Is it ok to sell a console hacking service?


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  1. loki says:


  2. Paul says:

    I think I have been searching for hours and cannot find a clear cut way to install VHBL on 3.60…
    Could someone PLEASE point me in the right direction?

  3. TheKornerKids says:

    The psn password and user name would only need to be known by the one offering the service. The one offering the service would add the one requesting the service to a sort of mailing list via text to inform them which game to purchase. The rest from there can be done by remote desktop and via instant messenger. Ive done several different consoles this way already.

  4. master says:

    I want to hack my vita 3.61 any one could help please

  5. Baileyscream says:

    I would appreciate a response wololo.

    I assume you know who I am
    I have been in the ps3 scene for a looong time
    I believe hackinformer is in the right
    He has a basic tut. There are many more scattered about on the net so it’s all free infomation
    The tools and installes are also freely available on the net
    So the end user can get everything together
    They can also buy an exploited ps3 or vita to do the job
    But if the end user cannot afford or get hold of an exploited unit or cannot follow the tuts due to them not understanding some or all of it then there going to look for someone to do it for them.
    Now as already stated the tools and installes are freely available on the net so you cannot sell them
    What you can sell is your time and rightly so.
    But the price should be fair
    If your actually working for an hour then charge for an hour
    But if your working for 10min then a program works unsupervised for 50min then you should only charge for 10min

    Now I have done ps3 downgrades
    I started after I made the ultimate fool proof guide and after I was asked by many to do there’s as it was all over there heads
    I charged for the service and the service was £25 (1h30min)slims £35 (2h)phats included clean and repast and cfw installed with multiman webman etc installed
    Other people not in the scene were charging £50 – £60 an amount that did not reflect the time spent.
    I never charged for the items to be installed and the buyer could have the latest versions of there choice installed
    If you and other fellow developers feel they should have a percentage paid for this service then why not advertise the services yourselves
    You don’t need to do it under your device names but your in a position to advertise and vouch for your alternative service seller name.

    • wololo says:

      This is an old article and it feels weird answering to questions about it now. I think my main problem was less about the fact that hackinformer charged for it, and more about the fishy way this was done:
      1) It required to register on their forum, only to learn that it was a paid service. On a site that typically is part of the “free” side of the scene
      2) It sold installation services for tools made by people that the owner of hackinformer knows very well. He and I have known each other for many years, he used to be a blogger on this site before starting hackinformer, and we talk to each other on a firstname (not nickname) basis. We consider each other friends. As a friend, he could have easily come to me to ask me if I was ok with him selling a service that involves my software.

      With that being said: water under the bridge. I’m not against people being paid for their effort, but it should be made clearly, transparently, to all stakeholders involved, especially given the circumstances.

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