Nvidia Shield Portable – PS1 Emulation


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  1. Dmaskell92 says:

    Ouch, that Amazon link has the Shield listed for $500+

    Is this due to increase in interest? Perhaps low stock, I don’t know if Nvidia is still manufacturing the portable. I paid only $130 from a local GameStop for a brand new unit.

    Also this is my first article, go easy on me guys

  2. Anita says:

    More on Nvidia Shield Portable! (And I own one :P)

  3. Rolenzo says:

    Out of curiousity, which games are not working well on the vita? I’ve converted around 20 unofficial games and they all work absolutely perfect as far as I’ve seen.

  4. Zeke says:

    I think the Nvidia Shield Portable greatly stretches the definition of Portable. It’s freaking huge. It’s unusual for people to carry a handheld gaming console at all these days, most are content with swipey touchscreen games that hold zero interest for me personally, but if you really want to look like an ubernerd then yes, the NSP is the one to choose. Unlike a Vita or a 3DS XL which has a decent form factor for enjoying games while comfortably fitting in most pockets so it’s less conspicuous, more like a smartphone in the case of the Vita, at least until you look closely. And their own libraries with some backwards compatibility with other generations (as I’ve mentioned at length in the forums the Vita will comfortably emulate SNES, Genesis, GBA and a few other notable ones).

    Basically I love the concept of the Shield but it’s Xbox HueG in handheld (barely) form. Slim it down with the same power and it’ll maybe move out of it’s niche.

  5. cracker says:

    I totally agree that the Shield Portable is a great device for emulation. The only downside is that it won’t fit in your pocket (unless you have huge pockets and don’t mind looking like a freak). Nvidia needs to make a Shield Portable 2 (not a tablet) with an X1.

  6. Franky says:

    What about the GPD Win or XD? The latter is only $200 or less for the perfect android all in one portable emulation machine with a built in gamepad and the GPD Win is a powerful $260 handheld unit with a full keyboard and gamepad that can run Crysis, so it should be capable of running most emulators.

  7. Wazzaby says:

    got a moto G3 with a ipega 3025 no problems with emulation(in general), plus a LOT cheaper .
    in the end more for less

  8. Magus says:

    The shield used to be 150 usd.
    Now the priced increased a lot due to being out of stock and discountinued. I HAD ONE IT EVEN EMULATED DREAMCAST PERFECTLY!

  9. meysam25 says:

    i am unable to see the pics
    becuase the host of web site is filter in my country
    so sad

  10. Mo Poge says:

    Would the Nvidia Shield TV display comparable graphics or is better or worse in some way than the Shield Portable?

    • Thrawn says:

      Performance wise, the shield TV is on a whole different league, packs by far more power than its older shield brother. It even outperforms the shield tablet by a lot. Drawback is, the shield TV is not portable.
      Software wise, I don’t know if epsxe is already running on android m, since the shield tv got the update quite a while ago but it could very well be.
      But keep in mind, the shield TV comes with a version of android TV, that is quite different from our all known smartphone android, and has some stupid limitations (GOOGLE, WHY?), especially with accounts on play store.
      Out of the box, there is no support for multiple accounts, you can only gain that by workarounds with gmail and registering multiple account in the email app and swapping every time you want to change the account. There is also no dedicated file explorer and internet browser, workarounds are available on the play store such as es file explorer, which helps alot with the shield TV.
      Other than those very strange and questionable limitations, it got nice hardware and usb 3.0 support as well as a micro sd slot and it can hook up and play 4K content (only if you got a 4K screen that is).

  11. BlazingSoul says:

    I would pick the GPD XD over the Shield Portable, since it cheaper and more powerful on both the CPU and GPU side. Or better yet, wait for the GPD Win, a Windows 10 version with both a gamepad and a keyboard.

  12. Smoker1 says:

    Yeah, I will stick with my much better Storage option of my 64GB GPD XD over the crappy 16GB Shield Portable any day. My Shield is now just collecting dust since I got my XD. Only problem is the O3DS XL Accessories did not fully work with it unless Modded, and Skins did not fill Completely. Had to grab a Vinyl Decal for Automotive and make Scan Printouts of the Device just to get it right, or at least, close enough.
    FULL GamePad Buttons
    STORAGE OPTIONS!!!!!!!! 64GB!!!! Fap, fap, fap, fap!!!!!!
    Has a Button Mapping Feature like the Shield Portable
    Due to more Storage, dont have the same problems you get with the Shield when you have so many Apps Moved to the SDCard, not showing on the Home Screen after a Restart.
    More Compact Design for Portability

