PS4: PS4 Playground (Webkit exploit), customized by eXtreme


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19 Responses

  1. Rolenzo says:

    Very interesting stuff. I wonder how many people are still on 1.76

    • makz says:

      i am, bought a white one the day they announce the kernel exploit was a thing, and i’ve only powered on 4 times to try some tools like linux 😀

  2. WibblyWobbler says:

    Me. I am.
    Actually, think I am still on 1.51

  3. WibblyWobbler says:

    Oh, and 2nd!

  4. WibblyWobbler says:

    No… that was 3rd

  5. WibblyWobbler says:

    D4mn it, 4th now……………………………..

  6. WibblyWobbler says:

    Make it stop!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!! X_x

  7. Zeratul10 says:

    Any news on the 3.50 kernel and WebKit exploits?

  8. sh21ab says:

    believe me I have 1.76 but I do not see much progress in the hack

    • Salar says:

      you cant expect it to just pops out. thou i think that mostly hackers try to keep it as safe as possible , till the realese of PSVR or PS4K

  9. Scene member, the best 2 words in the article 🙂 (it’s good to know, it was a long way for me). thanks for the nice article, wololo.

  10. Nate says:

    Bought a ps4 awhile ago after news of the kernel exploit. It is sitting in my closet on fw 1.05, just waiting to be tinkered with.