10% of PS4s running on firmware 1.76


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  1. The Nameless Monster says:

    A 1.76 user here!
    Still busy with all these PS3 and PC game out there. Waiting patiently for more good new about PS4 Hack 😀

  2. TuckDezi says:

    The funny thing I run into on COD a lot is “this guy is hacking, man” “He cheatin'”. I’m like “Dude there aren’t any mods on PS4. Hasn’t broken on current firmware.” they usually try to tell me some friend of theres got it so they know there is lol

    • MarSprite says:

      Just say “Cool story bro!” then repeat yourself when it’s your turn to talk, until they shut up.

      • giinova says:

        lol there is. I don’t know how but here in middle east there are guys in saudia arabia who have successfully put redbox radar and aimbot on black ops 3.

  3. e✘treme says:

    I think the best is if you have two console, one for playing and one for hacking/modding. and I think there are a lot more of 1.76 users atm. not everyone use twitter or votet in such polls.

    I have bought a second ps4 after the wk exploit was public, so the info not to update was known. for me it’s not interesting to play games for free. so this 1.76 thing is boring, everyone on 3.50 has to wait, the ps4 is hacked !

    • Brandon says:

      The easiest and cheapest would have probably been to buy a new PS4 after the announcement and leave the current one on 1.76.

  4. Probability says:

    It is less than 10%.. We can assume around 90% of ppl have voted for your pole are instrested in hack while other even dont care about firm 1.76 and busy. So 20+ million ps4 owners ratio to your voted 1.76 firmware wont even be 1%…

  5. lmao says:

    i guess it’s slow week

  6. Adam Fox says:

    I would rather just wait until more progress is made before I worry about hacking a PS4…not to mention, odds are, it’ll wind up working on higher firmwares. Look at Xbox 360, for awhile, you could only JTAG a certain dash…then RGH came along for higher dash versions. PS3 was hacked on 3.15, then it was hacked at higher firmwares. Wii was hacked at lower firmwares and later supported higher firmwares….so, when some good home-brew and/or ability to load games w/o the disc, i’ll worry about getting my current PS4 hacked or get another PS4

    • Aces says:

      PS3 was never hacked at firmware above 3.15
      You need to force flash above 3.15 using hardmod like E3 NORflasher before you can get to CFW

      • warfaren says:

        No, if you had a machine on 3.55 or lower you could hack it with just a USB thumbdrive and a couple of files.

  7. Tommy says:

    I’ve a PS4 with 1.76 fw and another one with 3.50 fw.
    I’ll be waiting PS4 NEO for change my second PS4 and waiting for a good CFW for my first console.

  8. fresno says:

    I’m still having the Ps4 “Killzone pack” with 2 joysticks still in the box, i have never opend it.
    I am waiting for a CFW (i hope it will come out soon).
    The other Ps4 is a “Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Édition – day one”, i don’t know what FW has in it, but i do the same thing (i am waiting for a CFW).
    The third one is a new one FW 3.50 withe 1To, this one i d’ont care, i’ve opened it and i play with it (a real pleasure).


  9. PSLOAD says:

    Im still on 1.52 on my 2nd ps4.
    My main ps4 is on the current firmware.

  10. Tail870 says:

    All or nothing!

  11. GothicIII says:

    This is not representative and this statement is plain wrong. In reality it’s maybe around 0,1% (which equal around 40.000 units) running fw1.79
    The data is based from a user rating where most users who follow are already interested in a jailbreak.

    This doesnt deserve any news. Please stop make nonsense/unnecessary news. Get back to the roots where this site was valuable.

    • Panzer says:

      Actually the guy who wrote this article said that the numbers are skewed at the end of the article.

      “Keep in mind that the numbers are totally biased: we got 588 answers (that’s a lot, thanks guys!), but people following my Twitter account are people interested in console hacks in general. It’s not surprising that the population of people “not running on the latest firmware” is unusually high (21%) among the scene. The actual numbers, among all PS4 owners, are probably much lower for 1.76 firmware.”

      • Randomuser says:

        Just because he has disclaimer at the end doesn’t make it alright. He’s got a headline which doesn’t indicate this & indicates it’s a representative sample. The sample is biased,so in most cases not representative of the general population. If it said 10% of Wololo users PS4’s running on 1.74 it would be a different story. Right now it’s just click bait.

        • Panzer says:

          Title might be clickbait-y, but the poster still acknowledged the fact that the numbers were skewed. Which is what I was referring to. The title being the way it is is a related, but different, issue.

  12. tbird0000 says:

    There isn’t an area on the poll for users on firmware 1.00! LOL. Still have day one launch edition in the box that’s never seen power. I’ve been actively following whatever news there is for this development. Cant wait for the day to come when I can load that CFW. There isn’t a need for me to load Linux at this moment as all my household computers are running Linux already.

  13. Black says:

    I’m on 2.51 😀 I’ve just activated blu-ray function and immediately disconnected from internet 😀

  14. Salsichask8 says:

    Galera where I Playstation vr used to sell ? Thanks a lot if someone help me ….

  15. azoreseuropa says:

    A 2.57 user here.