PS Vita: Cobra Blackfin piracy dongle resurfaces (pictures)


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35 Responses

  1. Baktillus says:

    I kinda hope this is real just so we get some certainty after all.

  2. Gamer7 says:

    I can not buy such expensive item because I do buy games in official way

  3. kopko says:

    Interesting, I am waiting for this device, willing to put 100$ into it, time will show if its worth.

  4. mink says:

    i think it makes the device able to swim with that sweet fin!

  5. meysam25 says:

    i really need to know , is this device real or fake

  6. AciDBatH says:

    The only reason I hope this is real is for hackers. Maybe this is help something bigger and cheaper.

  7. Keyone says:

    lol.. now you are writing about pictures and no confirmation if the device is even real or fake that’s just lame.

    • lol says:

      Its better than anything you are able to do. Go on prove me wrong, write an amazing article for this site then.

    • Katie says:

      ok, let’s see you dig up new information on this device. Why don’t you enlighten us the truth with facts on if the device is real or fake?

  8. cris says:

    too late and nothing will come out of this

  9. G says:

    So there have to be a lot of people using this device to make it work. And that wont work at the vita, additional the price kills the concept

  10. dima says:

    i work at a video game store and we got an offer from a supplyer to buy one of these. unfortunatly we dont need it because they stoped releasing games for PSVITA

  11. Tony says:

    This is going to do more harm than good due to how little games the vita gets, if anything it’s going to kill support altogether we won’t even get indie games anymore.

  12. tangra87 says:

    I think its fake , or for some reason does not work any more , and that is why htey dont release it . If its real (its possible …) I dont think that I will buy it , its too expensice , for that amount of money you will be able to buy quait a lot of games tha you could play ON THE GO , and not in your house depending on your internet conection .

  13. NotWololo says:

    Thinking about it, this seems like a better device for accessing all your games without switching cards then piracy. Honestly It’d be pretty cool to use it like that, to switch your own physical games without the hassle of switching game cards. I’d consider getting it for that it if it was cheaper.

  14. Crzo says:

    Too expensive, even Gateway and Sky3ds which do a much better job at being normal flashcarts aren’t this expensive.

    For this kind of money you can simply just buy any game you really want for the Vita on PSN when sales arise…

  15. Nokia2100 says:

    Need video authentication reliability and how it works

  16. Salar says:

    Well i think it needs more info , i will buy it no matter what if it comes to iran , but we have to know more detail than only knowing it that it only enable iso loading of the games , like it will enable ure device to play MKV format or it will enable it to have more spaces via Micro SD or any other ability that it gaves us.
    if possible plz wololo test it and post the result.

    • R0rke says:

      salar can you please give me a skype id or email address for contacting i’m iranian /.

    • Cypherous says:

      Because thats all it does, it will not give you features theconsole doesn’t have, this isn’t a hack, this isn’t homebrew, this is literally a piracy dongle, this will not do anything other than that

      • Who's your daddy? says:

        Nah bro thats not right. You could theoretically play homebrews like the Cobra ODE do.
        But in my opinion this device cost more than any games i woud buy for the Vita.
        But who knows what it can do? Maybe it needs kernel access to work like the 3ds card…

  17. WhOoOps says:

    srsly ? so any news about PS 4 Dongle ?

  18. Nikesh says:

    yes its out i was just contacted by one of my chinese suppliers he is selling it for 96usd .

  19. Hoang says:

    Bottom right hand corner is a picture/shape of an amiiqo? ***

  20. Zeke says:

    Most of the actual cart games for Vita are stupidly cheap now due to lack of interest anyway. If the Fin would allow putting all your own carts in and just opening ports on the router so all the games can be stored on the (now hideously expensive as compared to microSD) Vita memory card and you can pull the auth from your home computer, it might be worth it for hobbyists. Personally it’s use as a way to finally sideload Vita ISOs/ROMs whatever on the memory cards themselves if someone can figure it out is the most important asset.

    I still doubt it’s real. But I don’t doubt that Sony will pat themselves on the back for the fact that they would consider the Vita not fully hacked. And that, Sony, is because it didn’t shift enough units and never quite had a killer app…

  21. Stanislav says:

    Yesss!!!Please continue!

  22. finfan says:

    I assume the usb card reader will be able to dump the games too, because we need to place them on the micro sd.
    so, dumping games will be cool.
    in the future, if the vita is ever hacked more, we could use this without having to rely on the real cart authentication 🙂 although at that point we could just have the games as digital installs instead of spoofing a cart.

  23. MasterJ says:

    Lmao Dongles… I learned my lesson about using dongles back when ps3 had Trueblue overpriced for their own good. And now look what happened, we took the CFW out of it and made it 100% software. The good news about this isn’t the dongle… its the possibility that the Vita will get its own CFW if it lands into our dev team hands.

  24. Ben says:

    Wololo, I just spoke to the seller of the item a few minutes ago.
    To reassure everyone, this product is REAL. The seller (who is not the official seller from the company, just a reseller) – said they have them in stock to buy now.
    BUT there is no software, the software side of the product is not finished yet, I asked them when it is due and they also don’t know, no update on the official website.
    So yes, the product is real (strange how people can think a joke/prank would go this far) – but until the software is finished there is no useable product. I wonder how long it will take for the software to be finished.

    But if you really want you can buy the hardware and look it! 🙂

    To the people who talk about dongles and the negativity, remember, the way this works is that it NEEDS to be this way, there is no vita hack good enough so all we can rely on is ‘tricking’ the physical side, similar to ODEs, some flashcarts etc.
    The difference with trueblue and gateway and why some people people don’t like them is that they themselves need hacks to run, and so they could have been developed without hardware, but weren’t, so that the companies could make some money.
    But stuff like DS flashcard, it needs to be physical, the DS has no sd card, has nothing really, you need a card to have the games on, tough luck.
    Not everything can be downloaded and free.
    Some of you seem to be forgetting not everything is possible in software!

    Until the vita is ever blown open or hacked more, we will have to rely on tricks like ode stuff.

  25. game4deal says:

    wow oh , i think it is true for the price on the official instead of taobao … i am seeing a wholesale reseller even it is wholesale order ,need $96.5 usd one pcs .
    you can check there

  26. Dann says:

    Almost 80 dollars? In my country the used games are on 10 o 15 dollars, it’s more cheap than this :/

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