    L/R3 not being incorporated in the JoyStick Controls. Actual Buttons
    L/R2 like the N3DS are a pain. They should have made a Improvement on the 3DS Design by making the System a little thicker and made the Shoulder Buttons like the Shield or like the WiiU GamePad. I would not mind a thicker Device.
    No FULL SIZE USB. Seriously? Not everyone connects to a TV with the Micro HDMI. Useless. Slap a Full USB Port in there for more Storage for Roms, ISOs, Videos, you name it. Seriously cant wait till the GPD Win comes out in October

  13. Stranno says:

    Playstation is easily the worst console of all times for HD image. The lack of floating point unit, z-buffer, antialiasing, texture filtering and texture perspective correction make games awful with no crappy CRT image.

    You can fake some of this with the “modern” anti-tearing and texture correction techniques of ePSXe and Petes modifications but they are not nearly as accurate as could be the real thing.

    It worth to have Playstation or at least Playstation 2 Phat (Slim still use fully software emulation).

    • Zeke says:

      I’m not sure what you mean with that last line. The PS2 Phat uses the PS1’s CPU to manage controllers etc, so when you run a PS1 game it just turns into a hardware PS1, more or less. So it’s not doing any additional things to make the video look better, personally I can’t tell the difference. The PS3, on the other hand, can upscale the games. It’s not perfect but it’s arguably the easiest/cheapest way to get original PlayStation games running in a way that can output to a HDMI display.

      Incidentally the PS2 is pretty poor with it’s anti-aliasing, most games don’t have it at all or use trickery to make it look smoother.

      • BenoitRen says:

        The PS2 had no hardware support for anti-aliasing, unlike every other console that released during that generation (even the Dreamcast).

    • BenoitRen says:

      As far as I know, the PS2 slim has PS1 support in the same way as the original model. The PS2 isn’t powerful enough for software emulation.

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  14. modchipguy says:

    Nvidia shield portable is great I’ve had one almost since release. Also they still go for $150-$200 on ebay…

  15. solid snake says:

    This article reminds me how their is not enough PlayStation 2 games on portable devices. Metal Gear Solid 2 looked perfect on the Psvita! I want at least a handful of ps2 games for the vita, it seems possible anyway.

    • Zeke says:

      It’s a case of how good the port is. For example, MGS HD Collection looked great and played really well (forget about the 3DS version… bleh) whereas the God Of War Collection represented a lazier port and even locked to 30fps had noticeable slowdown in places even the original PS2 games (which would slow down and/or exhibit screen tearing effects in certain places) did not. Still, it’s playable, and I completed the original God Of War, though I think the “Harpy stuck on ladder” gltich that allows maximum red orbs to fully upgrade everything earlier in the Temple section doesn’t work, but the “infinite magic by skipping Medusa’s Gaze challenge” still does.

  16. Pixelise says:

    Please make more articles about Shield Portable.. Because I have a hard choose, which is better Nvidia Shield Android TV or Portable. Of course someone who has both things can give me a advice/tip. I plan to use Nvidia Shield for emulation.

  17. deathblade200 says:

    um I tried to tell you people about this device when it first release for $199 and now you wait until its out of stock and going to cost people $500+?

  18. deathblade200 says:

    oh and here is a video I made awhile ago to showcase what ff8 looks like with openGL its slightly laggy only because I was recording with a app

  19. deathblade200 says:

    goddamit forgot to put the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqs9JSPcWoE

  20. Bl4ckH4nd says:

    Don’t know where that 15fps comment came from. I play FF7, 8 and 9 on my Galaxy S7 Edge with OpenGL, filtering and AA.

    I get full speed all the time. Even on my Xperia Z2 this was achieved, just minus the AA and extra filtering.

  21. MarSprite says:

    I dig my NVIDIA Shield Portable. I preordered mine as soon as Gamestop started taking preorders. I remember when everyone was talking about it like it was a stupid idea to make it, and that it was going to flop because it was too niche. They all forgot that video games were a niche activity for a niche audience in the first place.

    Emulation on the shield is really awesome, and the ability to play my PC library at any well connected network was really awesome too. Unfortunately I’m experiencing life turbulence, so I don’t have a quality network to use that feature at the moment.

  22. Mrsnippy says:

    Now , the shield is great and all ! But I’d advise you to show alongside is less…. Expansives android methods.

    the GPD XD, for exemple springs to mind , with the 64 gigs version going as lo as 180, with its power shy away from being able to run tegra K only games. Anything lower (dreamcast, power hungry games, emulation in general) will work right out of the box.

