Proof of concept webkit exploit running on PS4 firmwares 2.xx


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  1. Jesse says:


  2. ombus says:

    i stayed on 3.15 because i feel that soon there will an exploit for it 🙁 missing on remote play.. uhgg but i have faith.

  3. Ant says:

    Only a matter of time

  4. Sean says:

    Great news! For those wondering, the last firmware version before 2.50 was 2.04.

  5. Jason says:

    It’s still 4/20 here… You’re here from the future with good news for the scene!! 🙂

  6. Fimo says:

    “If you happen to have a PS4 running a firmware below 2.50, and have the skills to 1) confirm that this is true and 2) try and get the dlclose exploit to run on this, then by all means, help the PS4 scene”
    The Dclose exploit has been patched on OFW 2.04 (source: Flatz), this webkit exploit may Jailbreak PS4 on firmware 2.03 maximum.
    Owners of PS4 on OFW 2.5x or 3.x still have to wait.
    PS: Last week someone posted a POC of a 3.50 webkit exploit on twitter (then he deleted all his twits !). If a new kernel exploit is founded on OFW 3.xx that will be huge ! 🙂

    • aimaim says:

      I couldn’t find the info about Dclose being in patched in 2.04, but I have no reason to not believe you. How about BadIRET? All I can find is, that it was patched somewhere in 2.xx.

      • Fimo says:

        You have to believe Flatz not me 🙂
        Badiret actualy doesnt work properly, the registries doesn’t come back on a stable environment, the system is in state of “panic” and hangs/crashes after a few minutes. Maybe Badiret is working on FW 2.5x, but only Cturt knows and someone has to finish to code the exploit, clean the registry.

        • aimaim says:

          Thanks for the clarification. Not quite what I had hoped to hear though since I got a second console with 2.04 firmware. Well then I’m just gonna have to wait for a new kernel exploit.

  7. PSLOAD says:

    Someone who knows whats the firmware on the Metal Gear solid ps4? i still got my one sealed

    • Jougtde says:

      This ps4 is available since 09/01/15. At this moment, it was the 2.50 firmware version. The 3.0 version became available the 09/30/15

  8. That_thot says:

    Hope they find an exploit for 3.15. I only updated just to play SFV which was disappointing. I never should’ve updated my 2.04 fw, I don’t e end play my ps4 much

  9. WTF says:

    All these Exploits and nothing worthwhile to run with them. Hopefully CFW and then I’ll hail this a success

    • nope says:

      I guess for dumbf#$ks such as yourself there isn’t anything worthwhile but linux is a very nice thing to have.

      • WTF says:

        Get yourself a PC if you want to run Linux like everyone else you F W I T. It might be cool then. Brought a PS4 to plat games not to use as PC. What a tool. Get with the program

        • nope says:

          That’s why you buy two consoles you “tool”. But judging by your petty bickering like that of a 12 year old your parents were only able to afford one for you. Too bad.

          • WTF says:

            Actually Ive got 3 if you would like 1. 1 to play online and 2 with 1.76. lol Whos the tool now ???? 😀

      • WTF says:

        Get yourself a PC and run Linux you F W I T. PS4 is for playing games. Playing games is cool Linux Fanboy. Get with the program

        • teampleb says:

          You can play games on Linux. **facepalm** Like NES, SNES, N64, PS1, etc. You can even install and run Steam on Linux. Now *** about things you know nothing about you ***.

          • CFW says:

            Why play old c r a p on a new Cosole. Can’t believe people even bothers with this. Unless running Linux leads to a hack to run PS4 games then it all a waste of time. I’m sure you can run Linux on a PC an emulate all that old stuff too. Why bother doing it on a PS4 ?????

        • WTF says:

          Sorry for all my stupid comments above and below. As you all already know, I have no life. XD

      • WTF says:

        Sorry to hear that Mummy couldn’t afford to by you a laptop and a PS4. F W I T

        • nope says:

          What a waste of two consoles on a “F W I T Tool” who can’t even appreciate all the work done for the scene right now.

