Wii U 5.5 Kernel exploit has been leaked


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  1. nadds says:

    I cannot get loadliine to load no matter what I do, I have got both the hexploit 30 and 10 exploits to run no problem, however when I launch loadiine I get an error saying “could not load file /wiiu/apps/loadiine_gx2/loadiine_gx2.elf ” I have placed the elf exactly there so it should run no problem, ive downloaded the latest version of loadiine and had no luck, inside the wiiu/apps/loadiine_gx2 folder is just the loadiine_gx2.elf file, I have tried including the www folder and even putting all the www files in the same directory as the elf…no luck.

    any help here? im so lost and this is starting to *** me off

  2. Thetechdoc says:

    So ive been at this for 3 hours and so far can get both the 30 and 10 exploits to load perfectly…but nothing else, loadiine when loaded with kexploit 10 says “cannot load file wiiu/apps/loadiine.gx2/loadiine_gx2.elf” and when loaded with the kexploit 30, I get slightly further but get “race attack failed” every single time and it launched wiiu settings.

    doing the same with homebrew launcher, with either exploit I just get “cannot load file” by the web browser, im so bloody lost here and all tutorials seem to skip over 5.5.0 like it doesn’t exist

  3. Krazystarr says:

    If you’re having issues :
    Don’t self host :

    Goto http://www.loadiine.ovh

    Scroll Down : Copy both Loadiine, and Homebrew launcher downloads to SD Card
    Visit loadiine.ovh in the wiiu browser. Click submit button. You’re done

    • Alex Naddei says:

      omfg thank you! that fixed it! I dont know why I couldn’t self host but who cares!! thank you!!

    • Charles Fasano says:

      Every time I try to do step 1 my Wii U freezes. Using 5.3.2. I have both Loadiine and HomeBrew Channel installed in the SD:/wiiu/apps/ folders.

      • Charles Fasano says:

        When I try on my 5.5.0 Wii U I can load Loadiine but when I launch a game I get an error saying there is something wrong with my system memory with error 160-2201.

      • Charles Fasano says:

        I can load Virtual console games on my 5.5.0 Wii U no problem. I just can’t load Wii U games.

  4. andrew acevedo says:

    does anybody know how to fix error 160-2246 from coming up when loading a game in loadline?

  5. jcags says:

    I wish devs would have enough interest to release native emulators on Wii U

  6. Miles54321 says:

    I currently cannot get my Internet working and cannot use Loadiine/Homebrew Launcher even after doing the Illuminati hax exploit with “kexploit10,31”
    Can anyone give me any tips, I’m still getting Internet Issues when trying, I am using the latest version of homebrew launcher 1.4 and have tried “loadiine.ovh” but website won’t work
    I’ve also tried changing DNS settings also, only the IOSU illuminati H4X works atm