How to: VHBL on PS Vita for unhackable firmware


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  1. streetbrawler says:

    i need help with this lol

  2. RenderedOne says:

    Probably a dumb question: If one has a hackable PS TV, could that work in place of the hackable PS Vita?

    • YZ Rum says:

      It won’t work. Backups made on PSTV aren’t readable on Vita & vice versa.

      • warfaren says:

        Really? Cuz that’s how I got Rejuvenate on my 3.18 Vita… I downloaded the assistant on an up-to-date PSTV linked to the same account as my PSVita, backed it up through QCMA and restored the backup onto my PSVita, and it worked just fine.

      • dag says:

        You can share a VHBL bubble via QMCA though.

  3. I heard there was a scumbag site that was selling this as a service, dirty fake scene scumbags O.o

    • domthybomb says:

      Unless the site is using the person’s information for reasons other then helping them with VHBL then they are not scumbag. It’s no different than someone charging to help downgrade a PS3. You’re paying for the person’s time and effort.

    • homiecydl says:

      yeah some guy on youtube is selling this -.-

  4. f3b says:

    To create a one backup takes an hour and a half time.
    Show me the altruist who will be it for free, for all who wish to do backups

  5. anonymous says:

    wish i had a 3.52 vita or knew someone who’d do it free :\

    • nope says:

      No one would do it for free, wouldn’t do it for free for my friends. Too time consuming. Still don’t really get the issue behind it personally. People are selling a service, not mods. You’re paid for your time. That’s my opinion.

  6. Carlos Alberto Cintra Amaral says:

    also works ecfw?

  7. ZERO says:

    Vita 3.51 with Rejuvenate and TN-V, how can i help?

  8. Hgug says:

    Sold my vita year ago. Look at new for vita…. Still VHBL

  9. snake says:

    Finally some news about it. I was used to use cfw on my psp 2k and 3k a lot. this is easier as it? What exactly is this VHBL? I can play psp, emulators and ps1 games with it? how it works? i feel this is tutorial is so vague for people who never did the hack on a vita. my vita is a 1k its on firmware 3.60 and is in plane mode and the wifi is off.

    • ZERO says:

      You can’t do *** about 3.60 except do one of the things from above (but it’s rather pointless if you don’t have somebody with hacked Vita already). VHBL is used to play homebrews (emulators and stuff), while TN-V can play old PSP games. You need Vita 3.51/2 in order to hack it properly.

    • Predator0808 says:

      Via VHBL (Vita Half Byte Loader) You can’t play anything, besides PSP emulators, and use some programs. It’s something like PSP environment lite. To play PSP backups (or PS1, but with sound emulation) You will need eCFW, which means kernel exploit, which means no chance on 3.60 – so far.

      • snake says:

        PSP emulator likes snes or gba emulators would be enough for me. Its too hard to do it? How do i do it?

  10. homiecydal says:

    any news on tn-v for 3.60?

  11. Bruno Brisa says:

    hello !!! i Have 2 PSvitas 1 with 3.6 and 1 with 3.5 with fifa 11 ! How can i make my 3.6 run Emulators like 3.5 ?

  12. ssj2buddy says:

    Somehow I was able to get the VHBL bubble due to the fact that used the email hack on 3.52, all I had to do was copy over the basegame I used as an exploit for VHBL via CMA, but that only gave me the bubble on my homescreen.. After that I had to get into the ps savedata folder where i had VHBL, ARK and all my other homebrew, and transfer over the folder named “vhbl01234” and the vhbl was working correctly!

  13. Danilo says:

    Well, I paid the guy and got the VHBL running. How can I pass it to you guys? My vita is on 3.60. It seems the backup file is linked with the PSN Account…

  14. Jomann says:

    I’d really appreciate it if the author would define these abbreviations, I have know idea what CM Backup means.

  15. XModz says:

    I have a jaikbroken Ps3 cfw and a non jailbreak ps vita is their any way to mod the ps vita using my cfw Ps3 if so could you please link me to the thread

  16. who’s has a jailbroken vita / a vita with VHBL on it, knows how to do the first method and is trustworthy and not looking out to steal accounts. please a i’m complete noob with vita jailbreaking and i really wanna play emu’s on my vita. If you’re interested please DM me @NickFrizzy97 on instagram. Thank You in Advanced. 🙂

  17. Emersom says:

    Pessoal gostaria de instalar emulador de NES no meu ps 3.60 .. alguem indica. Vídeo ou tutorial detalhando. Pois o tutorial acima é muitíssimo vago.. e só comprei o psvita para por o nes

  18. Martin146146 says:

    Hi everyone, i was wondering after somes tests on my own.

    I got two pstv one is 3.20 the other 3.60.

    The 3.20 got whitelist and is activate (thanks to transfer bought game from ps3 and transfer on pst 3.20)

    I try to transfer my whitelist (with backup from QCMA) from 3.20 to 3.60. But when i try on my 3.60 i cant lunch game from whitelist like Wipeout 2048.

    Did i miss a step?

    Thanks in advance

    Thats great to see the truth is not outher, but here 🙂

    • Martin146146 says:

      Maybe it will help someone, but the answer is,

      install the V2 of whitelist in the pstv 3.20 or (3.52 max to use trixmail) backup this with qcma and install this on your device 3.57 or 3.60 it works great.

      But (in my case) the update of wipeout 2048 doesnt want to be install… like the pass online 🙁 Pretty much useless without online gaming.

      But V2 works wish is great.

  19. Drew says:

    So I’m new to vita and learned that it’s possible to hack mine, i don’t know anyone thought that could help me . Please help me if possible, yes my vita is on firmware 3.60.

  20. Shark says:

    So I have a ps Vita slim running 3.60 is there anyway for me to get vhbl? If I don’t have a ps Vita with older fw

  21. Thatswhatidid says:

    People should just go to a pawn shop, or call around, find one that has 3.5 firmware, buy it, do your thing with your 3.6 version, and just returned. It the next day, no harm done.

  22. Jay Antone says:

    Can anyone help me back my vita on 3.60? Email me

  23. Well, this entry would not exist if it couldn t, right? The thing is, since the PSP was able to be hacked on a native level, Sony learned its lesson and made the Vita a lot more secure.

  24. Sekou Traore says:

    Hi, could anyone help me with one of the mentioned methods? I’m on PS Vita 3.61, my email is

  25. Raikochou says:

    Someone help me, i’m really hopeless, i have 3.63 vita, and at least i want to play PSP game, so can anyone help me?

  26. Cameron says:

    PLEASE can someone make a dummy account and do the account share with me? I would REALLY appreciate it, and (if you have steam) I can give CSGO skins. Thanks a bunch to any good Samaritan out there that may help me

  27. Gustavo says:

    Hi! dumb question: i have a ps vita with 3.63 and vhbl instaled. when i go to bubble information, he says “expires in 1/8/2017”. my question: when date ends can i still acess the vhbl? if no, whow could i install or update my vhbl bubble? 🙁 sorry for my bad english.

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