Dosbox running on Xbox One


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12 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    I can’t help but feel envious, comparing this with the Vita’s counterpart (PSM, or whatever’s left of it).
    As expected, Xbone turning into PC from the console has its own upsides.

  2. Rolenzo says:

    Oh my, he’s running zsnes as well. That’s a nice little bonus for xb1 owners.

  3. Zeke says:

    Xbox One = OtherOS

    Early days as it might be, but this is brilliant. When it’s up to speed a lot of people are going to jump on it.

    This reminds me more of the difference between the Vita and the 3DS, where Sony has the tough security and system lockdown where the 3DS can be exploited at a very low level, except here there’s no need for an exploit at all. People who used to use Linux on PS3 before it got taken away are likely to be happy.

    • ch3wt0ys says:

      Coming from a guy who use to use PS3 Other OS, I’m focused on Linux on PS4. Not a Windows framework on Xbone, Windows isn’t even my main OS. Why would I be happy about taking steps backwards instead of pushing for something else, something different?

      • Zeke says:

        Because Windows/DOS or not, it still allows the use of tools and emulators only possible on the PS4 with an old firmware and losing all the online features of the console. Windows isn’t my main OS either (well, only at work which I have no control over) but I would find that incredibly useful if I chose to buy an Xbox One in future, for emulator support especially when the speed is up. Makes it more useful as an “entertainment centre” type device.

        • BenoitRen says:

          Almost every device out there can run emulators, so I have to wonder why people still think it’s useful when a new device can run them.

          • Zeke says:

            Wow you are really dumping on this idea. I guess the simple fascination with taking a device beyond what it was meant to do and re-purposing it for something else isn’t enough for some…

  4. :O says:

    only an Xbone….move along nothing to see here 😛

  5. Scissors475 says:

    Ohhhh yessssssssss.

  6. d4kc9 says:

    You can also boot Windows 95 in javascript on XBOX One

  7. Romero says:

    How is this news? what a joke this site is really starting to suck. Go outside and get some fresh air!

  8. Sérgio Ricardo says:

    That’s too bad people complaining about no news on the scene (and not impressed at all when something pops up) are not the same providing fresh ideas/approaching to help improving the hole community they’re supposedly part of.