PS4: More debug settings on the way?


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8 Responses

  1. yay says:

    First! This s the happiest day of my liiiiiiiiiiiiife *sings*

  2. Tommy says:

    Debug or not we need a CFW…

    • MistyVermin says:

      CFW is probably going to never happen so dont count on it. Idk why everyone thinks its going to happen, this generation of hacking is no longer cfws but rather live patching the memory.

      • warfaren says:

        That just comes down to what you wanna call it. So you’re saying it has to be permanently installed and overwritten to classify as CFW? It’s a word the community created anyway, it can mean what we want it to mean, there’s no official definition. For example 3DS (which is current gen) that boots into EmuNAND via menuhax is largely considered “CFW” by the community, although no files in NAND are replaced other than those required for the menuhax payload to run.

        • MistyVermin says:

          Well then they are using the wrong term for the simplicity of writing “CFW” rather than writing “Live patcher”. CFW stands for custom firm ware and nothing about the firmware was customized with the menuhax exploit and the same for PS4 so far. And half the time when people think jailbreak now for ps4 they think of a modified PS4UPDATE.PUP file which is absolutely not the case nor will it probably ever be.

          • warfaren says:

            So you’re saying as soon as firmware is loaded from NAND into RAM it’s no longer firmware?
            I still think Custom Firmware can mean whatever you want it to mean, since like I said it’s not an official standard created by any company.

  3. salsicha says:

    Good work Wololo,I wait custom firmware…..

  4. nope says:

    People can write an application that cures cancer, bring about world peace and turn the console into a self sustaining automaton, yet everyone’s response will always be “but CFW tho…”

    Cool to see these settings, hopefully I’ll have time later on tonight to try this out.