    Another, older option is the wikipad , but harder to find.

    last bu not least, is the 3 months old JXD S192, boasting the same kind of firepower the portable shield had, but stronger.

    All viable alternatives all available way under the 350 dollar pricetags the Shield is still commonly found out at .. hen it’s still available for sale that is.

  23. Bob says:

    Shield portable makes me wonder why other handhelds don’t come with a built-in fans. I really want to see a shield 2 with the x1.

  24. Alex says:

    I used to have a crappy kmart brand android 10″ tablet which tbh was only useful for playing ps1 games, as it ran them almost perfectly, and with a USB OTG cable and a knockoff xbox controller it was really nice

  25. Ryo says:

    If you want a niche portable device for emulation, check out the PYRA here: boards.openpandora.org.

    It’s fully opensource linux device with keyboard, 6 gaming buttons, analog sticks, etc.

  26. MadZiontist says:

    Yeah the Shield Portable is the best, um portable console I’ve owned. I actually own two now. Got the second one, after they went out of production from a “classic gaming pawn shop” for about $160. It was in better condition than the one I bought about 9 months earlier, brand new for $199. It was on the original launch firmware, and pretty much looked new. Not that the ROM/firmware matters, you can flash any available ROM/firmware at any time, including CyanogenMod on Lollipop on the Shield Portable. It’s *** though. LP is broke on NSP. I’m fine on KitKat 4.4.2.

    My primary interest is emulation, and this micro-console (well maybe besides the recently released JXD S192 Singularity…which has the more powerful Tegra K1, Shield Tablet chipset in it, as well as a much higher resolution 7″ screen, and 32GB internal storage) is the portable king of emulation. Handles just about any console up to the Dreamcast without problems, plus PSP and DS emulation. The only older console that it has a major problem with, that comes to mind, is the Sega Saturn 🙁 . That seems to run about as well as DaedalusX64 on the PSP. I hope that gets whipped into shape. I have “Nights: Into Dreams” I wanna play. 😀

    On top of the emulation, you have a lot of PC/Xbox style Android ports to choose from, and they all control great with the tactile style, and no unwanted soft keys on the screen: Max Payne, Half-Life (indie port: Xash3D), HL 2. HL 2 Ep. 1, HL 2 Ep. 2, Portal, KOTOR, GTA III, GTA: VC, GTA: SA, and a lot more. Plus some pretty cool engines (launchers?, Idk) that run games using the PC files (check Beloko Games on Amazon), such as: DOOM, QUAKE, QUAKE 2, Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Outcast & Jedi Outcast II, Return To Castle Wolfenstein… There’s just a lot that these powerful Android gaming devices have to offer. The kinda stuff that you really don’t get on a major console platform at all, and years of waiting and cat & mouse games for the other stuff. It’s also nice having a microSD slot, for affordable expandable storage up to 200GB (SanDisk). These consoles might not fit in your pocket (well cargo pockets I suppose), but they’re totally portable. Just toss ’em in a backpack (or *** pack…if that’s how you get down with your rad self) and it’s fine. I rarely ever carried any of my portables outside a backpack anyways. And I think most ppl play their portables at home, more than on the go anyways.

    But the most powerful, and best Android gaming platform out there is the Nvidia Shield Android TV. It’s not a handheld, but who cares? It’s badasterisk, and it the only droid platform I know of that can run Dolphin for real (GameCube).

    Oh and I’ve only used ePSXe and FPSE for PSX emulation, which work great, and look better than on the Vita with the filters/shaders/plugins, etc.. But I’ve heard from multiple reliable sources, that PSX emulation on Android is best on RetroArch, running PCSX-Reloaded.

    And I’m ordering the JXD Singularity in a couple of days or so! I’ve read, researched, and watched enough. Sold.


  27. jmjohnson85 says:

    PSP Go + Cradle + Component Cable + PSP Power Adapter + Sixaxis = most portable,compatible and convenient PS1 setup.

    The picture is SD (480P) but still looks infinitely better than an actual PlayStation console. It can fit a total of 32GB worth of PS1 games after adding a 16GB M2 card. Load speeds are absolutely top notch. Virtual memory cards are automatically configured for each game and saves can easily be loaded on a PS3 through the USB cable. Plus it even has a sort of “save state” feature (limited to only one game at a time though).

    I’ve played around with unofficial emulators for many years now and have been consistently wowed by their graphical enhancement capabilities. But in the end what’s most important is that you can trust the platform to provide perfect stability with accurate graphics, sound and controls. I’ve found that while forfeiting HD graphics with this setup most of the features remain without being plagued by the inevitable bugs/glitches emulators produce.