PS4 Remote Play is (unofficially) coming to iPhone/iPad, beta testers wanted


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9 Responses

  1. Gameboy says:

    Damn the NX got Sony and Microsoft SCURRREED (scared), microsoft with full on cross play LOL and not remoteplay on anything and not just the vita….


    • A Concerned Citizen says:

      Except Sony has absolutely nothing to do with this app, and Microsoft has been going in the cross-play direction for a while. I doubt they are scared of the NX as they are also coming out with new, more powerful, consoles. I mean, the NX will be a day one buy from me, but it probably won’t be able to emulate what the Wii did, and will probably flop like the Wii U, in sales.

      • gameboy says:

        oh…. remote play is confusing then, ill still go with my original theories that sony and microsoft is SCURRED

    • Noratio says:

      Its easy, as long nintendo will avoid the importance of multiplayer, simple app store, powerful device wirh latest technologies (4k, VR or AR), and freaking give a normal controller/joystick, they will fail again. Here are the key features for the success with NX

      – normal controllers (stop trying to reinvent the wheels, make it easier fo 3rd party developpers to bring games to your console as well)
      – Powerful GPU/CPU, that will bring 8-9 teraflops or more
      – 4K at 60pfs, yes. No less. geeks are the ones who buy the best and who play games and will write blogs, go take this crowd
      – forget about freaking mimoto, miiverse, miicrap.. We want something named Nintendo store where we can dowload big games on big hdds, that will fit 25-30 games or more.
      – make sure your controller are bluetooth and works with PC/Mac/Android/ios
      – we dont care about the size of the console, make it powerful
      – stop carring about retrocompatibility, leave this sdk alone, it sucks and the dame as the gamecube.. This will give more values the wiiu owners. Just release remakes in 4k of the games
      – secure exclusivity and you dont need other kids game, you got plenty coloful games. Go big with titles like you did with Resident Evil back in the GC.
      – leave alone blue ray, the world us digital 4k straming. Just make sure we have a netflix apps that works in 4k.
      – Vr compatible

      I will pay 600$ for a console like this, even 999$ , because you know what.. I pay freaking 999$ for a cell phone. Come on. Make it the apple way.. Hardware-wise, they are the best. Expensive but the best. OS-wise they suck, like Nintendo. This is why its time for a refresh.

  2. Philip says:

    I just received the Test Flight mail to test their software, so I will test it 😉

  3. My1 says:

    wait what the DS4 is not compatible with non jailbroken idevices? Apple fails so hard again!
    is it SO HARD to implement standard Bluetooth?

  4. Milton says:

    I’m a beta tester, and I can confirm it works like a charm. Now I need to test it at work. Using nimbus controller.

  5. Karol says:

    I can’t wait for this application. We really need PS4 remote play for IOS 🙂

  6. DreamPiggy says:

    OK…DS4 not compatible with iOS device?(Even with jailbreak device…), you need to buy one “MFI” compatible controller with $49.95….

    Well, remember this controller also compatible with Apple TV, so it’s not really useless..