WUDecrypt Released – decrypt Wii U Disc images on MacOS, Linux, and Windows


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19 Responses

  1. PichPichh says:

    The Wii U scene sure is exploding,isn’t it ? 🙂

    • TheShogunOfHarlem says:

      what do you mean?

      • Gordao says:

        Yeah… What u mean?

        • PichPichh says:

          I mean that there are a lot of hacks and tools being released for the Wii U, and there’s also an emulator witch is pretty much starting to be getting shape.

          • Penny says:

            You will never be able to emulate games like bayonetta or The Wonderful 101 though. Only ARM-games run with that emulator you mean. No PowerPC-games run with 1/5th of the speed so far…And they most likely will never run with just 50% of the needed speed…

  2. asrsdf says:

    Holy ***, sony removed Everybody’s Tennis from psn store????

  3. mike says:

    And who the *** wants on linux or macOS? XD

  4. jj says:

    discu is an ages old tool that does exactly the same. ok maybe window only but a small virtual windows image never hurt anyone.

  5. AAKASH170 says:

    nobody cares about wiiu or ps vita

  6. Kornik755 says:

    Doesn’t the UWizard do basically the same thing and with easy-to-use GUI though? I mean just now I’ve unpacked 3 games to use with Loadiine

  7. Salsicha says:

    And unlocking the ps4 guys?i will not come?

  8. salsicha says:

    And the ps4 cfw?when release?Thanks guys

  9. salsicha says:

    I know that is a lie her, the ps4 will have cfw yes, we do not know when but it seems that go immediately release and goodbye expensive games will help many people, we have to find a dev good heart and he release cfw ps4, glad because I know it will be unlocked but no one destroys my face hopes!