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Wii U emulator: Cemu 1.5.0 runs Mario Kart 8 at full speed (Video)


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9 Responses

  1. Archaga says:

    [skeptical stare] “Let’s see what godly setup this guy used to run the game.
    *Sure shut me up* Wow, mid range gaming setup, impressive it’s running so well.
    Getting a new build with i5 6600K/GTX 1070/2x8Gb RAM, definitely giving CEMU a try.

  2. Mr.Egypt says:

    Good to remind us that all gaming devices were almost fully hacked expect the Vita, these news always Mack me about to cry.

  3. OneShotMan says:

    epic, soon i wont have to use my wii u to play smash4 or other nin games

  4. wohoho says:

    in other front, citra3ds is still slow as fuxxk

    • wl says:

      because no dynarec implemented yet.
      but in current state almost fullspeed on many games (with GTX 980, at least)

  5. Xyrem says:

    Changelog says it now supports more controllers, but do you still need a gamepad to launch something or is it now possible to play with any kind of controller as the controls must be the same as the “Pro/Classic Controllers” ?
    Or atleast, would remapping another controller with the Pro/Classic buttons work ?