei says:

    “Think of how many times you actually do that with your phone, and you should realize this is not a big limitation”

    I completely turn off my PS Vita when I am not using it, and, while I do not have a phone, if I did, I would turn it off whenever I am not outside (would not want the battery low when it is actually needed)

    “PS vita users should decide if they want to create a new “fake” account on their PS vita to reduce their risk, of if they are fine using their actual account.”

    It is great that HENkaku allows for homebrew, but the risk of losing your account or the inability to play the games that are on your account makes it very unappealing.

    Not only that, but I have seen many things shut down for various reasons, so I am worried that, if the site ever goes down, you will basically be out of luck.

    So is HENkaku ever going to work without an online connection?

    Also, do the positives of it outweigh the negatives for the average person?

    I have not given much attention to homebrew on the PS Vita lately, but from what I have seen there have been no N64/Saturn/etc. emulators, cheat engines, or game translations.
    Is there anything that makes homebrew worth it right now?

    Anyway, I am very happy about the progress that has been made with the PS Vita so far, and I think that the people who made that progress are great for having continued to work on it.

    • I’m already on Henkaku, and it literally takes less than two minutes to install after booting (including navigation to web app, etc.) Just favorite the site. And don’t worry about the site being taken down, there’s already ways to run it locally so you can install it without internet. I’m sure plenty of people already localized it in case it was taken down. So yes, it already works without an online connection (there’s still some tinkering involved, but the hack is 2 days old!)

      In my opinion, the positives massively outweigh the negatives. And there is no “average person”, it’s all up to you if it’s worth it or not. Personally, I would recommend everyone not hacked to update to 3.6 and stay there for a couple of months. That should allow enough time for the scene to develop somewhat, and then you can make your decision. Expect lots of good stuff though.

      As for game translations, other emulators and cheat engines, just give it some time! They’ll come out eventually, remember the hack is 2 years old. Yes, rejuvenate has been around for a while, but it’s so damn hacky that the scene was much smaller than this one will be. Now that Henkaku is extremely accessible, it will raise interest and cause developers to want to port their applications to it. Back in rejuvenate, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Now people are going back to their Vitas just to download this.

  32. Sons of Ocelot says:

    Figures a month after I denounce this “dead” I get a curious little email from the site mailing list about this. Guess I was wrong to jump to conclusions quickly. Sorry about that.

  33. Vitalover says:

    I installed henkaku but I know nothing of how to hack/ put the emulators on my vita so I’m just getting a psp. But while henkaku was downloading I turned my vita off, it won’t turn back on 🙁

  34. gábor says:

    How to ps vita ftp connect android smartphone?

  35. Muhannad mustafa says:

    Is it possiable henkaku can devoloped in the future to hack 3.61 !!!

  36. anis says:

    how to delete error vpk installed i try to install assasin creed III and i want to delete the insatlled error package

  37. anis says:

    i have error 0x80010001 when try delete game in app with molecule

  38. Dakota says:

    is it possible to unhack or unjailbreak the psvita at this point? what if i want to set it back to factory defaults to sell it.

  39. 3M says:

    can we play the vpk games that we installed without activating henkau first after a reboot?

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