This is probably how you resuscitate a scene: HENKaku – Native Homebrew announced for PS Vita 3.60, release tomorrow


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  1. jesse says:

    Finally, this can be said – “IT’S HAPPENING!” Wololo is spreading the word, I received an email update from them. They probably want to get the word out so people don’t update their firmware (like always happens).

  2. Gr8n00d1e says:

    I will waiting someone port it for firmware 3.18.

  3. Leires says:

    While I check almost every day, I don’t log in much, and I rarely speak up very often. I’m crawling out of the woodwork however to give you a thanks for the email about this. I’m sure to you it’s nothing special, and makes sense, but even though I check all the time, I still felt like thanking you for it, Wololo and co.

  4. EpicLPer says:

    Even tho I do not really support piracy anymore since I earn my own money I’d still be happy if we could play PSP games on it too. Or even Vita games, but that’s probably something the future will tell.

  5. Vincent says:

    So I’m just going to go ahead and assume (I apologize in advance if this was already stated and I’m just dumb and didn’t notice) that if we choose to install this exploit and then eventually would like to update, the only consequence of doing so would be that the exploit will not work on the Vita anymore, correct? If I updated after installing the update, I would still be able to sign into PSN and play online without worrying about bricking or getting banned, yes?

    • NNNRT says:

      This is not an exploit inside a PSP game. You have to be on the latest version of your Vita software to use this hack.

  6. Im really looking forward for psone emulation on ps vita

  7. AlternateOver says:


  8. herschwolf says:

    I just get the webpage restarting, I finally get a message saying Welcome to HENKaku, then the browser errors and it just loops. Any advice?

  9. herschwolf says:

    Update: It finally worked. Just had to keep looping through until it installed the application. I’m up and running and ready to play with this.

  10. Tristan says:

    I’ve been out of the loop on Vita hacking for a long while. My Vita is on 3.52. All I really care about is being able to launch PSP and PS1 games using the easiest method possible, preferably through custom bubbles. Will upgrading to 3.60 for this exploit be in my best interest? Thanks a lot!

  11. meh_deadvita says:

    no one cares about homebrew

  12. megakoe says:

    finaly mutch apreciated psvita webkit native hack comes around XDDD

  13. comwiz says:

    So, should I update my 3.18 PSVita to 3.60?

  14. Hecz says:

    Is there a way of using a wired connection rather than FTP or wireless?

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