PSVita: This is what’s inside the cobra blackfin


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28 Responses

  1. Dann says:

    Completly unuseful right now

  2. AngryFolkOfFolktown says:

    Can’t see myself using this, too big of a device. I’d love to see a chip made for the game slot itself or a FREE software exploit that can give us some iso backup running capabilities. I don’t want my vita relying on some giant dock, even if it is in minimal use. Anybody remember the psp?
    I don’t remember having to pay as much as the system costs for a native hack. A better example would be the 3ds but you get my point.

    • Magus says:

      They should make something similar to sky3ds at least. Altough the psvita cards leave no room for that kind of stuff.

      • NoPatience says:

        room?? seriously?
        a micro sd card is much smaller than that and could easily fit in the vita cartridge.
        but hold your horses sonny!
        its never about the construction of the cartridges….its the mechanism and the software implemented in that cartridge to make it work!

    • akian_aray says:

      Do you want some unicorns and rainbows with your order, ma’am?

  3. Michael S says:

    It has a great chip on it. The Actel chip is the same family the DSM4 used back in the PS2 times. I still have mine installed “soldered” on my PS2

  4. PermaNull says:

    I don’t think you’re oversimplifying it but you have to think there may have (should have?) been some kind of security chip on the game cards that they’d have to emulate they couldn’t just pass the ISO in as an “ODE” type of situation or at least I’d assume that.

    Regardless it’s an interesting idea… I’d love to see what comes of the scene reversing these things and if they are doing any special emulation and not just having the ability to directly pass an ISO into the proprietary card port.

  5. Rolenzo says:

    It’s the size of a f**king kinect.

  6. Salar says:

    Looking foward to buying one in iran

  7. Franky says:

    May not be the best solution for playing ones own backups, but it’s better than nothing I guess. If I could go to the past, I would prevent myself from buying a Vita and just buy a GDP unit.

  8. Asamidare says:

    I hope for reverse engineering, a program to dump our games locked to our console/mem card, some rtm or cwcheat program and finally I’ll be playing all those Vita jrpgs.

  9. jayC says:

    well, vita scene is dead, wii u scene is unexisting, seems like the only console alive is the 3ds, heck, arm9h, cfw and recently some guy in gbt is porting a ds emulator for 3ds, guys like yifan lu just gave up cause the lack of interesting of another people to code something for this console, this cobra fin is already dead.

    • Kili says:

      Yeah and only the idiots partaking in the Vita scene have themselves to blame. Their self-righteousness. Oh we don’t want to have piracy. Yeah, well, look at that, the Vita STILL died and faster than ever.

      So now we have a useless system with wonderful hardware being underutilized on all fronts. YAY!

      • BenoitRen says:

        Only entitled idiots spout such stuff. Homebrew won’t save the PS Vita, and it’s not dead to start with. Piracy would actually kill it.

        It’s still getting games, so I’ll be over here playing them, thanks.

  10. PlaGeRaN says:

    Purchase 2nd hand vita: check
    Strip said vita: check
    See how to solder parts of device to debug or bus pirate #AdamOutler
    Configure Alcatel Chipset to run cloning software to set server address.

    Not unique to me unfortunately.

  11. Stanislav says:


  12. wowzer says:

    Worthless. PS Vita is dead. Even Sony terminated Vita TV.

  13. yeap says:

    I hope that the cobra blackfin device arrived to latinamerica

  14. Beh says:

    could you put sd2vita adapters in every slot and use it as a massive storage device?

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