Release: VitaSound, a library to play .ogg and .wav files


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9 Responses

  1. Trunk208 says:

    Interesting, be cool if it can work on other media format files like avi, flv, or mov, etc.

  2. CodeCrazz78 says:

    Awesome fix to the ram bug. Can only hope it’s not intensive with wait time for the read or when transitioning to another file.

  3. meysam25 says:

    boring !

  4. ripvita says:

    After seeing this “homebrew” app release which is the first of the only few in a long time, I think I have officially given up on the VITA 🙁 RIP

  5. says:



  6. Igiveup says:

    Wow, this is boring. So much hype for “Rejuvenate” and yet this is what developers use the Vita’s power for. How about a Nintendo 64 emulator? Sega Saturn emulator or Dreamcast? I really give up on the PS Vita homebrew scene.

  7. Zeke says:

    “VitaSound is for Homebrew developers out there who are still working on Native vita homebrew through the Rejuvenate hack”

    I think we could have probably counted the people doing that on one pair of hands and still have a spare finger, and that was last year. Only real use I’ve gotten out of Rejuvenate is RetroArch SNES/Genesis emulation, at which it’s very good assuming you’re using 444mhz speed Unity 1.06.

    To the other guy, look the Vita struggles to run Star Fox SNES full speed, it’s not going to handle N64/DC. For that you might want to look into the GPD XD, that thing is a handheld emulation beast running Android in a 3DSXL form factor.

  8. troll says:

    any news about the cobra blackfin?

  9. Salar says:

    Well its good to know that some one is still caring for vita , i personally thanks all the developer working in vita scene
    thank u guyz for ure hard work.