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PS4 Custom Home Menu, the early steps of PS4 unofficial themes?


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12 Responses

  1. Trunk208 says:

    Oh Snap Multiman!!

  2. Mido says:

    Fun stuff
    I can’t wait to get my hands on a custom firmware even if it doesn’t have piracy stuff
    It would be cool to miss around

  3. nyx says:

    So just like the vita.

  4. Relys says:

    Has anyone looked into SQL Injection as an attack vector or escalation mechanism? :p What does the information schema look like and what processes access it?

  5. Zeke says:

    So it uses an unencrypted SQL based app.db file which can easily have records modified. Same idea as the Vita then, that’s pretty easy to inject new icons to or change existing ones as you see fit.

  6. slashmegaman says:

    so injecting ark or something similar could be possible in theory?

  7. Senaxx says:

    Pretty funny this get’s picked up now. This has been done on a debug console but can also easily be replicated on a retail 1.76. Use some kind of FTP binary (PS4LINK for example) to login to you ps4, and grab the app.db to your PC. Edit it with sql lite editor. You cannot add entries, but you can modify existing entries easily. Upload a new ICON0.PNG to your playstation 4 in the appdata (if i remember right) replace the app.db and reboot and profit.

    But it actually doesn’t do anything… it’s just a text entry in a database and an icon that I replaced. I posted it up for fun on twitter since it’s not a big of a deal.

  8. eXtreme says:

    anyway, for me you have showed the most interesting progress for end users, thanks for sharing.

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