Release: PS4 Linux. Steam + Emulators + office out of the box


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  1. Sniffinpoprocks says:

    How do we get around the sound problem? I got a PS4 still sitting in a box because for me, it’s useless without sound support. Is there a usb sound card we can use?

  2. Handy Fox says:

    No Ethernet this time? Still no wifi? How am I supposed to put the games on the drive?

    • D-ecks says:

      From you PC

      • Handy Fox says:

        When you say pc? Do you mean Virtual Box or reset then boot into because I don’t think My laptop will let me, especially with Windows 10.

        • D-ecks says:

          I think any laptop that can run windows 10 also can boot linux live usb.
          Google for “boot linux from usb on laptop”.
          Usually you can do it by pressing F12 or F8 many times right after power on

    • D-ecks says:

      Actually ethernet ins semi-working state. As on any other linux distributions. OsirisX works on WiFi and BT kernel module. Just wait it’s only begining

  3. Sinthujan says:

    anyone here can upload the torrent to and update the original post? this torrent don’t have enough peers. downloading for 3 hours but still 0 Bytes downloaded

  4. Rolenzo says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, I’d really love to have a PC with as small a form factor as the ps4. This is really wonderful news and makes me wish I had stayed with 1.76 in a way 😉

    Keep up the good work!

    • 1 says:

      You can get that today. Just search for mini PC or small PC on Google. There are many small PCs, even smaller than the PS4 =)

      • Karl says:

        Heck, you could even get a chromebox, and install Linux on it. Thats like $150-ish CAD though

  5. M4ttes says:

    Come on. This isn’t the year 2004 anymore.
    It is nice that we can execute custom code, but why do you want to have such an emuator-distro with no sound, ethernet etc. ?
    You have a PS4 so that you can play great games like Uncharted 4, GTA5 etc.

    If you want an emulator box, just go and get an android-TV-device (Nividia Shield works great, but there are also cheaper ones which will do the job) or a Mini-PC (Backbone) for your TV.

    • warfaren says:

      Maybe it’s not that attractive in its current state, but surely we’ll get a proper way of loading games that require higher firmware without losing the exploitability of the console sooner or later. That way we can have both an emulator box and a machine that can play the latest games…

  6. Zeke says:

    Zero network support so Steam is unusable? I’m guessing this is a proof of concept then…

    • D-ecks says:

      You can install games via PC. Boot it as normal live-usb.

    • Thrawn says:


      Wait for it. This is the bloodiest edge of ps4 hacking/developing.
      You can’t have everything right out of the box from devs that do this in their free time.

      How many companies do you know, released stuff unfinished & untested into the wild?
      Just to either extensively after patch it or to abandon their product? I know a lot of those failed products, even from rather respectable companies.

      • Zeke says:

        Oh no I totally agree, it’s bleeding edge stuff here and there’s more to do. Especially the part about early adopters being used as beta testers, happens a lot with even the bigger companies.

        I’m just weighing up where things are in the scene and if/when to get a 1.76 PS4 so I can get involved and see what good work has been done.

  7. Loki says:

    A few ungrateful people are showing their true colours, why don’t you go & make this yourselves if all you can do is complain.

    • nope says:

      Right? At least someone else doesn’t have their head up their @$$ like most people on this site. Thanks for the hard work D-ecks and Osirus, really appreciate the works you two do for the scene. Just ignore everyone.

    • lol says:

      yeah, says the guy who doesnt respect his own brother- THOR 😀

  8. Gazra says:

    Here is a link to download it from Mega if anyone wants it.!kcFSAL6D!7o9j2EKB9h4AQKhkDFjnqe9fZIUHrehe4hxbqd1nPfw

  9. Matthew Lieberfarb says:

    Theres a couple of questions I’ve been wondering for a really long time how exactly do we copy are games over to the Linux from the PC? Plugin to USB slot??? I understand there is no internet connection but is it possible to run Wine for Linux by putting the installer file on your usb stick plug it in to the PS4 and when it detects your USB you can take the file out of the drive and put it in your Desktop, Documents, etc. then run it from there??? Hope someone answers my questions. I’m so proud of you guys I can’t believe we are going to have a Steam machine!!!

  10. AnB says:

    Great work. Will be sure to seed this and any future releases.

  11. ombus says:

    i want to play wow in ps4 xD. but no really would be great to play steam games and ps4 ..and wow xD

  12. Dedark says:

    Steam on PS4? So Dota 2 is playable on it? Dota 2 on PS4? what a great news for all PS4 users

  13. Handy Fox says:

    Turns out that the crc error I was getting could be fixed with winware. What you need to do is click on the rar in winware, click extract to…, look down at misc. options, tick the box that has something to do with damaged archives (I’m posting from ps4) and let it extract. Then follow the tutorial.

    P.S. Not sure why but the ethernet is working just fine.

  14. hrosales says:

    Personal Feeling, only PS4 news…I miss the vita news, but it looks like rejuvenate has been a fail on our vitas, I regret I updated from my 3.18, since I am a simple user, I do regret to have my vita updated waiting for “native hacking”, I am still waiting zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…, I do not regret having my console updated for use with my PS4 which is great, but I miss to have other features I had on 3.18…

    • Zeke says:

      I wouldn’t upgrade mine from 3.51 for the world. With all the hacks gone the Vita would get no use from me at all. Remote Play for PS4 or PS Now weren’t worth the upgrade, I know this because I had a Slim fully updated and wasn’t impressed.

  15. poop says:

    Backup loader or gtfo.

  16. KaInEvIL says:

    You do know that the PS4 is a toaster right? An overpriced toaster is still a toaster….

  17. logisonic says:

    Ok i like this idea and some guy is selling a 1.76 PS4, but my biggest question is so far:
    What can we play with PS4 Linux Steam Setup. The only evidence i have seen is Bastion, but i want to see like data or a video what we really can play with this before i buy an expensive PS4.

  18. anon says:

    anybody tried booting remix or phoenix os on it yet?

  19. dvo says:

    I got problems with the extraction of the distro image. on my linux os machine extraction failed, don’t know why. so I extracted it on a windows os machine. my archive manager shows a 3,7gb image , but after extraction it’s about 7,4gb. seems to my that something isn’t correct. any ideas? greets, dvo

  20. Nymphetamine says:


    Just wondering could anyone give step by step instruction, I have ps4 with this version I don’t know if the script it self will put it on the usb drive or directly put in the web explorer of the ps4. kindly please help. Thanks

  21. Nymphetamine says:

    where I gonna get the OS of linux or whatsoever. nothing’s clear sorry for noobish question.

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