    • Moop says:

      I’m on the same boat, I think linux was an amazing step but I feel like it was really only poc and I just want to see more native to ps4 firmware homebrew come out because it just interests me more than running linux on a console with aging hardware..

  10. Tail870 says:

    Slowly, but sure…

  11. Geurti says:

    Tested on fw 2.51

    Aligning memory…
    Vulnrablity triggered!
    Couldn’t find corrupted element…!


  12. chocoboss says:

    Good news, but nothing for vita atm … I will try it as soon as possible ( vita 3.52 )

    If I could remember right, PS4 2.50 was released the 26th March 2015 in the same time as 3.50, so I think it will not be good at all :/

  13. Roshuou says:

    Well, it’s funny how Vita is way more secure than PS4 yet. What a shame, Sony, you shouldn’t have made the Vita if its single purpose was only to compete against hackers who knows best about proprietary system security and stuff like that.

    • chocoboss says:

      If you test this webkit vulnerability on 3.50 or less it will probably work, but nothing ont 3.51+ ( btw I only tested it on 3.52 ) I don’t think security on vita and PS4 are a lot different but PS4 is basicaly a modded computer with standard x32/x64 architecture while PSV is a kind of ARM. Don’t forget the fact that there is more player on PS4 than vita so probably more hacker.

      Vita 3.52 Failed …

      • Roshuou says:

        Wise words, mate. Even for homebrew scene Vita appears to be just a “legacy” handheld, so much that they don’t mind messing with it at all anymore. I’ll keep trying hard to sell my dusty Vita while I still have a drop of hope on obscure native scene.

      • Fire30 says:

        This implementation will not work on the vita as it uses a different memory allocator. In fact I am using the same exploit that is used in for 3.36, so that is the farthest this vulnerability will go.

  14. chocoboss says:

    Hi Fire30,

    Thank you. I was thinking it was a new exploit, si I was really hopping to be able to run it on vita 🙁

  15. FF says:

    I got PS4 FF type-0 console. originally is 2.01 or something. because I need to download contents before expire, so system upgraded to 2.55 for access psn. Does any hope with webkit exploit in the future?

    • Fimo says:

      Last week a see a twit, a POC of a 3.50 webkit exploit (twit deleted).

      Stay on 2.55 because maybe the badiret exploit may work untill 2.55:
      – Badiret patch released on FreeBSD 9 (Orbis) = 2015-08-25
      – 2.57 = Jully 2015
      Speculation… but I think Badiret is still working untill 3.00 (3.00 ) September 2015 Sony had enough time to patch it?)

  16. Stanislav says:

    You Win!!Please continue hack PS4!

  17. Tizio says:

    Vita scene is DEAD, stupid ps4

  18. games says:

    I think that already ps4 scene was not won this talk ta very bored, have to be 3:50, whoever is 1.76 in this scene? ie cut worth not have to be 3:50 on!

  19. lollypop says:

    what about a poc tut dg 4.78 ps3 to 3.55 ofw to 3.55 cfw to 4.80 cfw ?.?
    with downloads and passes ? online pass and dlc pass lol

  20. bmf says:

    On FW 2.04

    Aligning memory…
    Vulnrablity triggered!
    Found Corruped ArrayBuffer!
    Corruped Index is 0x1fe!
    Found ArrayBufferView that we have control over!

  21. Ga says:

    Devs are not up for the task. 3DS developer are way more skilled. We will wait a looong time.

  22. bickman14 says:

    Everytime I read about this webkit exploit, it makes me wonder if something similar could be done with the unhackable PS3’s. It’s not something that I need because I already have one of the hackable ones, but this would be great for the community.

  23. James says:

    Hey somebody out there I have a ps4 running on firmware 2.03 I live in New York … I could lend you my ps4 for you could tinker with it ?

  24. Fimo says:

    Bad news: Fire30 can’t crash his 2.03 PS4 with the dlclose vulnerabilty (source IRC #ps4dev)

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