PS Vita: What to do if you’re not receiving your rejuvenate PSM+ emails (especially gmx users)


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7 Responses

  1. Metzen says:

    Thank you for the workaround and no worries we all have lives. I’m just glad we have a workaround solution.

  2. Handy Fox says:

    I remember doing this when I wasn’t getting the email the first time I had this problem. I thought it was just me and my crappy internet.

  3. Zeke says:

    I swear if you downgrade the security for gmail it works just fine. I have a burner account that I use if I don’t want spam which my satellite box needed the lower security settings for, but I should dust my Vita off and try it. I haven’t used Rejuvenate for a couple of weeks so I can’t confirm if it works still for FW 3.51.

  4. warfaren says:

    Isn’t the HENkaku news more important? If it’s everything it seems to be, this will be redundant anyway.